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3. Top 10 serial killers

As requested by  暗い戦士 


Now before you say anything, I am only interested in the psychological side of serial killers, but the rest of it, I am absolutely terrified. This is NOT going to be a Top 10 favourite serial killers because I do not LIKE them and do NOT tolerate what they have done. This Top 10 is down to fear and fascination ONLY!


Here we go!


10. Edmund Kemper

Also known as the Co-ed Killer
He is an American serial killer and necrophile from California in the 70s. He killed his grandparents at the young age of 15 and dismembered 6 female hikers. He then killed his mother and friends before he eventually handed himself over to the police.
Found guilty of 8 counts of murder and given life imprisonment although he asked for the death penalty


9. Dr. Harold Shipman

An English doctor who was responsible for 250 murders. He was well respected by the community so his actions were never suspicious or recognised. However the high death rate in the area raised concern. Several bodies were researched and diamorphine was discovered in their bodies. Simon purposely injected them with the fatal dose, then forged wills to inherit their fortunes. The trial sentenced him to 15 life sentences, and he hung himself in 2004 in Wakefield Prison 


8. Fred & Rose West


For nearly 20 years, Fred and Rose tortured raped and murdered over 11 women and girls, most of which in their own home. Charged in 1994 after police found bones buried in the garden and under floorboards.
During the trial Fred committed suicide, and Rose was sentenced to life imprisonment.
There house was demolished after.


7. Ted Bundy

Serial killer who kidnapped  and overpowered young women and girls during the 70s. He would approach women, and lead them to secluded areas where he would assault and kill them. He decapitated them and kept their heads as trophies.
He managed to escape the police and court house twice, killing three more women.
He was sentenced to death and executed in 1989.


6. Ricardo Ramirez

American serial killer and Satan Worshipper who terrorised Los Angeles in the 80s. Also known as the Night Stalker, he broke into homes, shooting, stabbing, raping and mutilating victims, ranged between a 9 year old girl and a couple in their 60s. He also smeared pentagrams on the walls.
Caught in 1985, he was sentenced to death and remained on the death row until he died in 2013.


5. Peter Sutcliffe

Also known as the Yorkshire Ripper, he was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to kill 7 others. Targetting prostitutes Sutcliffe created fear in the whole of northern England.
He confessed to his crimes after being caught, but pleaded guilty on the grounds of diminished responsibility, but was rejected. 
Sentenced to life imprisonment, he serves a life sentence in Broadmoor Maximum Security Mental Hospital


4. Dennis Nilsen

A homosexual killer who killed 15 gay men in London. He dissected the victims' remains and disposed of the bodies. He was caught after flesh was found in his sewage system.
He was convicted in 1983 and was sentenced to life imprisonment.
He remains imprisoned in Full Sutton maximum security prison in Yorkshire


3. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

Now these two just scream  pure evil they may as well have it written on their forehead! 
Both of them killed 5 children (aged between 10 and 17 years old) in the 60s in Greater Manchester. Three of these victims were found in graves dug by them and the final victim found in Brady's house. The fourth victim's whereabouts remains unknown.
Both were sentenced to life imprisonment.
Hindley died in 2002
Brady has been confined to maximum security Ashworth Hospital where he remains on hunger strike.


2. Pedro Alonso Lopez

Accused of raping and killing more than 300 girls across South America, preying on the young and vulnerable. He was arrested after failing to abduct another victim and was trapped by market traders.
He confessed to over 300 murders and the police only believed him when a flood uncovered a grave containing many of his victims.
He was imprisoned in 1980 and served ONLY 18 years until he was deported to Columbia where he was rearrested in 2002 and sentenced to life.


1. Jack the Ripper

This one had to be my number one. During his life, he killed many prostitutes and ripped out their wombs on the Victorian streets. Nobody ever caught this man and nobody knows who he is or what he looks like.
Probably one of the scariest serial killers ever, as everyone knows about him but have no idea who he was and probably never will...


Well, that's another Top 10, if anyone has any other requests, please leave one in the comments

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