She just came back from summer vacation. She's a normal teenage girl. Two best friends, good grades. Then she sees him, walking the hallways of their school. His brown hair, gelled back, brown woolen vest, black tie, and a white shirt. His glasses placed low on his nose. She watched him push them back, closer to his emerald green eyes. What was it about him? He really outdid the geek stereotype. Or maybe that's just a judgement you would make, if you only knew how he looks and acts. Because what if it just is an act? What if he wasn't a geek the geek you thought he were?


9. What to wear?

Harry went home at 4, because he had some things to do before our date. He had to prepare. I feel like a small child getting up on Christmas morning. Very curious, but also excited. After he left, I rushed upstairs to get ready. Now I had a dilemma. What was I going to wear? Casual? Formal? Sporty? I have no idea in the world.

As I was sitting on my bed, pondering about my outfit, my phone made a pling sound. It was Harry. I swiped to unlock and saw that he texted me. It said as following:

"wear casual"

It was as if he'd read my mind from wherever he was at the moment. But still, I was grateful. Rummaging through my messy closet, I finally decided on a pair of worn black Vans, an acid washed grey skater skirt, a loose white crop top that read 'JUMP HIGH' and a flannel around my waist, for if I get cold in the evening.

I curled my hair in big chunks, tousled it a bit, and decided, that it was cool the way it is. 

The doorbell rang.

I took one last look in the mirror, and gave myself a thumbs up of approval. I'm weird that way. Before running down the stairs, I grabbed all of the things that I needed for the evening: my phone, wallet, keys, and a small denim bag. I arrived at the door and peeked out of the small hole.

Harry was wearing denim jeans, a white t-shirt, and a casual blazer jacket. His hair was up in a quiff, curls surrounding his scalp. 

I opened the door. 


He took one long look at me. "Wow."

"Wow, what? This is basically casual," I asked, slightly blushing at the comment.

"Yeah, well, never have I seen anyone carry out 'casual' in such a sexy way." He winked. I nearly died.

"Thank you." I replied. "You look really good, too!"

"Oh this old thing?" He said sarcastically. "Well, thank you, mi lady." 

I laughed and stepped outside.

"So where are we going?"

"Well, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, now would it?" He looked down at me and smiled. He saw my face; the famous puppy dog trick that works perfectly on him. "Okay, I can give you a hint," He gave in, and I gave myself a small applause in my head. "It's a place to get something to eat. And then, it's a place that's special to me."

I felt myself melt inside. He was bringing me somewhere that's special to him, for our first date? 

"Okay, I'll take it." 

We got in his car, and had driven for about 10 minutes when we drove past a subway. He suddenly pulled over and parked the car.

"What are we doing?" I asked, very confused.

"What does it look like?" He asked, mildly. "Getting subway,"

"Wait, really?" He must have remembered. 

I talk all the time. So obviously, I must have mentioned my love for subway by now. He must have heard. When I realized this, it felt as if a million fireworks had exploded inside me. I was special to him.

I ordered my usual. He ordered his usual. We both got soda's, sprite for me, coke for him, 2 chocolate chip cookies for me, a packet of cheeseD for him, and a bottle of water. It was perfect.

We brought it with us into the car, and Harry started driving again. This time, we arrived at a park. It was empty, but full of tall trees. Benches were placed all around, the grass was a dark green, but it was not wilted. 

I stepped out of the car, onto the dark pavement. Harry stepped out with me, and we made our way to the gate. He led me through some trees, and we came to an opening where you could see the dark, glistening sky. Trees surrounded us. In the middle was a small air mattress, covered in a couple of throw pillows, and beside it was a tablecloth, laid out over the luscious green grass. I gasped, and turned to look at Harry. He was already watching me, patiently waiting for my response. He smiled.

"It's amazing! I love it!" I exclaimed, overwhelmed with feelings.

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