Coming out by Rohit Malik

So, some people know my story. I came out publicly in December 2013, and I’ve often mentioned several times that I came out to my dad even before I came out on Facebook. I get asked how my dad took it, all the time. I was sharing this story personally with someone I know over chat, and she suggested I might as well share it with a wider audience.Here’s what happened.


4. 4

So we sat in the park. I made sure no one was around, and proceeded to tell him. It was all the more tough for me . So far, when I talked to friends in college about sexuality, it was very convenient for me because I could get away with saying I’m gay, and I’m attracted to men and a trillion other things in English. How do you actually tell your dad that, Not to sound elitist – just that I haven’t had enough conversations about sexuality
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