Boy with out a name

Their was boy who showed up at school one day...he never talked because he has no words to say and then one day he left with out a good bye only a name to fill in the blank in every ones mind....who was this boy? No one really knows....will he ever come back? No one knows that either....their was just a boy with out a name


3. Alone

Kayla's pov:

Looking up from my book I could see Abby the new girl talking to someone. At first I just ignored it and then when I looked again I saw it was mystery boy. He opened his mouth and my heart speed up. I've never heard him talk ounce. I got up from my seat I was and walked over pretending I need to sharpen my pencil. "Hey Kayla!" Abby called out to me. The boy jumped a bit. "Oh.....Hey Abby who's your new friend?" I gestured toward mystery boy. "I don't know his name yet" I nodded and turned to him. "So what's your name?" To my shock he mumbled something as he walked back to his desk. I looked back to Abby who smiled at me. "We cracked him!" I said pumping my fist in the air.

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