Lukes little sister

This is EMMA Hemming's story


1. chapter 1

hi everyone my name is emma hemmings and i bet you know i am luke hemming little  sister, my real name is emily but i dont really like my real name so luke and his band mates call me emma too.

i have this huge problem my brother asked me to go on tour with him i of course said yes i like one of his band mates michael clifford i am so scared my big brother will find out and forbid me to go on tour.

mikeys pov;

hay you know me my name is michael gordon clifford and im in a band called 5 seconds of summer and i like emma hemmings luke's sister i know i have to keep it a secret because luke would beat my ass if he found out i was snaped out of my thoughts by luke screaming

" mikey"   yea i replie  " what are you thinking about" i knew i could not tell him the truth so i thought quick " um my ex"

"oh ok" well that was a mistake because emma was right there and for some odd reason she ran

emma's pov

i was running as fast as my feet could take me i knew where to go...

luke pov

             so emma ran and me calum,ashton, and michael were right behind her until a car pulled up and emma got in  then mikey asked " who is that"  i replied with "i dont know"

emma's pov

                  i decided to call luke and tell him i was fine so i dilaed his number but thats when it happened a car came out of no where and hit on my side the next thing i knew was i was being rushed to the hostpital

luke's pov

              i was being called from an unknow number i awnserwed

" hello" (by the way calum,ashton, and michael are here)

" hello is this mister hemmings"

"yes why"

" im sorry to tell you but your sister has been in a bad car wreck and u need to come see here"

" what how"

" semi came out of no where her boyfriend died in the wreck"

" boyfriend"

" come down here and we will awnserw all your qustions"

" ok be there in 20"

i hung up and yelled at the guys

" were going to the hostpital"

mikey ask "what why"

i replie " emma got into a car wreck"

they all said "what" we got to go i say and with that we left

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