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10. Top 10 Video Game characters

Hey guys!

So I have been going through some mad video game phases for the past couple of months and I have finally come up with an idea for my next chapter here since I haven't done so in ages!


So this'll be a list of either characters you play as (protagonists etc.) and people who you stumble across during gameplay, who I really enjoy the company of. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Please note that these are characters from games that I have played personally and have not just stumbled upon and thought 'Oooh they seem awesome' so please don't do the whole 'Where's this dude?' 'Why're they not here?' If I haven't played the game I technically haven't seen them! XD


10. Kitana (Mortal Kombat)

This woman is practically a ninja. I mean look at her, design, outfit, weapons, something you would expect to see from a ninja of sorts! And as you guys should probably be aware of now...I love ninjas! 


9. Blaze the Cat (Sonic 2006 and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games)

Ah my dear chosen character for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. I think that she is the only badass looking character that can get away with doing all the all out sports (e.g. running and football) and doing the more graceful sports (e.g. rhythmic ribbon and figure skating)...try to do rhythmic ribbon with Shadow or Metal Sonic however... *shudders* it's cringe material...


8. Riley (Pokemon D/P/P)

One simple reason...this guy gives you a Riolu egg (In Platinum definitely, can't remember in Diamond or Pearl). When I first saw him in battle I was like 'Omg you sod! You have a Lucario you lucky ********' yeah we'll leave it at that...then he gives you an egg once you finish the Iron Island challenge with him. And then I was like 'Omg! I love you!!!' I get the Pokemon that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to obtain and that I love the most!


7. Mileena (Mortal Kombat)

Like Kitana, great design and weapons. However, what makes her better than Kitana is that is woman is a cannibal! Now you may not be aware, I am awfully fond of cannibals, seeing as one of my favourite TV shows is Hannibal! I love all the series and all the films, so of course I stumble across another cannibal whose fatality is eating the opponents face, I just had to get intrigued.


6. Yandere-chan (Yandere Simulator)

Aha...aha! This is pretty self explanatory to be honest. Before Yandere Simulator nobody really knew what a Yandere was...and for those who don't know, Yanderes are people who are massively in love with someone (known as their Senpai or Sempai depending on gender) and they will come across as sweet, kind and shy. But if anyone were to get in the way of them getting their Senpai/Sempai they will show a more hostile personality, even going to the extent of killing their rivals just so they can have their love. I am kinda like that (apart from the whole killing thing) and this girl is basically my inner demon. Customising my Senpai and playing as this girl I can understand her behaviour!


5. Agent 47 (Hitman franchise)

Omg...here we go to the first ever character I have ever used in a first person shooter game. My stepdad got Hitman Absolution as soon as it came out. Obviously at the time I was deemed 'too young' to play first person shooters, but my stepdad doesn't really abide age restrictions and let me have a go at playing the game. It was awesome! You get to be a stealthy, sharpshooting, emotionless humanoid like thing going around and being as subtle (or non-subtle) as you want trying to reach your target! After playing as Agent 47, I became obsessed with violent and/or firs person shooter games


4. Chloe Price (Life is Strange)

Jeez this game made me cry once it ended....at first you will see Chloe as a druggy, punk rock rebel who is horrible and hostile towards everyone including her own friend Max Caulfield. She had a bad childhood which lead to this which makes you feel sorry for her. She blames her childhood for the way she is now and blames everyone but herself as to what makes her upset. But near the end, you become very close to the girl as you find out what happened in her childhood. Moreover, you understand how close and powerful her's and Max's friendship is once you make that final decision...that one decision that determines the fate of the ending... 


3. Steven Stone (Pokemon Omega Ruby)

(Note this is based on ORAS, not on Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. Never owned those games...) Ah of course! More Pokemon. My favourite champion out of them all for many reasons. For a start I have to say he is one of the easier champions seeing as he uses mainly steel type Pokemon which are outmatched by my favourite fighting type Pokemon. Another thing is that he pops up at regular intervals on your journey and just randomly gives you stuff like Mega Stones and devices (which I never use...). But the best thing is that during one of his encounters, you will come across a Latios/Latias depending on the game and he pretty much GIVES it to you. Instead of being an ass and saying 'Oh I have one I'll have the other as well' he's all like 'Why don't you try and catch it?' then afterwards he like 'Oh have this, and Eon flute, that way you can fly on Latias/Latios' he just gives you so much awesome stuff that other champions don't bother to do! Of course I praise the dude!


2. Rouge the Bat (Sonic 2006)

Two words....Sassy bitch...two words I just love to put together! So of course I stumble across a character that fits that description and here we go Rouge the Bat. I am really miffed that you cannot play as her in The Olympic Games as she would be an ace character to play as, and I am also miffed that the games she is in are all buggy and annoying (*ahem* Sonic 2006...*throws controller at screen*). I think that Rouge should get more credit and be involved in more games as the playable character because she is so underrated...I must have multiple inner demons for each of my personalities, because this one is another one of mine!


1. Bayonetta (Bayonetta 2) 

Pretty much the human version of Rouge, except a lot more badass with guns and awesome fighting skills (and is a lot more sexual). I loved when my Mum got me Bayonetta 2 for Christmas last year. I had never heard of Bayonetta before so this was a new experience for me (which hasn't happened in a while). I switched it on and found out it was a Japanese game (of course I became intrigued quite quickly) I knew from the start it was Japanese (I mean look at the design..) but I wasn't sure whether it was going to be one of their better games...I was blown out of the water. It was an epic game with epic reviews to match and I was under this witch's spell and played the game for hours on end every day. Thumbs up one of the greatest characters of one of the greatest games and 10/10 I would play it again (actually, I think I might do so now!)


Well hope you enjoyed my list. I know some of these characters are a little childish, but I believe it is easier to rank the younger based game characters as they have been there as you have grown up and have never left your side. I find characters from young people's games to be easier to become attached to compared to characters from older people's games seeing as they have specific names and characteristics while most older people's games are pretty much just your name on a character in a first person shooter...I couldn't become attached to that...anyway, glad you stopped by and if anyone wants to tell me their favourite game characters, or just anything in general or have any suggestions, just let me know!

Bye guys!

Sayonara ^3^ 


Other Mentions

Ok Ok this was very hard to decide what order to put this in...so instead of making the list even more impossible and longer, I shall just squish all the others I wanted to add, but didn't quite make the top 10


Rosalina (Mario Franchise)


Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic Franchise)


Max Caulfield (Life is Strange)


Cynthia (Pokemon D/P/P)


Garry (Ib)


Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)


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