My Life

Wanna follow the life of the Super Duper Uber Otaku/Yandere/Weeaboo you may know as Lozzie-san? Well you're in luck, for I am going to take you through my everyday life. Celebrating 100 followers, I'm gonna start writing a blog about my (hopefully) daily life. It may not be exciting, but it is always an adventure ;-P


16. May 6th (Drawing for Ekko

I know I was requested this months ago but I have been struggling to juggle and balance my freetime and school work etc. But it's done now, some OCs Ekko has asked my to draw for her. They probably look a little rushed, but I don't think they came out awfully! (they looked worse without colour! XD)




(and sorry I am not good at drawing men... :\)

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