Boy with out a name

Their was boy who showed up at school one day...he never talked because he has no words to say and then one day he left with out a good bye only a name to fill in the blank in every ones mind....who was this boy? No one really knows....will he ever come back? No one knows that either....their was just a boy with out a name


11. Welcome Home

Rin's pov:

It's been 4 years on earth since the last time I spoke to Len. At least it felt like 4 years to me. I looked down at my hand sand sighed. "Rin cheer up! Did you hear the news! Len is coming home soon!" I looked up at Katio and Miku. "Len is coming home soon really?" My  eyes light up with joy. 'Len is coming home!' I thought to myself with a smile. Then I looked around noticing  that people where running around looking excited. "What's going on?" Katio asked someone. "A fallen angel has gotten his wings! He's a guardian angel now!" the gates opened and the music played. I held my breath waiting to see who it was.

Len's pov:

I opened my eyes up to see that I was back. I smiled a bit and then cried a bit as I remembered all my friends I had to leave behind. I looked out the window out into the distance. Some one came from behind me "Cheer up boy you will see your sister and friends very soon."

One of the guardian angels looked at me with a smile. I forced a smile back and then the lights went of and the music started play. I took out my wings to show the angels that I was a new born guardian angel. One angel told me to smile so I faked one for a while. The gates opened and I walked through. All eyes where on me now. "Len!" My friends cheered and clapped for me making me smile for real now. I smiled and waved back and then my eyes locked on my sisters and my smile grew bigger. We held eyes for a long time until finally she ran up to me with tears in her eyes and she hugged me. "Welcome home little brother." she said in a happy teasing voice. I hugged back for a while and then two of us walked to our favorite tree and we sat their just like old times singing songs of the happy days. As I sat at the tree I let my mind wonder off as I dreamed of the day that my path would cross Abby's and Kayla's paths again.


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