Jaxson Cerver, a 16 year old boy has just made the big move from his hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta to the big state of America. Following after his Aunt Jeanette due to the tragic incident that caused the death of both his parents. Now taking up by his aunt in the large and bustling Central City.

Taking an interest in his aunts work as a Journalist in CCPD, as well for the famous S.T.A.R. Labs which was settled just a few blocks across from the apartment he shared with his mother's sister.

Though, the simple night of Chinese food and the Particle Accelerator coming online. Yet, when he all but expected this to be the greatest moment in all of humanity, the explosion caused that to slip his mind almost instantly.

What will become of his life now?
(taking as best I can from the TV show, The Flash.)


2. Chapter 2

He couldn’t move. He couldn’t feel anything either. Was he breathing? Where was he? Where was aunt Jean?

The more questions that ran through his mind, the more panicked he felt causing his breathing to be a struggle as he made an attempt to see past the darkness of his head. Though, it was a bit of a scare when a hand fell onto his shoulder and voices made themselves known. Worried voices.

Though seeing as though he couldn’t see… it was terrifying to say the least having hands hold him down. A light prick at his arm made itself known causing him to wince and whimper at the warmth though struggling slightly, before he felt his head grow fuzzy and everything to slow down. Even his supposed rough breathing.

His eyes fluttered and colour drowned out the darkness, well fuzzy colours that is. Bringing confusion alongside relief as he let out heavy breathes taking notice to the breathing tube at his nose and the bed underneath him. Where was he?

“Jaxson?” A woman breathed, causing him to jump. “Jax? Baby, can you hear me?” The voice grew cracked and a bit pitched as he felt a hand tightly clasp his own causing a wave of relaxation an relief to rush through his system at the familiar warmth.

“Au-Aunt… Jean?” he seemingly croaked wincing at the soreness of his throat tilting his head hearing a sob rip from the woman’s voice as the hand tightened on his hand and lips pressed to his forehead. He was okay… she was okay… he was safe…

“Oh, you’re okay… you’re okay…” Jean breathed out, brushing back his dirty hair kissing at his head yet again before setting her hand against the red button against the wall giving a call to the nurses on the line before sitting back holding to the boy’s hand as tightly as she could, smiling wide in relief.

Before long everything was being taken care of, making sure Jax had the proper nutrients as they unhooked him from a few machines while leaving those he needed. Before long his eyes had opened greeted by a white room and a tearful aunt at his side, which caused him to smile towards her with a tired yet relieved smile.

“Oh… thank god…” She let out a breath, biting back the tears -yet failing as a few streaked her pale cheeks causing him to frown lightly. “3 months… 3 bloody months…” She sobbed her smile soon dropping completely as she rested her head onto the clean white sheets. 

Jax gave a concerned expression shifting on the bed and taking the aunt’s hand tightly. 3 months? Was that how long he was out for? His gaze was brought from the sobbing woman towards the room he was in, breathing slow as he took notice to the lack of light in the room even outside was dark out. Though his attention snapped towards the door which opened with a slight rush a nurse now standing at the door, clipboard at the ready before his eyes widened at the sight of him being awake giving a shout towards the hallway. All the while rushing forwards.

Jean was slowly pulled from the side of the bed, whipping her eyes heavily with a shaky breath lips curving in relief yet again while the nurses went about their business to make sure he was stable and alright.

Jeez… he felt so tired still… though he guessed it was due to the fact he hadn’t moved from the bed in 3 months. He guessed this was what he was supposed to feel…

“Well, it seems everything is in order. I don’t see anything wrong.” A woman hummed with a soft smile, fixing the papers onto the nearby desk and pulling a pen from her pocket just at her breast glancing towards aunt jean towards Jax who was disconnected from multiple machines and was now sitting upwards on the bed. “Though, I would like to request you still stay one last night just to be on the safe side. If that’s alright, Miss. Maeway?”

“Of course… just… make sure he’s okay.”

The doctor smiled and nodded in understanding, resting a reassuring hand upon the woman’s shoulder with a soft hum before gesturing towards the two with the clip board in her hand. “I’ll leave two of you to have your moment.” She chuckled smiling gently as she soon moved from beside the bed and towards the door nodding towards them as she exited the room with a click of the door leaving the two in the dimly lit room.

Aunt Jean heaved a heavy sigh as she ran a hand through her disastrous hair causing Jax to smile lightly and tilt his head towards her, patting at her hand lightly with a chuckle licking his dried lips before speaking.

“You should go use the shower.” He teased lips curling the best they could in his exhausted state chuckling at the cheeky glare he received and shifting against the mattress as he watched her sit up slowly with a hum of thought.

“Don’t go bossing me around, mister.” She puffed, but despite her words moved to stand. “I think it’s quite normal for me to be looking like this. After all I was trying to make sure you’d wake up for three whole months.” She hummed glancing towards him with a soft expression as she ran a hand over his forehead brushing back his hair as she kissed his forehead before sighing and pulling away and moving to shift into the connected bathroom, pausing at the door as she glanced back.

“I’ll be fine.” Jaxson hummed knowing full well what his aunt was worrying over in the doorway. “I’ll be awake when you walk out. I promise.” He breathed with a soft grin, glad to see relief and confidence forming on his aunt’s face as she soon nodded and soon entered the bathroom, shutting the door softly behind her. Leaving him alone with his thoughts.

His head relaxing back against the pillow as he let his eyes shut slowly with a soft breath, letting himself merely lay there with his thoughts, smiling as he felt heavy relief rushing through his form. Three months… jeez, he could’ve been in a coma longer, yet here he was with his aunt again alive and breathing. It felt amazing.

Though, it was at this moment that he took notice to the odd adds to his thoughts. Thoughts of different names, different medical problems, sad news, happy news… all jumbled in multiple voices. Some being deep males while other’s held a soft feminine as he creased his eyebrows in confusion. Though it was when he heard languages slipping through his head he couldn’t understand that he snapped his eyes open with a hitched breath.

Eyes snapping to each corner of the room, hands clenching the blanket at his sides as he struggled to keep himself from panicking, eyes landing on the heart monitor beside him as it quickened in its beeping and the lines to rise and fall suddenly to his quickened heart, soon letting out long breathes in an attempt to calm himself down. Raising a hand carefully to run through his hair with a heavy and tired breath.

What… was that? Those voices… they sounded so worried over everything. A woman worried over her lover in the C-section to deliver her first child… a man worried about his child in the emergency room due to a sudden asthma attack. Even elderly worried about their last minutes… he heard it all… but why? How?

His head snapped back to reality when the bathroom door opened and out walked a refreshed Aunt Jean who dried her now damp hair with a fluffy white towel, sighing in joy as she walked down, shutting the door behind her as she soon smiled as she noticed Jax’s eyes open still.

Maybe… it was just the exhaustion screwing with him…

Another chapter~ Hope ya'll enjoy. as well hopefully i'll find a nice schedule to post new chapters xD

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