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4. Top 10 Naruto Characters

As requested by Willow Angel


Oooh, this will be a fun one! But of course with me being me (and my previous anime Top 10 list) some of these will be pretty obvious, but others may surprise you!

So here we go!


10. Temari

Ok, there is nothing I like more than having at least one sassy bitch in any programme I watch, but anime HAS to have a sassy bitch, and Temari fits the bill...big time. Aggressive, sassy, bitchy, gobby, that's all it took to become one of my favourite characters


9. Hinata Hyuga

What do I like more than a sassy bitch? An adorable, shy girl. She's super caring and a sweety who is approachable to all! And I am SO glad she got what she wanted in the end (sorry, no spoilers) I don't think anyone deserved it more than what she did with the sheer willpower she possesses.


8. Orochimaru 

Ok I regret to admit, but we are going from the adorable to the creepy. Ok, this guy is a bit of a weirdo (that's an understatement by the way) but this guy gets my award for best design. To me, he is the only creatively designed character in Naruto, without looking OTT or just plain ridiculous.
Also he ends up being not that bad in the end.
(and have you seen it's hair? It's sheer perfection! Wish my hair would go like that! Imagine him in a hair product advert....actually...maybe not...)


7. Tobi

This guy is SUPER complicated...I've heard all the facts and secrets but even I still struggle to get my head around who this guy is! I mean...if you know what I am talking about, you might understand my confusion.
But this guy as Tobi is the derpiest character to ever come across in this anime! I mean people like Naruto and Rock Lee don't even come close to Tobi's derpiness! As well as being stupid he is super adorable and hilarious.
*sniffles* but it goes all too quickly TT^TT


6. Konan

This woman possesses my favourite design for jutsu. It's so creative, beautiful and original! But then again, if you don't think Konan is pretty, then there is something wrong with you!
Her personality is cold, but there are ways to thaw out the ice. Deep down she cares, particularly for Pein, because of what they have been through together.
So really? She is a nice woman who was misjudged until you discover her back story.


5. Neji Hyuga

Ok, I know this guy was very disliked by fans when he was first introduced. He was spiteful, snobby and was never sympathetic about anything or anyone. But as you get to know him, you realise his past and warm up to the guy (Ok, maybe not EVERYONE but a lot of people) I've personally always liked Neji, I mean, why wouldn't I? Especially during the filler episodes when he is with the derpy Team Guy. God the shame they put the poor dude through...


4. Lady Tsunade

Hands down, most badass woman on this show! Damn I would never want to be on the wrong side of this one. She'd probably crack your skull like a hollowed out egg! But the fact that she is an alcoholic and often quite drunk and ratty while being Hokage is rather amusing. And boy her temper...

*backs away slowly*


3. Gaara

Damn it we are on to another sweety again! *cautiously looks around* let's make sure he NEVER hears me saying that. Again, another character rather disliked by fans at the beginning due to his annoyingly psychotic and subtly boisterous nature. But his back story is a heart breaker...I cried...oops! After that, his fanbase grew and now I think most people would struggle to dislike the guy!
(And yes I do have a MASSIVE crush on this one! Hey, come on, he was my first!)


2. Hidan

Loads of people are gonna hate me for saying this, but yes...this guy is one of my favourite anime characters, let alone Naruto characters! Why? Well, he never fails to make me laugh for a start. Considering how easily he gets wound up by Kakuzu and any of his opponents is hilarious, he's actually really good looking (In my opinion, don't judge or disagree, because I will just disagree with you) and the fact he cannot say a sentence without putting some swear word before during or after is just brilliant. 
(And did you know this guy is only 22 years old??? Early greying much...)

Hidan: OI F****** BITCH!!!!!!
Me: nnngghhh... *backs away*


1. Itachi Uchiha

Hee! I think you guys know me too well! (You DID know Itachi-san would be number 1 right?) Probably the least disliked character, he has to be the most memorable and as far as I am aware he has a bigger fanbase than Justin Bieber! And why wouldn't he? He is the biggest sweetheart on here, and it's only at the end you find out the most heart wrenching back story you could ever come across. It's so painful I refuse to watch it. Genuinely. I skipped it.
Again, biggest sweetheart, and MY sweetheart (I adore this guy!) who will always be remembered by Naruto fans as being one of the most loyal people you could come across


*cries in the corner*


Ok! Well that was fun! Hope you enjoyed and if you have any other requests or questions, feel free to put them down in the comments! Bye guys! ^3^

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