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Its official, the new 5SOS album Sounds Good Feels Good, has recently hit number 8 on iTunes top charts right after 1D Perfect. But 5SOS lost that spot after being booted down to 47. Who knew that they could go down that far? 

And also the Hey Everybody music video went viral after the boys tweeted about it. 

Fun Fact about the Hey Everybody music video, It was shot at the same time the She's Kinda Hot music video was shot, if you didn't notice in the Hey Everybody music video Michael Clifford has black hair, and when Hey Everybody was released he had blonde hair. Also, one of the actors from the She's Kinda Hot video is in the Hey Everybody video, and Dave and the other security guards are in it doing and wearing the exact same thing they did and wore in the She's Kinda Hot video.


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