My Life

Wanna follow the life of the Super Duper Uber Otaku/Yandere/Weeaboo you may know as Lozzie-san? Well you're in luck, for I am going to take you through my everyday life. Celebrating 100 followers, I'm gonna start writing a blog about my (hopefully) daily life. It may not be exciting, but it is always an adventure ;-P


14. April 10th (Top 10 Pokemon)

Ok guys as I have nothing better to do with my life right now, I'm gonna do my Top 10 favourite Pokemon.

Please enjoy and if you wanna tell me yours, let me know in the comments! I would love to find out! ^~^


I am not going to bother commenting on each and every one of these Pokemon because that'll take forever and I'll probably end up saying the save thing over and over. These Pokemon were picked out because of either their design, decent stats or types, or all three for that matter on some of them! 


10. Chandelure

9. Lopunny


8. Purugly


7. Gengar


6. Gothitelle 


5. Empoleon


4. Gardevoir


3. Zoroark


2. Milotic


1. Lucario


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