Brooke Allen ~ A Potterhead's Dream Come True

Brooke Allen is 10 and like most girls her age, she is playing Camogie, has fun with dolls and enjoys reading. Being raised in a small village on the countryside of Ireland, she is overly delighted, when her parents take her to both Harry Potter Amusement Parks in Orlando the weekend before her 11th Birthday. Brooke can't believe it, until she finally stands in front of the entrance gates, little did the Potterhead know, how her life would change shortly after her visit. ~ New characters free to join. ~


1. The Weeken Before My Birthday

I was totally freaking out. My parents were really taking me to both Harry Potter Amusement Parcs in Orlando for a whole weekend, starting off with the 'old' one. Friday to Sunday, because flying all the way to Orlando from Ireland for one day would be ridiculous, Dad had said. I couldn't have agreed more. Nervously I played with my long, curly ginger hair, while waiting for our turn to enter the park. "Tickets please." the obviously bored teenager frowned, as my family finally reached the entrance. Dad handed him the tickets and we entered. Walking behind my parents, I once again recognized the irritating height difference between them. With his 6ft1, he was almost a foot taller than my mother, who was with her 5ft2 almost as small as me. They turned around, obviously impatient on moving on, whereas I took my time to analyze my surroundings, including them. Mum's straight, blond hair was tied up into a neat bun, underlining her heart-shaped face with freckles on her cheeks. My father's dark brown hair strongly contrasted to his pale, shallow skin and always left to ask, whom I got my hair colour from. As my parents knew me well, they didn't even bother showing me other attractions but headed to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter straight away. Delighted, I jumped after them, using both hands trying to keep my skirt down.    * Two Days Later *   "I can't believe, it's already over. Never have I witnessed days fly by like that. Nevertheless, it was beautiful and I want you to know, how incredibly thankful I am!" I let my parents know, as we boarded the plane. "Harry Potter fan?" the friendly flight attendant asked, eyeing me.  A younger version of Draco Malfoy, my favorite Harry Potter character, smirked at her from my shirt. My parents had given me the shirt as an extra surprise during the flight to Orlando and I had worn it three days straight. It smelled and was dirty too, but obviously I couldn't care less. Besides, the Slytherin cloak my parents had bought me at the souvenir shop, covered the gravy spot perfectly fine. "Glad you liked it." Mum said, squeezing my hand tightly. "Liked it? That would be the understatement of the year, and it's half over." Dad replied, packing away our passports, as we no longer needed them.  "I know, I said it about a million times already, but still; thank you for the most amazing birthday gift." I once again thanked my Mum, who sat next to me.  "You know, that it wasn't only a treat for you, right? If it wasn't for me, we would probably have done the studio tour in London." she replied and winked at me.  Mum had always been a huge Harry Potter fan, so she read the stories to me. Of course she left out the scary parts and replaced them with her own version. Nevertheless, I had read the books on my own, with all the horrible truths. However, Mum wouldn't let me watch the movies that were above my age.  "Now, don't worry. That wasn't everything, we have another surprise for Tuesday." my mother said and smiled enthusiastically.  "Is it the studio tour?" I wanted to know, staring at Mum. "Perhaps." she answered, obviously regretting having mentioned it earlier.  Sometimes, I appreciated being an only child
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