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Wanna follow the life of the Super Duper Uber Otaku/Yandere/Weeaboo you may know as Lozzie-san? Well you're in luck, for I am going to take you through my everyday life. Celebrating 100 followers, I'm gonna start writing a blog about my (hopefully) daily life. It may not be exciting, but it is always an adventure ;-P


10. January 1st (here's to 2016!!!)

First I would like to say...Happy New Year!!!

I have just come back from a Wedding in East Sussex, 3 hours away from where I live. It was my Mum getting married to my now Stepdad and it was an amazing couple of days.

The first day, and sleeping most of the journey down, we met my Aunt, Uncle and cousins who I haven't seen since the previous wedding I went to in the summer. It was all going really well, my sister getting licked to death by the family Labrador, Scoobie, and a good lot of banter going ahead. That was until it came to a rather awkward topic.


At the last wedding, I was told there was a lad my age who was single. I had a look over and saw that he was rather good looking, so me being me I thought right, let's do this...It got off well, we got to know each other and he gave me his phone number. I texted him a little while later (don't get me wrong, I was rushing into NOTHING...if anything were to happen I would want it to be slow) He never replied...


Mum told my cousin this and said I wasn't happy that this guy wouldn't reply to any of my texts after the wedding and that I found him rather rude. My cousin turned to me and said 'I think he had a girlfriend at the time.' I don't think I could have gone any redder than I was then. NOW HE WAS TELLING ME!!! HE MAKES ME SOUND LIKE A HOME WRECKER OR SOMETHING!!! I MUST HAVE LOOKED LIKE AN IDIOT!!!!


After that trip, we then went to visit my Gran. She still had all her decorations outside, and that was when I realized the whole of the village had Christmas lights up. I am not exaggerating, around 80% of the houses in the village were caked in lights and ornaments. Mum told me Granny's village was rather well known for being swarmed by Christmas lights, and people as far as America have come to see them. That baffled me seeing as the village was rather oldie people-y...

We had a second Christmas at my Gran's and we were having another present exchange. I received some awesome pyjamas which basically explained my life, 'Everything is better in my pyjamas.' The rest of the visit was awfully quiet and I was quite keen to go outside since the house reeked of cigarettes and was quite overpowering...


Finally we made it back to the hotel, where we literally just ate dinner and went to our rooms. Mum and my Stepdad got their own room and me and my sister got another. Because I was 18 there was no way I could pretend to be 16 anymore so we could have one family room, so we were separated. We were lucky to get back when we did because we turned on the TV and Toy Story literally just started, so that was mine and my sister's evening sorted! 


The next day I was quick to get up so I could get down for the all you can eat breakfast. My hotel was famous for it's all you can eat full English Breakfast, toast, crumpets, pancakes, cereal (they even did soya milk for me (I can't have lactose/dairy if you must know...)) fruits, yogurts the whole lot! You could survive the day on only your breakfast! You wouldn't want to eat anything afterwards!

Mum came into my room as we were preparing for the wedding. She kept flapping, thinking her dress was too small for her until I discovered the zip was not fully undone...she looked a bit silly then!

Two flaming hours it took to get ready. I was wearing a PINK no no I am a girl who loves to wear black and that is pretty much it (I am known as Dan's soul at school! Either that or Hannibal! Yep that's right! Fricken Hannibal because I have an ingenious mind and good at Psychology and Anatomy!) Everyone was surprised when I stepped out to the car to see me in a pink dress. But then I felt better when the vicar person didn't know who the bride was (Hmm, the only person in a white dress, love. WHO DO YOU FRICKEN THINK?!)

I was given the role of ring bearer, walking Mum down the aisle and Maid of Honor, while my sister was the other ring bearer and flower girl. It all when great, my cousin is a photographer so he took plenty of snaps (but it was awkward when my he and his wife discovered I had snuck my phone in my bra...).

'Do you want to take photos in the sun?' The vicar asked, opening the door for us.

We stepped out and yes it was sunny, but the building was blocking it out, so we didn't have photos in the sun and I was freezing to death in my strapless dress and thin shawl...


So relieved when we got to the bar for the after party. It meant I could have a drink and be warm. I ended up having a bowl of nachos as well, lucky me, but I did have to hide every time a waiter took drinks orders, otherwise I would probably be asked for ID...

The bar tender was cool though, when I went up to order Granny's Bailey's with my stepdad, he asked ME if I wanted ice with the drink, so he wouldn't have asked for ID if he were serving me. My sister said he was checking me out, looking me up and down, grinning and saying hi only to me. I accepted it and possibly gave a few flirtatious looks back...I can't help it! I AM A HOPELESS ROMANTIC!!!

My Aunt, Uncle, cousins and Gran left, leaving only us lot and my Mum's friends for the rest of the evening. We ended up agreeing we would get changed out of our dresses and back into more comfy clothes (yes! Black! And I could put my earrings back in!). But we headed back down to the bar for a pub quiz that was taking place.

I came up with the Team Name, 'Just Married' and we were set on winning...until we were told to put our phones in a basket on the table so we couldn't cheat...then we kinda gave up.

The first round was on pictures of people who died in 2015...I didn't know any of them because they were old people who I have never known or cared about in my life...I opted to point at each one and named them dead, dead and dead. Mum and the adults did well, leaving me and my sister out the frame, but one of their guesses were as bad as mine as they put 'That Jazz Singer' for one of the answers, and Mr Spock (Nemo) for another one...(It was meant to be spelt Nimoy, but luckily we got the point for Mr Spock!)

The second round was on events that happened in 2015...I won't go into detail, but I will say some of the answers we gave we absurd.

The final round was general knowledge and all the answers we gave had to have either 'Happy' 'New' or 'Year'. I managed to answer three of the more modern answers, but again the questions were very question's answer was 'Years and Years' as in the band and I jumped out my seat and fangirled big time, earning the attention of all the other groups...but I didn't care I was too happy and had plenty of drink in me! (I don't think many teams got the modern band so to rub it in, I played the song on my phone and waved it in the air, me and my sister dancing)

We ended up coming joint fourth which was better than expected!

(And to be honest, we spent more time chatting to each other than listening to the questions being asked!)


Finally we were departed again, but I wasn't finished for the night. I immediately switched on the TV for the countdown and guess what? Years and Years were playing live on the Graham Norton show. I squealed, nearly making poor little sis jump...she was dozing off.


The countdown began. I frantically pulled out my phone to write down Happy New Year to 15 people in a group chat and waited for zero. Then I pressed sent. Now I was told the text would probably not go through because everyone will be texting. My text was sent in just under 20 seconds! I was so pleased! I got all my replies in the next half an hour! Again, poor little sis was awoken to my cheering for the New Year!


We had to leave the next day, so we packed all of our things and were pretty much ready. Mum and Stepdad had given me and my sister matching heart necklaces from Warren James to thank us for being bridesmaids and we both wore them together on the way out. After another huge breakfast we were ready to go...back home...back to normal life...but back to a new year!


I dunno what I plan to do for this year, but I know I will have no regrets!

Happy New Year guys! Love you all! xxxx

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