Boy with out a name

Their was boy who showed up at school one day...he never talked because he has no words to say and then one day he left with out a good bye only a name to fill in the blank in every ones mind....who was this boy? No one really knows....will he ever come back? No one knows that either....their was just a boy with out a name


4. Her name is Rin

Rin's pov:

                I walked into my class room. I scanned the room just looking to see my new classmates. Then my eyes landed on a familiar face. I smiled and waved at him. He didn't see me right away I walked over to him. How ever someone cut into my path before I could reach him.
"Hi I'm Abby and this is Kayla." A girl with long brown hair pigtails smiled at me. The girl next to her was taller with log straight red hair.

"Um hi their my names Rin. I just moved here." The girl named Abby seemed interested in this. "Where are you from?" I stopped to think this through. "Japan. I'm from Japan." I said keeping my cool. I'm not going to lie I had no idea Japan was real I just looked at some boys book. The whole time however I just kept glancing over at that one face I knew in the crowd. Just hoping that it was right and I knew him. Kayla seemed to notice this and turned toward her friend Abby. "I think their is someone she is trying to talk." Abby looked at me well I was looking at him again. She nodded and smiled at me. "I'll let you go talk to him see you later!" She walked away with Kayla and I ran  Lover to him.

Kayla's pov:

I watched as Rin ran over to him. "Do you think she knows him?" I asked Abby. "I don't know maybe their old friends." I decided to agree with her. "Yeah....maybe your right...." Leaving it at that I went back to my desk. "I wonder who hides under that hood all the time." Abby said to me with a curious smile. "Yeah me to...."

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