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Get amazing info on 5 Seconds of Summer drama, Secrets you probably didn't know and heartbreak for the lovely couple and the fandom.


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The 5 Seconds of Summer fandom isn't very pleased with Luke Hemmings' new girlfriend Arzaylea. Nobody actually knows her they all just know her for dating Luke. Rumours spreading around that management put Luke and Arzaylea together and Arzaylea is getting paid to date Luke, but Luke gets nothing. The fandom wasn't happy when Luke and Arzaylea started dating. There are rumours fans are now cutting themselves because of Arzaylea. 

This photo was the first photo Luke and Arzaylea were noticed. Nobody knew her until Luke specifically said If fans kept putting hate on Arzaylea he would block all the fans. Quite the drama there. Imagine how long it would take to block 8 million followers. And then Arzaylea got even more hate after she posted another photo on Instagram

After Arzaylea posted this photo "on accident" she got even more hate. This photo was posted the night of October 31st 2015. The Fandom started making parodys and photoshops of it. Instgram @luke_is_a_penguin, the one who stole Luke's name, Even started making animation videos of them hating each other. But we all know the Luke and Arzaylea story doesn't end here. But what you didn't know is that it is Ashton Irwin's fault that Luke and Arzaylea are dating. Ashton wanted to find Luke a girlfriend before the album Sounds Good Feels Good was released. Ashton set up Luke and Arzaylea by taking Luke on one of his dates with Bryana Holly setting up the two on a double date. But its only a matter of time before Luke Hemmings gets his heartbreak from Arzaylea so she could just use him for his fame and money. 

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