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5. Top 10 Cartoon Characters

Sorry I haven't been writing much. I'm afraid very little happens in my everyday life and writing everything that happens would probably make you bored or fall asleep or face plant onto your keyboard...


As requested by Kinka$h, I am going to do....*drum role* ....Top 10 cartoons! Old, new, popular and unpopular! Some of these will be going back to my childhood and some will be cartoons I watch now! Yes I am 18, but I still love to watch a good cartoon :P

And here we go!


10. Blue's Clues

 Ok this one was definitely from my childhood. If I watched it now, I would probably be scarred for the rest of my life about how colourful, friendly and...rather creepy it is...
It's about a man who lives with his pet dog Blue and they have to find clues to find out what is going to happen at the end of the show. The creepy thing is that some household objects are alive in this show, such as an alarm clock and a postbox, so yeah...little bit creepy for my soul now...


9. Adventure Time

Surprisingly popular amongst my friends I decided to have a look at this programme myself, this only being a year or so back. And it surprised me how good it is! Don't get me wrong, I prefer the old episodes to the newer ones they made, but I don't mind watching the old ones over and over again, rather than watch the new ones and not enjoy them.


8. Ben 10

This programme actually came out when I was around ten years old, and that was around the time I was going through my tomboy phase (I'm kinda in my all black clothing and dark make-up phase at the moment) and no programme could be any more boyish than this without being gross (I hated and still do hate programmes which too much grossness in them. I don't see humour in snot and whatever else), but when the new seasons of Ben 10 came out after, I lost interest and never watched further than the original Ben 10.


7. Scooby-Doo

In my opinion, Scooby Doo was probably one of the best mystery programmes ever released onto the TV. But then it got ruined as soon as they released the monstrosity known as Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated. But enough of my moaning, this programme followed me throughout my young years as a small child with all the original Scooby-Doo episodes, up until I was around fourteen when it was What's New Scooby-Doo? But after that, I avoided watching further generations and scowl at any new ones that have been created.


6. Charlie and Lola

Ok, this was more around when my little sister was small, but I never minded sitting down and watching this with her every night until she went to bed. It's stupidly child friendly and happy so I like to watch it myself (but not on my own mind you...) That's why it's so highly ranked in my Top 10.


5. My Little Pony

Again, this is more down to be a favourite of my sister's, but it's an amazing show which teaches you the goodness of having friends. Colourful, perky and a good watch, I, again, would happily sit and watch this with my sister (or by myself if there is absolutely NOTHING left on TV) My favourite character is Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna and I am always enthusiastic about watching this if she is in it!


4. Tom and Jerry

OMG! Number one favourite programme from my youngest of ages. I had a whole season or two of this on cassette (blimey how long ago...) and even now it is still incredible! The madness, the randomness and the cartoon humour in this is unbeatable! Again, I scowl at the new generations made, because it will NEVER be able to reach the standards of the originals.


3. Regular Show

Ultimate bro fest! So up to date with the latest trends and it literally explains the life of typical 20+ year olds! It contains a LOT of adult humour which makes me crease with how funny it is, especially when my sister gives me blank looks when I laugh! The only reason it is down from number two or one is the sometimes gross humour added into it... 


2. The Amazing World of Gumball

.....probably THE most random programme ever created...random characters, random atmospheres, random plot lines. The creator of this programme must have just as a nutty mind as I do! That's probably why I like this programme so much!


1. Pokemon

Ok, Ok, before you stab me I KNOW this is technically an anime and not a programme, but with how often and how many times this programme is on TV you probably wouldn't acknowledge it (English channels do not contain many/any anime. I have to go online for mine) anyway, the newer seasons are way too American for my liking...
As you can see, this only contains the Indigo League and that's because it is the only season I really like. Yes I don't mind the others (apart from Black and White, which I HATE), but the Indigo League was the only one that truly had me hooked. If you are a 90's born child, you would understand how hooked you get to it once you have watched too many episodes! (Unless you are more of a Digimon fan...sorry, I'm not...)


Hope you enjoyed this Top 10! Please leave a like and any requests you would like me to do in the future!

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