Boy with out a name

Their was boy who showed up at school one day...he never talked because he has no words to say and then one day he left with out a good bye only a name to fill in the blank in every ones mind....who was this boy? No one really knows....will he ever come back? No one knows that either....their was just a boy with out a name


8. School shooting

Kayla's pov:

When I pulled his hood back I was so shocked to see that he was really cute! He was tall with blond hair and bright ice cold blue eyes. I found my self drawn to him for what ever reason. "What are you looking at?" he sounded irritated. I broke my gaze and ate. "Nothing...." The boy sighed and looked away. One thing I noticed was that he never ounce made eye contact with me or Abby. Abby noticed he looked upset so she sat by him and took his hand in hers. I saw him get stiff as he made eye contact with her for the first time. We both could see now that he was crying now. "Now what's the matter?" Just stayed silent now. The bell rang and we all went to class now. The boy wiped his face. Everything was gong as usual their was an announcement on the speaker .
We are having a school shooting! This is not a drill." The teacher got up and turned off the lights putting us all in a corner. The door shook and their where voices.

Finally the door slammed open and all we heard was the teacher crying followed by a gun shot. I started t think this is it. Then they left and the boy stood up. I looked at him and tried to sit him back down along with a few other children. "What are you doing?!" Abby tried to stop him. He just looked back at us . "My name is Len. I know what I have to do. I have to say good bye now....." He said barley above a whisper. Then with out warning he kissed Abby and left. Right before he left he whispered in her ear. "I love you..." Then having said his last words he got up and disappeared form the class room.

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