Jaxson Cerver, a 16 year old boy has just made the big move from his hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta to the big state of America. Following after his Aunt Jeanette due to the tragic incident that caused the death of both his parents. Now taking up by his aunt in the large and bustling Central City.

Taking an interest in his aunts work as a Journalist in CCPD, as well for the famous S.T.A.R. Labs which was settled just a few blocks across from the apartment he shared with his mother's sister.

Though, the simple night of Chinese food and the Particle Accelerator coming online. Yet, when he all but expected this to be the greatest moment in all of humanity, the explosion caused that to slip his mind almost instantly.

What will become of his life now?
(taking as best I can from the TV show, The Flash.)


3. Chapter 3

Jaxson had finally been given permission to move from his hospital room without having the need to be watched 24/7, so now he settled himself in the small hospital library, curled in a cushioned chair a book on his lap as he lost himself in the story barely caring for the few people passing by here and there. Though… he couldn’t keep himself lost for long.

Voices yet again filled his head causing him to raise his gaze from the book, hands gripping the novel as he glanced about the nearly empty library oddly being able to depict the different voices with faces easily as he looked over the area. He still had no idea what was happening… nor did he know why it was such an interesting concept to be able to listen in to the secret thoughts of everyone around him- sadly not by choice… yet.

Tomorrow he’d be able to head back home with his aunt, who had already headed to the apartment to deal with the supposed damages that had happened prior to him being in the hospital, and what he heard about what happened… they were going to have to stay in a different home for a while everything is getting repaired. That’s going to suck.

Jax soon sighed heavily, dropping the book into his lap finding himself somewhat annoyed all of a sudden as he glanced around with narrowed eyes and pursed lips, eyes gazing around the partially empty library before huffing and laying his head back against the chair and closing his eyes. Though only having them snap open when a spout of voices yet again stumbled on through causing him to hiss and shift his hands to his head in a failed attempt to get them to stop. No luck, obviously.

With a low grunt he rose from the chair wincing at the weight on his left leg, stretching it out before grasping the towering I.V. Drip hanger beginning to wheel it alongside him as he made his way to a familiar bookshelf setting the book he had been reading before rubbing the back of his neck, swallowing thickly at the sudden feeling of being watched which caused his hairs on the back of his neck to stand slightly before he turned curiously.

At the entrance of the library stood not just some man- and he wasn’t exactly standing either, the wheel chair underneath him prohibited him to do so, yet the man himself was none other than Mr. Harrison Wells, creator and dictator of the now in ruins S.T.A.R. Labs… Jax did nothing but freeze, eyes wide and mouth going dry.

What kind of reaction was he supposed to do? The person he’s been following and reading about for a good year now was standing- sitting just a few feet away! Though he seemingly snapped from his thoughts when a low voice hummed through his head causing his eyes to widen. He could hear… this man’s thoughts?

They were a bit of a confusion really… nothing that he could make sense of due to how fast they were zipping through his head though the thoughts all but vanished when their gaze broke from each other, leaving Jax somewhat breathless as he watched the man now roll back and smile towards someone down the hallway that he could not see, before a woman strolled up and gestured over her shoulder with a nod gaining a smile from the man and a returned nod before the woman moved to behind the man and began pushing him down the hall.

Yet, for a split second, Jaxson’s gaze and Mr. Wells’ caught one finale time before he was covered by the wall of the hall.

“That… just happened.” Jax couldn’t help but breath, blinking rapidly as he used the metal hanger as support as he struggled to get his head around the fact he just met a rather famous individual not to mention a role model of his. “Maybe… should go lie down.” He mumbled to himself as he began to roll the drip at his side as he moved from the library out the second door, moving almost on auto pilot to the room he had been settled in for a good while now.

Yeah… go lie down.

▬      ▬       ▬

Luckily he had calmed down after a very sudden nap, having been awoken by the nurse- Jeremy, who brought him his lunch for the day causing him to smile and sit up slowly with a wide stretch and yawn. Pulling the moveable table closer to him as he hummed at the not so pleasant looking food but grinning at the sneakily added cup of chocolate pudding on the side which Jeremy merely gave him a finger over his lips in a secret motion causing him to chuckle.

Soon beginning to eat while Jeremy went about checking everything over before bidding him a ‘See you later’ before exiting the room leaving Jax in the room with only the TV to keep him company as he ate without much a complaint. Though it still wasn’t as good as the homemade food Jean would make every night… her sloppy joe’s were to die for.

This caused him to smile and chuckled to himself. Maybe he could get her to make some when he got back, as a little celebration. That would be nice…

Though his smile faltered slightly and his fork stopped midway to his mouth at the faint sound of sobbing echoing through his head causing him to glance towards the doorway with knitted eyebrows. What a way to destroy his appetite…

A woman… crying over the fact her mother would have to be taken off of life support in under 2 weeks due to the lack of finances to keep up with the medical bills… alongside the mother’s slightly faded voice, begging that she could move just a bit to hold her child’s hand to give hope that she was alright… that she was alright with being let go.

Jax shook his head and dropped his head, making a look of disgust at the plate of food and pushing the table away from his lap, thought pausing and grabbing the pudding before setting that aside and pulling his legs to his chest, nuzzling his face into the fuzzy blankets, sighing heavily.

Voices of a hospital weren’t always happy… and he hated the fact he could hear everything. When could he just make these voices stop?

Just have silence again?

Or was this something… that he’d have to deal with for the rest of his life? He hoped not…


Its short, I know and I apologize~ Have been busy during this break of school which surprises me really... Couldn't find much time either. So I apologize~ Hopefully it is alright with most of you, and I'm glad to see a lot of people are noticing my story, makes me happy. Though, I'd appreciate a little feedback now and again, to make sure what I'm writing is alright and okay C: 

Anywho, thanks for reading~

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