Picture Of You

Mikey Graham
Ronan Keating
Shane Filan
Kian Egan
Gary Barlow
Robbie Williams

Six men who are good mates, some will have women. The story will be some happy, sad etc


8. Chapter Eight


On a Wednesday early morning at the airport in Ireland, Robbie walks with his suitcases and looks round. He then sees a taxi and got in. On the way back to his hometown, he turns his phone on and looks through his pictures which made him smile. He felt nervous meeting Gary because of what happened but hoped everything will be okay.


Meanwhile, early afternoon at 12pm, Ronan, Mikey and Gary phoned the police and explained about Shane gone missing. They started to print out pictures of him to put outside. They also phoned Nicky which made him upset and he would be on his way. Gary then remembered Robbie was coming today and went back to his to clean up and tidy around before Robbie comes back. He takes a deep breath and sits down afterwards. He tries to call Shane again but no answer.

Kian thought Shane was at Toni's but Kian tried to call Shane but no answer since Tuesday morning, he started to worry but Shane never had his phone turned off. As Kian stepped outside of his house, he sees a police car outside Ronan and Mikey's flat and sees a paper on a wall saying "Missing - Shane Filan". Kian then runs over and knocks on the door. The police was just coming out as they opened the door, Kian sees Ronan upset. 


"Kian?" Ronan hugs him

"We was just gonna come and tell you. We've phoned Nicky, hes on his way" Mikey explained

"Why, whats happened? Please tell me it isnt bad" Kian gets upset

"No its not but hes gone missing since Monday" Ronan answered

"I thought he was at Toni's" Kian sat down

"I really hope hes alive" Mikey sighed

"Me too, i wouldn't know what to do if we lost him" Kian cries

"Hey, mate.. Don't say that, he will be okay. Dont think that yet" Mikey said

"Poor Shane, just after everything hes been through" Kian looks at Ronan

"I know, this isnt like him. I keep feeling the worst" Ronan and Kian hugs

"He can't be dead" Kian breaks down

"God i hope not, he's a really good friend to me" Ronan gets upset


Mikey walks into the kitchen feeling guilty and thinking what he has done. He takes a deep breath and hoped Shane is still alive. He then put his coat on and thought to see how Toni is. 


"Im just gonna see Toni" Mikey walks out of the door


Toni sees Mikey walking to her door and she then opens it for him. She walks away from the door and sits down. Mikey noticed the door was open and closed it behind him. He sees Toni looking sad on the sofa. He goes and sits next to her, holding her hand. 


"Toni? You look tired" Mikey said

"I cant sleep, im thinking everyday if hes dead or alive" Toni sighed

"Hey dont say that, he will be out there somewhere" Mikey explained

"I hope so. Mikey, please hold me" Toni leans on his shoulder

"Okay. He will be fine..." Mikey starts to get teary

"Will you stay with me today?" Toni asked

"Of course" Mikey nodded

"I think we should have a drink" Toni smiled

"Maybe not a good idea, this is just grieve talk. I did this when Stephen died" Mikey explained

"What, so you're saying Shane's dead? Look it's just a drink" Toni sighed

"No course not but a drink won't make it all better" Mikey smiled gently

"Maybe we will have one drink" Toni stands up 


Toni gets a bottle of red wine and pours a full two glasses for her and Mikey. 


"Trying to get me drunk?" Mikey laughs

"No, here's to Shane" Toni drinks her wine

"I think you're lovely. Shane is lucky to have you" Mikey sips his wine

"Thanks. You're a nice bloke" Toni smiled


While Mikey and Toni are chatting. Gary hears the door opened and sees Robbie walking in. 


"Help me unpack this then mate" Robbie grinned

"Okay" Gary nodded


Gary is shocked Robbie is talking to him straight away but says nothing and helps him unpack his clothes and stuff. 


"I heard about Shane, terrible isnt it. Hope he gets found" Robbie sighed

"Yes i know, hopefully will find him well and alive" Gary nodded


As the day goes by, Nicky arrives and looks round, then he noticed Shane's poster on wall. He stood there looking at it, nearly in tears. Kian sees Nicky and taps him on his shoulder.


"Where's Mark?" Kian wondered

"He couldn't come, he's got family problems but hes sent his wishes and he's upset too" Nicky looks at the poster

"Do you want to come in for a cuppa?" Kian asked

"I don't feel like eating or drinking today but i will come in" Nicky sighed

"I can't believe he would just go without a word" Kian sighed

"This isnt like him. He would always text us to let us know hes okay" Nicky looked down


Ronan looks out of his window and sees Nicky and Kian hugging each other on the way to Kian's place. Back at Gary and Robbie's, after they unpacked, Robbie wanted to say something to Gary.


"I just want to say that i'm really sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I don't want us to fall out. I cleared my head and i want to start fresh. Forget the past?" Robbie explained

"I dont want to fall out either mate, but its hard to forget, everytime i look at you" Gary sighed

"I know the feeling, we're too strong to fall out though. Take it step by step" Robbie tries to hug him

"No don't, i can't hug you yet" Gary walks away

"Im sorry" Robbie said

"Im sorry too" Gary smiled gently

"I'll sort some stuff out" Robbie sighs

"Yeah you do that but we're not drinking in house ever again" Gary warned

"I promise that we wont" Robbie nodded

"Nice to see you though, i've missed you" Gary smiled

"Same to you mate" Robbie grinned


At 2pm, Steve comes back for Shane with food and drink. He sees Shane awake trying to move. 


"What do you think you're doing?" Steve asked

"Please let me go! They'll be worrying about me" Shane shouted

"Let them! They already are. It's been on the news and everything. Wonder how guilty Mikey is feeling?" Steve smirked

"You what? They'll think i'm dead! I will kill Mikey when i see him, he was supposed to be my mate" Shane sighed

"Well, it won't be long. Mikey said two weeks then you can come back" Steven smiled

"Two weeks?!" Shane shouted

"Shut up or you'll get hit... Look, im only doing this for Mikey" Steve explained

"Then let me go! Please!" Shane cries

"Na.. I want you to suffer" Steve said

"Ronan will never forgive him. I wish Stephen was alive now, instead of Mikey! LET ME GO!" Shane yelled


Steve then turns round and punches Shane in the face and hits his leg with a bat. Shane was painfully hurt and then Steve walked off again. Steve then sees a police car but quickly drives off before the police sees him. Shane heard a police sound and Shane couldn't speak loudly but tries to shout for help. 


Back at Toni's flat, Mikey is still there having a drink with Toni as they have a laugh but abit merry. 


"I remember me and Stephen messing about, the other Shane picked him up over his shoulder and jumped in the pool, then Shane grabbed my feet and pulled me in, good times" Mikey smiled

"That sounds nice, bet you miss him" Toni said

"Yeah loads, i would do anything to get him back" Mikey sighed

"Wish i met him" Toni thought

"You would of loved him" Mikey gets emotional

"Mikey" Toni holds his hands

"Maybe that's why i feel messed up, i know it's no excuse but am i that bad?" Mikey asked

"No course not, you're still the same guy like before" Toni smiled

"Thats not what Shane and Ronan says. I just wish i could go and live with my other friends for a while" Mikey said

"Keith and Shane?" Toni wondered

"Yeah, i think i will, i need to go for a few days" Mikey looks at Toni

"I think Ronan needs you at the moment" Toni smiled

"Yeah" Mikey nodded


Mikey looked into Toni's eyes and slowly gently kissed her lips but after 5 seconds, Toni stopped it.


"Mikey? What you doing?" Toni thought

"Im sorry, i shouldnt of done that..." Mikey sighed and got up

"Its okay" Toni got up and kissed his cheek

"Thanks for the chat, do you still want me to stay?" Mikey wondered

"Yeah i do, you can stay over for the night" Toni smiled

"I cant... I like you... Its a Shame Shane has you first" Mikey got closer to her

"I like you too but i love Shane more, im sorry. I see you as a good friend" Toni smiled gently


Mikey and Toni started to look at each other and started to kiss gently and then it started to heat up as Mikey got Toni against the wall and touched her. Toni started to unbutton his trousers while he took off her top. 


"Bedroom?" Mikey asked

"Yeah" Toni kisses him


While Mikey and Toni are making love, Ronan tries to find something to eat as he hasn't had any food all day. His phone rings and he didn't dare to answer, he was worried what the news would be. When it got to 5pm, his phone rang again but finally he answers it.


"Hi Ronan, this is PC Clarke. I have some news" He stated

"Oh no, what is it?" Ronan worriedly asked

"It hasn't been confirmed but we have found a body who looks like Shane, i was wondering if you would want to recognize his body?" PC Clarke wondered


Ronan paused....


"Hello? I know its alot to take in, i really hope it isnt Shane" PC Clarke said

"Im still here.. I'm on my way, i wont tell others until i know if it's him or not. Thanks for telling me" Ronan sighed

"See you there" PC Clarke hangs up


Ronan starts to cry and breaks down heavily. He then puts his coat on and drives down. Nicky sees Ronan crying and runs to stop Ronan. He comes round and gets in his car. 


"Where you going?" Nicky asked

"I could of ran you over" Ronan sighed

"Im sorry.. but you look upset, you must of heard something" Nicky sighed

"The police rang, they've found a body" Ronan looks at him

"Oh my god.... Is it Shane?" Nicky starts to get upset

"They said this body looks like Shane, so i'm going to go down and recognized his body. I want to go on my own" Ronan said

"No, i'm coming with you. He's my best mate Ronan!" Nicky puts his seatbelt on

"Okay but lets hope its not him" Ronan drives off


They parked outside the station 30 mins later wondering when to go in as they were nervous. Nicky and Ronan got out of the car, slowly walked inside. 


"Hello, are you both friends of Shane Filan?" Man asked

"Yes we are" Nicky nodded

"Come through" Man said


They both walked in the room where the body is but the curtain is closed. 


"Tell me when you both are ready" PC Clarke

"I cant, im not ready" Nicky takes a deep breath but walks out

"I am ready" Ronan starts to cry


The moment the curtain opened, Ronan was shocked and he looked peaceful with scars on his face. Suddenly he felt a bit sick but told the police it isnt him.


"He looks young! It's not him" Ronan sits down

"We're gonna look further, put it on the news, papers, we'll get everyone to search for him. I know its hard, but the good news is, hes out there somewhere" PC Clarke

"I really hope so! Thanks" Ronan nodded


Ronan slowly walked out and saw Nicky in his car with his eyes closed. Nicky opens his eyes and sees the look on Ronan's face. He thought it was Shane...


"Please mate, please tell me it's not Shane?? Ronan?" Nicky cries

"He looked so young, cut and bruises. Poor family... It's not Shane Nicky... Hes out there somewhere" Ronan gets upset

"Oh god!" Nicky breaks down onto Ronan's shoulder


Ronan starts his car and thought to go for a long drive round. They went past the shed and popped into a cafe. Shane was covered in bruises and abit of blood, he felt cold and hungry. He couldn't speak or anything. Twenty minutes later, Shane could hear some talking and he could recognize their voices. They was walking back to their car and Shane tries to shout.


"Nicky? Ronan?" Shane whispered

"Help!" He tries to shout


No one could hear him. When they got into the car, they noticed a shed but thought there wouldn't be anything in there so they drove off. 


Mikey and Toni woke up at 8pm, they sobered up abit but then Toni turns round and noticed Mikey next to her. 


"Mikey, what have we done?" Toni wondered

"Lets not worry about it" Mikey sighed

"No, its bad.. I've cheated on Shane!" Toni gets out of bed and gets dressed

"Where you going?" Mikey asked

"I best see if there's any news on Shane... We tell no one about this please" Toni warned

"I feel as bad as well and no i won't say anything" Mikey gets dressed

"But i can't help thinking that i enjoyed it, being with you" Toni said

"Babe, i enjoyed it too. You've got soft lips" Mikey touches her lips

"You have too, nice and soft" Toni smiled gently


They both kiss again but stopped after about ten seconds. 


"I think we best go, check on the lads" Toni thought

"Yes we must" Mikey smiled

"Shane must hate me" Toni sighed

"No he loves you. Lets pretend this ever happened" Mikey taps on her shoulder


Mikey and Toni walks out and walks down to Ronan's but saw his car coming down the road. As Nicky and Ronan got out, they both and Mikey, Toni walked in. 


"What were you up to?" Ronan asked Mikey

"I had a drink with Toni, had a nice chat didn't we Toni?" Mikey smiled

"Yeah we did, any news?" Toni wondered

"There was a body, so we went to check but its not Shane" Nicky explained

"Oh no thats terrible" Mikey hugs Nicky

"Thanks mate" Nicky smiled

"All we have to do is wait" Ronan sighed

"Where's Kian?" Nicky asked

"I think hes gone back to Shane's, maybe you cold go over" Ronan sighed

"Will you be okay?" Nicky wondered

"Yeah sure, i've got this daft thing here" Ronan smiled

"Hey!" Mikey moaned

"Haha, okay. See you soon" Nicky hugs them all and went


Nicky then went to Shane's flat and stayed over with Kian. They started to look through things and shared their memories. Toni went back to her flat feeling guilty and horrible. She climbs in her bed and cries, wishing she was in Shane's arms right now. Mikey and Ronan are sat in the kitchen saying nothing to each other. Mikey gets a phone call but it was Steve, Ronan went to the toilet and then he answered it.


"I thought you was gonna phone me in two weeks?" Mikey thought

"I am but i thought to let you know he does look worse! Maybe i could throw him in the river?" Steve wondered

"No dont do that! Dont kill him! Maybe somewhere but not where he could be killed" Mikey sighed

"Fine" Steve said

"But i feel bad now, hes gonna hate me" Mikey tries not to cry

"Its too late, you've paid me, hes gonna suffer big time, you can't go back on it now" Mikey realised what hes like

"No Steve... No wonder why Shane was scared of you, you messed his head up, but im not letting you do it to me, im too stupid to even ring you" Mikey got angry

"You'll have to give me more money if you want this to stop" Steven smirked

"No way! I can't afford it, please!" Mikey panicked 

"Think of a way! Pay me to stop or wait two weeks. Don't worry i'll look after him" Steven laughs and puts phone down


Mikey takes a deep breath and couldn't believe he was stupid to ring Steve, he didn't realize what he was like. Ronan then walked in and sees Mikey's red face. 


"Are you okay?" Ronan wondered

"Yeah im just worried about Shane that's all" Mikey smiled

"You look frustrated.. something bothering you?" Ronan thought

"No, im really okay" Mikey snaps at him

"Sorry... Please tell me you're not on this about Shane?" Ronan wondered

"No Ronan!" Mikey shouts

"Whats up? You can tell me anything" Ronan said

"Please leave me alone" Mikey whispered


Mikey then calms down and really wanted to tell Ronan about him and Toni. 


"I've slept with Toni" Mikey confessed

"You what?" Ronan in shock

"It just happened, we had few drinks and we was having a moment. But we said we're gonna try and forget it happened... But i like her and now she's feeling bad as she loves Shane" Mikey explained

"I don't believe this, you idiot! You didn't plan this to hurt him have you?" Ronan moaned

"No course not! I didn't want to hurt him like this, but i know i've said things that i would but i wouldn't. Please don't tell anyone, please!" Mikey begged

"As long it's done now, promise you won't go back to her?" Ronan wondered

"I promise, but i am still her friend.." Mikey sighed

"I think im off to bed now but this ends now before anyone gets hurt" Ronan stands up

"Goodnight" Mikey whispered


Everyone is in bed asleep but still worries about their good friend Shane. Meanwhile at midnight, it was pitched black with one lampost outside, Steve came in with a torch and starts to untie Shane, grabs him and puts him in his car. Shane wondered what was going on, struggling to get out. 


"Where are you taking me?" Shane asked

"Anywhere..." Steve answered


40 minutes later, Steve stops by at the end of the cliff... where it's pitch black but all you could see is trees and the ocean, the cliff with one big lampost. 


"Why are we here?" Shane wondered

"To kill you... but i have to make a phone call, shall we phone Mikey?" Steve got out of the car


Steve rings Mikey but no answer, Mikey wakes up and noticed 5 missed calls, he rings back..


"Mikey! You have two hours to pay me or Shane dies! We're at the cliff! Near Park Avenue.. I want 800 grand" Steve hangs up...


Mikey drops his phone in shock, quickly panics to find some money, he puts his coat on and rushes out quietly without waking Ronan up..





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