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Get amazing info on 5 Seconds of Summer drama, Secrets you probably didn't know and heartbreak for the lovely couple and the fandom.


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here's some thing you probably didn't know about 5 Seconds of Summer.

Did you know that Ashton Irwin is afraid Ducks, Yep Ducks.

Did you know that Luke Hemmings once ate 17 bowls of ice cream for a pizza hut competition, 17 bowls of ice cream.

Did you know that Calum Hood was a soccer player for Australia and Brazil before giving up on that for music. I think we all agree that was a great move.

Did you know that Michael Clifford would only date Ariana Grande or Chloe  Moretz, But he already has Chloe Moretz's phone number and doesn't even have her name tattooed in arrow heart.

Did you know that all the boys were completely ill while they were recording they're Unplugged EP.

And last but not least Luke Hemmings has never seen the movie Titanic.

And that is this weeks People Magizine

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