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Contains Top 10 lists and a few drawings here and there for my lovely followers! :3

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2. Georgia-sempai Top 10...well...7

Hey! I'm here with Georgia-sempai and she is going to give me her favourite K-Pop bands and artists!

Here we go!


Their are many more but I don't think I can rank them as I love them all the same! ...well...

7. EXO

Exo are really good and my favourite from them is Kai. My favourite song is either love me right or lightsaber.


6. BTS

I don't have a reason why I like BTS I just do. My favourites from the group has to be either Jungkook or V. The song I like the most is War of Hormone.







5. GOT7

I love GOT7 mainly because they are really funny and their dancing amazing. My favourite from GOT7 is Jackson. My favourite song from their is either If You Do or Just Right.


4. SHINee

I love SHINee because they are a unique group. I love the videos that they have for their songs and I have to say that my favourite songs from them are Married to the music and View. I don't really have a favourite as I love all of them.


3. Super Junior 

Super Junior is my third favourite and I love them because....I do I guess. They are talented and my favourite of their songs has to be either Magic or Mamacita. My favourite member is Siwon.



2. F(x)

F(x) is a girl group and they have to be my favourite girl group that I have listened to. My favourite member is Amber and she's my favourite because she is so down to earth and funny. My favourite songs from them are Four walls (from their new album) and Rum Pum Pum.



1. Big Bang/17

So Big Bang is my top favourite alongside Seventeen. My favourite member from Big bang is T.O.P. He is a rapper and is funny. My favourite song from this group is Loser. It is an amazing song!



Seventeen is my second favourite group. These guys are a rookie group that debuted earlier year. They are amazing and have two mini albums out. My favourite from this group has to be Joshua. He is just so adorable! My favourite song from them is between Shining Diamond (the first mini album: 17 Carat) and Mansae (the second one: Boys Be.)


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