Boy with out a name

Their was boy who showed up at school one day...he never talked because he has no words to say and then one day he left with out a good bye only a name to fill in the blank in every ones mind....who was this boy? No one really knows....will he ever come back? No one knows that either....their was just a boy with out a name


2. No words

Boy's pov:

'Why is she talking to me?' "My names Abby." 'Abby that's a really pretty name.' "What's yours?" 'My name? No one's ever asked me that before. I don't have a name.' I sighed and got up to sharpen my pencil. Abby got up and followed me to the pencil sharpener. "Where are you from?" 'I wish I could talk to you but I don't know how  to!' Braking eye contact with her I looked away.

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