Jaxson Cerver, a 16 year old boy has just made the big move from his hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta to the big state of America. Following after his Aunt Jeanette due to the tragic incident that caused the death of both his parents. Now taking up by his aunt in the large and bustling Central City.

Taking an interest in his aunts work as a Journalist in CCPD, as well for the famous S.T.A.R. Labs which was settled just a few blocks across from the apartment he shared with his mother's sister.

Though, the simple night of Chinese food and the Particle Accelerator coming online. Yet, when he all but expected this to be the greatest moment in all of humanity, the explosion caused that to slip his mind almost instantly.

What will become of his life now?
(taking as best I can from the TV show, The Flash.)


1. Chapter 1

 The boy stared at the gravestone numbly. He knew he should feel more than just the cold, but he didn’t. His parents were dead. He would soon be off to another city to live with his aunt. He shivered heavily, pulling the thin jacket close to his form.

What would become of him and the life he’s known for 16 years?

Central City… He hadn’t even gone from his home province of Alberta for the first 16 years of his life, and yet suddenly he flew all the way from Canada to America. Due to having his only aunt living in the big city. Which he had now lived in for a whole good 7 months. In a rather nice apartment he kept in mind. Very spacious and modern. His eyes scanned over the streets below amazed by how many cars can be on one street at the same time. Even despite the heavy rainfall throughout the city, though soon hearing the door open and a woman give a call that she was back causing him to turn around and greet the female with a light greeting smile.

Soon moving from his seat on the book nook near the main window to help her with the set of bags she had gotten for groceries, hearing her set down her bag with a sigh, shifting her spring jacket onto one of the bar stools. Relaxing back on the nearby couch, her clothing crinkling alongside her slouching motion.

His aunt Jeannette or Jean as he called her, worked as a very popular Journalist at the Central City Police Department, or the CCPD. Which he found very interesting and even gotten invested in a few stories she had written, even going far into helping with the writing itself, she was an amazing person… an amazing aunt.

“Alright, I don’t feel like cooking so I’m just gonna call for some Chinese food… you alright with that Jax?” Jean soon hummed glancing up towards him, fixing her hair from the tight bun she had it in and making a soft messy bun in its place. Jax soon smiled and nodded as he settled the last plastic bag into the drawer for later use after putting away the rest of the groceries she had gotten. Watching her grin and pull out her phone standing to move to her room while ordering the needed food.

She was amazing…

He soon sighed heavily moving towards the couch, picking up the remote and turning on the screen TV that stood on the white bricked wall humming in thought. About to change it from the news when the title caught his eye. As well for the female talking over the bundle of rather excited and well dressed individuals.

“It’s now official. The next-gen Particle Accelerator is just about to be booted online.” The woman hummed a wide grin curling her lips. “Harrison Wells -who is behind me at this very moment- gives word that the Accelerator is fully operable and will be booted online in a matter of hours. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest moment in human history, who knows what this can do for the knowledge of science.”

Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories or S.T.A.R. Labs in short, created by the genius Harrison Wells and his team of scientists to create a new level of knowledge for the act of science for the human race. Jax’s eyes widened as he set the remote aside rather amazed by how he had completely forgotten such a magnificent act -which was amazingly just a few blocks from the apartment; he could see the amazing dome like lab just from the book nook.

Jean had just entered the living space once again, wearing something more comfortable for home as she hung up the phone and chuckled at the look on the boy’s face. “Food will be about 15 minutes… I guess we’ll be watching the countdown?” She hummed leaning over the back of the couch.

“Of course!” Jax chuckled. “What a story this could be for you.” He soon hummed with a grin watching Jean’s eyes widen as she fixed about her bun and shuffled to her purse, noting down what was happening on the TV.

“You’re very smart.” She teased with a look setting the pen in her hair as a form of habit as she curled onto the couch, pulling a full quilt from over top of the couch over her legs humming gently.

“Not as smart of Harrison Wells…” He huffed smiling brightly towards the man on the screen.

When he came to central city 7 months ago, he barely found anything interested due to why he moved, but due to Jean being a part of the CCPD she had multiple stories written over about the genius that worked on the dome just across from their home, she had decided to give him something to read while she was out working. Before she knew it, he was instantly hooked. Even starting to talk, to laugh… to smile again. His once dull green eyes a vibrant meadow just as she remembered when he was just a babe.

It was then when he soon began to follow the genius’s motions, even taking interest into Jean’s work, which she was very proud of. And for 16 years old, he had gotten a lot smarter over the last few months, for listening to Dr. Well’s work as well as Jean’s. So school wasn’t a need. He had everything he needed right here.

Though, there they sat. Jean writing stuff down while Jax seemed ever more interested into the TV eyes sparkling as the countdown hit 20. Biting his lip in nervousness before jumping when Jean got up when the bell buzzed.

“I’ll be right back.” She chuckled, slipping on slippers and heading out the front door to head down to grab the food. He nodded and turned his head back to the TV, eyes widening when he took notice to the disappearance of the double digits on the countdown, soon rushing to the window, kneeling near it on the cushioned nook, hands settling on the window with a wide smile. This was it. It would go online and the sciences of what the humans already know would double.

Soon enough a loud crackle and rumble shook through the floor as an orange glow shone from the dome across the way, cheers erupting from a few homes and the streets below, his own cheer joining as he rose his hands over his head before leaning against the window, eyes wide as his grin.

They did it!

Though, the rush of success didn’t last. A large flash of lightning and a heavy crackle of thunder rumbled through the air cutting off the power almost instantly causing him to jump and cover his ears with a slight yelp, soon glancing upwards through the window, their once sparkling wonder changed to that of fear as he watched a seemingly orange crackling fog roll from the dome over each part of the city. Nearing his own apartment.

This caused him to hitch his breath and stumble back, yet the window shattered just before he could get a good distance causing a cry of pain to rip through his throat. Not to mention, an add to the pain shocks ran from his head to his toes seemingly paralyzing him as he fell to the glass littered ground like a doll. Vision already black when he slumped to the ground.





Jean’s Pov (sort of)

The box of food was dropped on the cement step as the ground shook, cars blaring their sirens, glass shattering from each window as she dropped to her knees to keep herself from being cut, though her sweater was horribly tattered when she rose, panting heavily. Though her chest clenched heavily at a dark thought.


Her hands grabbed onto the stairway pulling her from the main floor upwards, her legs barely allowing her body to pull herself up at the speed she wanted, her eyes wide with panic and fear. Questions raced through her head. Starting with was Jaxson okay? And ending with what the fuck happened? Of course, she merely rushed up the stairs soon making her way to her apartment door, fiddling with the card in her hand to open the door though barely setting the card into the slot when the door pushed open.

Her feet crunched over top of broken glass as she stepped inside quickly, though a scream ripping her throat when she did so, hands covering her mouth and nose at the sight. Not of how her apartment had turned into a disaster, but by the body laying just feet from the shattered window.

“Jaxson!” She cried out rushing forwards barely giving mind to the glass she kneeled upon as she lowered herself to the floor, tears rushing to her eyes as she let her gaze rake over the motionless form. “Jax!” She rushed again, gently setting a hand on his shoulder fearful of turning him over seeing how his back was littered with thick and large glass shards.

A sob ripped from her throat as she soon let out a shaky breath shifting the boy from his stomach into her arms being mindful of each shard letting out a whimper at what his front looked like before shaking her head and rushing from her apartment hardly caring for how she was dressed and rushing down the stairs.

The road was littered with a few stumbling people struggling to comprehend what had actually happened as she rushed down the street, praying with every heavy step ignoring the people’s reactions when they saw her carrying the limp child in her arms. Get to the hospital… she needed a hospital…

When she stumbled through the doors of the hospital she was a bit taken back by the look of it, though giving a rushed call and a sob, fixing the boy in her arms.

“Someone! Please!” She cried out, stumbling forwards. “He won’t wake up!” Nurses rushed forwards with a rolling bed alongside them rushing Jax onto the bed a few bringing the hysterical women to the side as she sobbed and watched them roll Jaxson away, beginning to hook him onto different machines. “Please… make sure he’s okay…” She sobbed holding a hand over her mouth, while another held her stomach.

“Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to calm down and explain to me what happened.” A nurse asked lightly, bringing Jean towards a chair setting her down and handing her a blanket and a water.

“My name is Jeannette Meaway; I am 29 years old… His name is Jaxson Cerver, 16… he’s my sister’s son. My nephew.” She began slowly, listing what had happened, just a few minutes ago…

Who knew that something so great, could go to something so bad… in just a matter of minutes?

Before long, Jean was left to her thoughts, her leg bouncing due to the rush of anxiety rushing through her system, though gasping when she heard her name from down the hall. Glancing upwards quickly eyes heavy from crying as she took notice of Joe -a detective from CCPD rushing from the dim hallway, followed by a worried looking woman. She set her water down and stood shakily her face scrunching in pain as she held back tears.

“Joe…” She breathed watching his face relax and stop in front her, hugging her quickly before holding her shoulders.

“What are you doing here? You’re not hurt are you?” he rushed gaining a shake of her head which caused him to sigh and stepped back, and give her a confused look. Though, a nurse waving her over from a nearby room causing her to hitch her breath and move from Joe’s and what she guessed to be his daughter’s side down the hall them following after.

The room was dark except the lit of the heart monitor next to the cot, a heavy and shaky sigh rippling from her chest as she looked over the boy on the bed. Who was attached to every single machine that a human being could possibly be attached too, a tube shoved down his throat while bandages littered every which way.

It was a horrible scene.

She stumbled forwards giving the okay that Joe could enter, falling onto the chair next to the bed taking Jaxson’s hand which laid limp next to his hip. A 16-year-old shouldn’t look like this… no one should.

“Your… son?”

“Oh goodness no…” She laughed dryly, her thumb rubbing the cold skin. “My sisters… my nephew. Jaxson. He came to live with me… ever since my sister past away- his mother to be exact. Alongside his father.” She breathed licking her dry lips. “Though, is someone hurt on your side?” She soon asked glancing over gently.

Joe paused glancing towards his daughter who bowed her head shakily, causing him to nod with a sigh. “A family friend…” He hummed. “Found him at his lab, unconscious.”

“I give you my prayers then…” she hummed with a tired smile which he slowly gave back, though they were very much forced.

“Me as well…”

How would all this turn out…?


Hello fellow readers and writers, thank you for taking time in reading my first chapter. 

As you can see it is set in the TV show The Flash, adding my own characters into the mix as best I can without wrecking much of the plot of the show, which doesn't belong to me. merely the two characters Jean and Jaxson. 

As well, this is my first story on this site, so I'll try my best~

 I'll try my best to keep this an on going story... well, if anyone really wants it to be anyway. C: 

Sincerely, Tuesday.

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