She just came back from summer vacation. She's a normal teenage girl. Two best friends, good grades. Then she sees him, walking the hallways of their school. His brown hair, gelled back, brown woolen vest, black tie, and a white shirt. His glasses placed low on his nose. She watched him push them back, closer to his emerald green eyes. What was it about him? He really outdid the geek stereotype. Or maybe that's just a judgement you would make, if you only knew how he looks and acts. Because what if it just is an act? What if he wasn't a geek the geek you thought he were?


13. Problems in Paradise


What was happening?

Suddenly, I became very dizzy, and the cars in the parking lot started turning upside down. My whole world was going in and out of focus. I didn't understand. What was happening? Of course, I understood the woman's words, but it didn't make sense. My mom? 

I needed to go. I started running across the parking lot because of course, I had forgotten that I didn't drive here in my own car. I got my phone out of my pocket and texted Laila to come outside into the hallway. 'Just make up an excuse' is what I said. I ran back into the hallway and looked into the classroom. I see Laila run as fast as she can down the hallway with her bag bumping against her back. She finally makes it out into the parking lot.

"What is it?"

"I need your car keys," I say fast, but nothing more. She looks at me in a way that says 'why?'. "Because my mom is in the hospital and I came here in your car and I need to go there."

Laila looks surprised and horrified but of course rushed to get her keys out. As she hands them to me she says "You know Mrs. Thomas is super pissed at you, right?" 

"Yeah, I kinda figured," I say knowingly. I indicate towards the keys by swinging my hand and bringing my hand a few centimeters upwards while saying "Thanks."

"Of course. I hope your mom gets better." She says sadly. I nod to say 'thanks' and turn the other way, running down the hallway yet again. 

The drive to the hospital was filled with nervous energy. I was so worried about my mom that I almost ran a red light. My head was still spinning, but I was still able to drive somewhat safely, anyways. 

I parked her car down in the basement parking and was taking small steps around the elevator as I waited for it to transport me to the right floor. I got to the reception, and the woman behind the desk looks at me sweetly. "What can I help you with today?"

I rush my words. "My mom was in a car accident, her name is Maria Williams..." I ramble. My hands are shaking. In fact, it's not only my hands. My whole body is shaking.

"Okay, okay, calm down. I've found her here," She says calmly, indicating to her computer. "Yes, she is in room 204. I believe that a doctor qualified to tell you some more information is currently in the room, so if you hurry, you might catch him before he leaves."

"Okay, thank you so much!" I say politely, a way to apologize for my unprofessional behavior a few seconds earlier.

I run towards the elevator so that I am able to catch that doctor so I can learn more information about my mother's condition. When I get out of the elevator I start running, slowing to a quick walk when someone who looks important walks by. I turn a corner, where the closest door says 210, and a few doors down, a doctor exits a room, closing the door quietly behind him. When I get closer, I see that he came out of 204, so I take my chance and run down to get a chance to talk to him.

"Uhm, excuse me, sir? Sir?" I shout loudly. The doctor turns around to face me. "That's my mother in there," I say pointing at the room he just left. "I was wondering if you could tell me what happened to her...?"

The doctor looks at me for a few seconds. I was probably very red in the face, and I knew I was out of breath, panting like crazy. "Well, your mother's condition is very critical. She was driving the car and drove a red light. Another car was coming from her left and crashed right into her side. Right now, she's in a coma. Her heartbeat is very slow, and she could either wake which would mean her heartbeats would increase, or her heart could stop functioning altogether and she would die. I am so sorry." He says, with little meaning.

"Can I see her?" I ask, choking back tears.

"Yes, definitely. Sometimes, when someone is in a coma they can still hear, and hearing a loved one's voice could maybe bring her back, give her some will to continue fighting. She is unconscious at the moment, so don't expect her to wake up just at the moment." The monotonous doctor looked me in my eyes and gestured insignificantly to the door. "Go ahead."

I turned the clean silver handle. My heart was beating, my pulse in rapid speeds. My breath was caught in my throat. The door slid open, revealing a blinding white room, with light flowing in through floor-to-ceiling windows, a small sink, a modest television mounted to the wall opposite from a large hospital bed, with blue linen sheets, two fluffy pillows and - my mom. There she lay, quiet as ever. She was pale, eyes closed, with an empty expression on her face. The sheets were pulled up to just below her neck. Tears started to form in the crooks of my eyes. I could not bear to look at her. Lying there, lifeless.

I closed the door behind me. Walking towards her, I could not form any words for how I felt. It all felt so unrealistic, so unlikely. Why her? Why not anyone else? Why. Her. As I reach her comatose body, I notice all of the machines and needles plugged into her. She never likes needles. In the background, I hear the steady beeping of her pulse on the heart monitor. I bring my hand to her forehead. Cold. I brush away a stray lock of dark hair, that was covering her face.

"Mom. It's me. I'm so sorry, Mom." Tears are swelling up in my eyes. I blink, trying to stop it, but that just causes a tear to roll down my cheeks. 


I couldn't. This was too much. I turned to leave, to flee out of the room that was shrinking with every second. My feet were walking briskly, but as my hand was on the door, I stopped and turned around. She was still there, peaceful and not about to wake up anytime soon. I spun around and left. That is, until I heard the steady beeping stop. That is, until the steady beeping became one, long, drawn-out sound. A sound of horror. 

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