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6. Top 10 Vocaloids

Ok, so today was ridiculously boring, and while Yandere Simulator downloads, I am going to go through my top 10 favourite Vocaloids!


Enjoy! (Oh and do listen to their songs, some are so awesome!)


10) Megurine Luka

In my opinion, she is probably the more annoying of my top 10, but she makes up for it with her pure voice and innocence in the vast majority of her songs. I don't really have many songs by her on my phone, but maybe I haven't given her the chance she deserves... 


9. Kagamine Rin

Definitely the cutest female character! She kinda reminds me of my little sister and I think she would look great wearing her cosplay. But in some of the songs, don't let her cuteness deceive you, for she can be pretty evil (just check out her song 'Fear Garden') Her voice is sweet and high which matches up to her brothers, but also contrasts in a strange way!


8. Zatsune Miku

Ok, Ok, this one was purely down to design before you start criticising me. Yes she is a purely fan based character and has not made any songs of her own, but I like how she is supposed to resemble Hatsune Miku's evil side. Some people have also edited songs of Miku Miku's to make them sound more dark and demonic. Some are pretty cool!


7. Meiko

As far as I am aware, Meiko is one of the original Vocaloids. Her voice is particularly unique, but again, like Luka, I don't give her much attention...I think I am a little more interested in the ones further up the list


6. Gumi

That's right. Her name is Gumi...and she is a nutter! Her voice is surprisingly deep considering she is a female, but when she is collaborating with Miku, they are probably one of the best duets ever! Her songs are particularly strange (and some, just plain creepy) (recommending Matryoshka!) but that's probably why I like them, and her, so much!


5. Kagamine Len

Rin's twin, and without a doubt the cutest male Vocaloid! His voice is super high pitched, that I could have sworn that at first he was a female singer. That is when I found out more about him and realised he is actually male! Again, like his sister, don't fall for his sweetness. He turns full Yandere in one of them! 'Nightwalker' o_O


4. Kaito

Again, another sweetie with another pure voice! I love him to pieces and just want to squish him! But alas he is a voice bank *sad face* If you want to make sure he remains handsome, just listen to his collaborations with Len and Gakupo! And do not listen to 'Story About a Poor Rabbit'! 


3. Machigerita

Ok, so maybe this guy is not a voice bank...maybe he is a human being like all of us...but DAMN can he sing. His voice is so heart warming, even for the gothic, creepy music he sings (but look at him! What else can her sing?! Romance?! No...). But he has worked with Vocaloids and has written some of the songs for it, so why can't he get involved in the action...hm? No reason...good... 


2. Hatsune Miku

And of course this was gonna happen. The most successful Vocaloid, with the best female voice by miles in my opinion. She can be anything, romantic, creepy, Yandere, cutie, anything that is wanted for her songs. She has released the most songs out of all the Vocaloids and is probably the first Vocaloid anyone thinks of...(but not in my case...) I SO need her cosplay! TT^TT


1. Kamui Gakupo

Yes! Here we are. To my FAVOURITE Vocaloid of them all. With the most SEDUCTIVE and gorgeous voice out of a lot of singers I listen to, he has to by far my favourite. He is also the most attractive Vocaloid in my opinion.. (I will get involved in your harem any day! ;P 'The Madness of Duke Venomania' is the song). Oh and he can be the scariest Yandere as well ('Specimen Girl' if you wanna listen) And guess what the best bit is? HE IS A SAMURAI!!! As if you couldn't get any better, you just did! :D


So yep, here we are! Another Top 10 list completed. If anyone has any suggestions for the future, don't hesitate to ask! 


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