She just came back from summer vacation. She's a normal teenage girl. Two best friends, good grades. Then she sees him, walking the hallways of their school. His brown hair, gelled back, brown woolen vest, black tie, and a white shirt. His glasses placed low on his nose. She watched him push them back, closer to his emerald green eyes. What was it about him? He really outdid the geek stereotype. Or maybe that's just a judgement you would make, if you only knew how he looks and acts. Because what if it just is an act? What if he wasn't a geek the geek you thought he were?


6. Where Is the Brown-haired Boy Taking me?

We made our way inside and crept along the wall to where Laila and Mia were standing in a corner. I didn't want to tell them right away. As I approached them, I heard them talking to some other girls in our class

“Isn’t he hot?” I could hear the other girls say. Laila and Mia just nodded furiously. Well this isn’t awkward at all, hearing them talk about my date being hot.

“Hey girls!” I exclaimed trying to ignore, well, what I just heard. They turned around and saw me, then they both lightly blushed.

“HI!” Laila shouted back.

“Do you want to go eat something? I need a snack.” I asked. She replied with a ‘yeah’ before I turned to look at Mia. To my displeasure, she was just standing there, staring at Harry. Dude, I’m right here! I wanted to yell at her, but I calmed myself and grabbed Mia's arm, dragging her and Laila with me.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming. Where are we going?”

“To the snack table!” I exclaimed, happily. I love my food. But… so does Mia.

“YAY!” she shouted.

We ate some food, and drank some punch, until I spotted Harry coming towards me. I stopped eating, chewing the last bit of food, before making my way towards him, through the crowd. It was then I noticed he came from the front of the room, where the DJ was, and a slow song was just starting. He was finally standing in front of me, right where I wanted him.

“Hey,” his slow, deep voice was ringing in my ear.

“Hi,” I smiled.

“Can I have this dance?” he asked.

“Yeah.” He pulled me out to the dance floor, in a small space. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him, while I placed my hands in his hair, playing with his curls. He looked me straight in the eyes. We swayed side to side, to the rhythm of the music. When I noticed he was leaning in, or well down, I got up on my tippy toes and kissed him. I heard gasp coming from around the hall. I smiled a little and I could feel him smile too, against my lips. We finally pulled away, and I smiled at him.

"You know, you are quite a good kisser." I admitted.

He chuckled. "Thanks. So are you"

"Am I really though?"

"Yeah". I looked around the room to notice a few people till looking, but most of them seemed to be caught up in their own conversations now.

"Let's get out of here," Harry whispered in my ear. "I have a surprise for you."

"Wh-what?" I asked, confused. "Wait, then I have to tell Laila and Mia! Be right back, okay?" And with that I took off to find them. They were around the same place as last time, so it was easy to find them.

Once I reached them, I pulled them a little away from the others.

"Look, I'm gonna go, okay?"

"Wait," Laila said. "Are you going with Harry?" I nodded.

"Then how are we gonna get home?"

"Uhm... I think that if we take his car right now, the one that he came in, then the limo will still be here for you. I'll tell him to keep the limo for you guys." I explained. "So am I allowed to go?"

"What are we, your parent's?" Mia laughed. "Of course you can! We'll be fine!! Have fun!" She exclaimed.

"I will, mom" I laughed.

"Oh, and use protection!" She shouted after me.

I turned around and put my finger to my lips.

"Sshhh!" I hissed. "Your embarrassing me!"

"Jesus, okay just go! Don't want to keep Harry waiting, now go!" She exclaimed.

I turned and walked away.

"Have fun, my child!"

I laughed loudly and walked away. I got into the passenger seat of Harry's car. He turned the car on and started driving away from school.

"So where are we going?" I ask. 

He shakes his head. "Can't tell you. It's a surprise."

I groan. "How far away is it?"

"Only about ten minutes."

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