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Wanna follow the life of the Super Duper Uber Otaku/Yandere/Weeaboo you may know as Lozzie-san? Well you're in luck, for I am going to take you through my everyday life. Celebrating 100 followers, I'm gonna start writing a blog about my (hopefully) daily life. It may not be exciting, but it is always an adventure ;-P


9. November 28th (May-chan Top 10 Vocaloids)

Hey guys and today I am doing another request from May-chan (Movellas: May Hayashi) Well I would say it was a request, but it was more I wanted to know her Top 10 Vocaloids because we both love Vocaloids and we have discussed it before.


So here we go! May-chan's Top 10 favourite Vocaloids


10. Hatsune Miku


9. Kagamine Len


8. Kagamine Rin


7. IA

(Don't believe I have listened to this one properly before...)


6. Kamui Gakupo


5. Kaito


4. Gumi


3. Meiko


2. VY1v4

(Ok this one does not have an avatar, but she should because she is brilliant! :D)


1. Megurine Luka


And there we go! That's May-chan's Top 10! Hope you've enjoyed it.


Any more requests, blah blah! You know what to do ^~^

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