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Wanna follow the life of the Super Duper Uber Otaku/Yandere/Weeaboo you may know as Lozzie-san? Well you're in luck, for I am going to take you through my everyday life. Celebrating 100 followers, I'm gonna start writing a blog about my (hopefully) daily life. It may not be exciting, but it is always an adventure ;-P


2. November 3rd

It's the Tuesday after my Half Term ended and for some reason that has demotivated me more then yesterday! I suppose it's depressing that it has been a week since my birthday, since it seems only yesterday I was celebrating it (and drinking a little too much Prosecco for my first proper drinking session. You could say I got a little dizzy)


The crappy part about today is that I have first, second and third lesson, then I've gotta wait nearly three hours for my 3:05 lesson of biology! It's not just crappy that there's the tedious wait, but it's also the fact I have gotta be working until 4:00 while all the lower school get to leave at usual time. The school's dead, me and my peers are like zombies, and even the teachers wish they were elsewhere! Sometimes I really regret being a Sixth Former. It's too stressful for my own good. I'm just so tempted to give it all up and just do gaming for a living, but unfortunately you do not get paid for that unless you are an uber successful Youtuber (which I am not...)


I don't really get on with my Chemistry teacher, so having her first thing in the morning, when I'm tired and ratty, and have a test with her is not really a good combo. Luckily it was just a memory test, so as long as we get all the questions done and do not discuss them until the test is over, you can have a good gas with your peers. I managed to finish the answers in ten minutes (whether they are right or not is a different matter entirely) so I have granted permission to turn around and talk with the lads. I'm one of the only girls in the A2 Chemistry group so no I am not flirting. I just enjoy listening to their sarcastic comments aimed at each other and butting in every now and again when they mention Youtube. It was the John Cena prank call that was the main topic today. A personal favourite of mine. However, in the end we ended up looking at the giant Periodic Table at the front of the class and trying to make words using the element symbols. The best they came up with was NOOB (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Oxygen and Boron to all you chemistry nerds out there). I spelt my name! Beat that!
You know what the best thing about the Chemistry test was? It was suggested by a member of the class, so we had all Half Term to revise (not that I did) and he ended up not having a clue what he was doing. Not trying to sound snide or anything, but I would have thought he would have been a least a little enthusiastic to try and do well? Is that just me? Ok...anyway he finished around half an hour later, after having given up.


My other two lessons until my free periods were Biology and Psychology, but nothing to report there I'm afraid...
Some news is that my Psychology teacher is on a course tomorrow, so our lesson is cancelled. I was ecstatic thinking that I could leave school early, but then she declared she would be available for our 3:05 lesson...that is when I slumped back in my seat and sulked again. She's also given us freaking work to do while she is away and it has to be completed for then! And her being her, she HAD to make it the longest f****** question sheet known to mankind. Three sheets stapled together we are supposed to read through and answer questions! (I know it sounds like a lot, but to me...the lazy dreamer I is! I NEED TIME TO WORK ON STORY IDEAS FOR PETE'S SAKE!)


I completed the work in about an hour, leading me up until lunch. I received a text during my free period from Mum reminding me I needed to get a card for my Uncle's birthday. I'm so glad the town centre is right next to the school, so I can find a card easily (and get a Costa hot chocolate as well!!!)
I was just about to head out the gate with my bros (who were so desperate to get home) when I got a call from Georgia-san deciding that she wanted to go to Lidl (again, luckily, right next to the school), so I had  to wait for her as well. At least it means I can catch up with my anime and fangirling.
Found the card in around two minutes and had time to spare to get a Costa and lemon tart! Wheee!!!
So glad I didn't have a fifth lesson, because me and Georgia-san decided to take our time getting food. We arrived around ten minutes after lunch ended!


Having finished all my homework, I had zilch to do during my second free period. They say do something productive like fill in my Uni application form, or do some research or revision.
I discovered today that the study room has new computers, so must have working headphone plugs. So me being the honourable student I am charged over to one and slammed on Youtube (I missed out on a day so needed to catch up on what I missed out, which is very important to me). It's a good thing no teachers come into the study room or I would probably be banned from all my 'productive research'.

Georgia-san was no role model though. She kept distracting me with her (gorgeous) choice of music. K-Pop....BTS in particular (*fangirls*). She was showing me their Halloween costumes for this year and Suga them was dressed up as Naruto Uzumaki! I was so happy to discover they're into cosplay too (shame none of them decided to be Itachi though...I mean seriously! Itachi bae!)

Some other guy looked over my shoulder to see me watching Jacksepticeye play with Akinator and told me one of his friends posted up our ICT teacher! And to prove it, his friend, who was sitting right next to him on a computer, showed us...and it looked nothing like him! I mean, yes it had his name, but an extra bunch of stupid words...and his picture to me looked like a Transformer Terminator or something. I didn't really get a good look because I was more concerned about getting back into my Youtubing before sixth period started in which I would be rudely interrupted and dragged away!


Ploughed through sixth lesson like a trooper...painfully...


Home was so welcoming for me...after walking in the rain in wedges with blistered feet for half an hour. My instant reaction was plough through the door and collapse on the kitchen stool....and babble crap to Mum that she probably isn't interested in, but she does listen!


Rest of the day? Work? Revision?
Nah, more Youtubing! I have to watch todays uploads now, don't I?

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