Jaxson Cerver, a 16 year old boy has just made the big move from his hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta to the big state of America. Following after his Aunt Jeanette due to the tragic incident that caused the death of both his parents. Now taking up by his aunt in the large and bustling Central City.

Taking an interest in his aunts work as a Journalist in CCPD, as well for the famous S.T.A.R. Labs which was settled just a few blocks across from the apartment he shared with his mother's sister.

Though, the simple night of Chinese food and the Particle Accelerator coming online. Yet, when he all but expected this to be the greatest moment in all of humanity, the explosion caused that to slip his mind almost instantly.

What will become of his life now?
(taking as best I can from the TV show, The Flash.)


4. Chapter 4

“Don’t over work yourself now, you hear? Take it easy for a while.” Jeremy chuckled as he helped Jax into the waiting vehicle, causing the boy to chuckle in return and roll his eyes as he shifted into the front seat while his aunt fixed herself in the driver’s seat sighing lightly as she settled the seatbelt over her chest.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure he won’t be doing anything wild while we stay at Amaya’s.” She chuckled lightly starting the car and giving a wave towards the male at the window who grinned and nodded as he stepped back from the side of the car with a wave.

Finale. Free from the confinement of the hospital and now allowed to roam freely yet again. Of course, they will be staying in the basement of one of Jean’s friends for a small while. That is until the apartment is finally finished with the repairs, but it hardly matters. It’s like a vacation, but in the same city.

Jax sighed as he leaned against the side of the door, looking out through the window with a blank expression watching the hospital slowly disappear behind them as they made their way from downtown towards a more calm and rural neighborhood. Didn’t take long for them to pull up to a gentle baby blue home with white highlights and a very decorated and intricate garden out front.

“Home away from home.” Jean hummed lightly as she slowly pulled into the main driveway shutting off the ignition as she pulled into park and leaning back in the seat, running a hand through her hair. Jaxson smiled gently as he moved to unbuckle himself, sighing as he opened the door and stepped from the car all together, sighing as he stretched his arms above his head and his back to arch back in an attempt to pop it, failing unfortunately to do so causing him to groan in annoyance before shuffling to the back seats to grab what his aunt had grabbed from the apartment so they had stuff to change into for their stay.

Jean on the other hand moved from the car to the front steps, bounding up them with sudden energy as she grinned as she wrapped her knuckles against the door of the main home, stepping back and rocking on her heels childishly causing Jax to shake his head but chuckle nonetheless as he shifted the two duffle bags as well for the small make up bag and shut the door to the car as he soon followed suite towards the main entrance. Just in time too, seeing how it swung open with a rather brightly grinning woman on the other side.

Rather young looking for being mid 30s he’d give her that. Short hair curled in a cute bob, once dark hair now a vibrant pinkish red as she squealed excitedly and pulled an equally excited Jean into her arms. Who encased her own arms around the woman in return, bouncing all the same.

“Oh! I am so glad you’re alright!” Amaya cooed, soon pulling away from the hug to look over the woman in front of her. “When I heard what had happened I was in sheer panic!”

“We’re fine.” Jean hummed waving off the woman’s worry gently before giving a hand gesture for Jaxson to move closer, which he did a bit timidly mind you. “Well, I was fine during the whole ordeal, sadly this little guy wasn’t so lucky…” She sighed running a light hand through Jax’s curly brown hair which he huffed at and shook his head.

Amaya nodded before moving and allowing them inside with a rush, taking the burden of the duffle bags off of Jaxson’s shoulders with a cheeky grin setting them aside before gesturing for them to make themselves at home. “Three months huh? I’m impressed… could’ve been damn longer…” She hummed in thought, shifting her hair to the opposite side of her head out of what he saw to be habit.

Jean nodded gently and sighed heavily as she slouched on one of the couches, rubbing her face lightly as she did so. Jax shuffling awkwardly towards a singular chair to the side and finding himself nearly melting into the seat, eyes closing gently.

‘Damn kid… why was he so damn lucky?’

Jax tensed heavily at the familiar sensation running from his head to his fingers at the snide remark and bitter tone against his skull, eyes opening slowly as he glanced around just noticing the slight glare sent his way before it all but vanished when Amaya noted his gaze, flashing him a sweet grin and a tilt of her head. This caused Jax to timidly and nervously return it and shift himself into the seat farther, bringing his knees this time to his chest in an attempt to make himself less at ease.

Just… ignore it.

Of course, that was easier said, than done…

“Hey Jax?” Jean soon hummed. “Amaya will show you where we’ll be staying, mind if you take things down?”

It almost seemed a bit unnatural at how fast he had gotten up from the chair, more then ready to get out of the living room and into their own living space. Sighing as he hooked the bags over his arms yet again, watching Amaya give him obvious body language that she hardly wanted to show him anything causing him to swallow thickly and stay back just slightly, following after the pinkette down a set of stairs, watching her unlock the main door for the basement home and allowing him to step inside, giving him the key unceremoniously before making her way back up with a huff.

Jeez… what had he done?

He shook his head with a sigh making his way inside and shutting the door behind him and heaving a heavy breath which caused his whole body to slouch against the now closed door before moving from the main entrance kicking off his shoes he had forgotten to take off and moving around to take a gander at what was given to them.

Which wasn’t bad in actuality. A full kitchen, a nice living room with two couches and a full TV set with games and movies, following the hallway he found a functioning bathroom –he had checked- and two rooms. Master bedroom and a guest room. No doubt he’d be getting the guest, not that he minded of course. Soon he settled their individual bags in their separate rooms before moving to the one he’d be claiming for the time being and flopping like a sack onto the mattress. Which he found surprisingly comfortable.

It didn’t take long for him to begin to doze off, hardly bother by the drone of voices up above him as he sighed for the finale time before completely blacking out. Of course, accepting sleep with much consent.

●        ●        ●

It was the sudden thumping of the water being shut off within the bathroom that he woke up, noting the sudden darkness throughout his room, as well for the fact he was now tucked under the blankets causing him to hum in thought and merely glance about the room before noting the sound of footsteps outside his door. Guess he had fallen asleep for longer then he had intended… oh well, he felt much more relaxed as well as more lively then he had when he first arrived.

Soon he sat up from the bed sighing gently in response as he rubbed his face before swinging his legs over the side of the bed humming in thought as he paused a moment before stepping down, shivering against the slightly chilled carpet before moving towards the door, rubbing his eyes as he opened the door. Instantly smiling at the delicious smell of what he guessed to be… chocolate chip pancakes…

Wobbling down the hallway he spotted Jean ahead of the stove, swaying lightly to the swing music she had playing gently in the background as she flipping yet another pancake on the hissing pan, causing him to chuckle in response and lean against the wall with a grin, causing the woman to glance back. Her now damp hair sticking to her shoulders lightly.

“Oh well, good evening sleeping prince.” She teased with a look before laughing and shaking her head as she turned, before gesturing to one of the cabinets as she turned off the stove with one hand. “Mind grabbing us some plates, love?” She hummed.

Nodding with a light hum as he pushed himself lightly from the wall he was leaning on and made his way over towards the said cabinet, pulling it open before pulling out two large plates for each of them before setting them on the counter and beginning to settle the already cooked pancakes onto the plate being mindful to his aunt to added the last two before grinning and moving to the fridge to fetch the syrup and some fruit he guessed she would cut up for the toppings.

“Don’t have any whipped cream, which is a bummer.” She chuckled.

“That’s fine.” He chuckled shrugging. “I think chocolate chip pancakes, fruit and syrup is enough sugar for us.” He teased with a cheeky grin glancing over towards his aunt who laughed loudly and nodding her head, ruffling his bedhead hair which cause him to chuckle in return.

This was how things were supposed to be…

Before long, they now huddled together on the couch, plates full of delicious dinner as the lights were shut off, drowning the home in darkness sides the small dim lights in the living room as well for the flashing lights of the TV which showed off an action movie which he sadly forgot the title of due to being to focused on the pancakes in his lap. Though, Jean on the other hand seemed very enthralled by the movie ahead of them causing him to grin and take yet another bite.

‘Everything is great. Everything is fine.’

He slowed his chewing as he heard the echoing voice yet again, though it taking a familiar tone as he smiled gently and continued eating.

‘He’s fine. I’m fine. We’ll make through this…’

“Hey, Jean…” he soon hummed catching his aunts attention after a pause. “This is nice. Thanks.” He grinned watching his aunt relaxed almost heavily and a relieved smile to settle on her lips. As well for the voices to fade as she kissed the top of his head before returning to her meal.

Yeah, everything was fine. They’ll make through with this. No problem.


Feel like we need a calm chapter after all that~ Here you all go! Of course, I would extremely appreciate having some feedback from ya'll! Just to make sure people like it! Anyway, thanks for reading~!

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