She just came back from summer vacation. She's a normal teenage girl. Two best friends, good grades. Then she sees him, walking the hallways of their school. His brown hair, gelled back, brown woolen vest, black tie, and a white shirt. His glasses placed low on his nose. She watched him push them back, closer to his emerald green eyes. What was it about him? He really outdid the geek stereotype. Or maybe that's just a judgement you would make, if you only knew how he looks and acts. Because what if it just is an act? What if he wasn't a geek the geek you thought he were?


1. The Brown-haired Boy With the Glasses

I  approached school, ready for a new year. Stopping for a minute, I took a deep breath to realize that summer has now ended. Ugh. My freedom just seemed endless at the time, but obviously I had to go back to school at some point. For the summer I went to Sweden, for the first half of it, since my dad is from there and the rest of the time we spent in Greece, because my mom is from there. I got to see my family, so it was nice. I took a step forward, and then continued to walk in. I spotted some of my friends, talking, while leaning up against a window. Opening the heavy front doors, I made my way inside, to see a long and narrow hall. This was where my locker was. I made my way over to it, through the students that were chatting away about their summer vacations. 

 "Demi!!" Someone called my name from behind me, when I was just about to open my locker. It was my best friend, Christina. She had long blonde hair, and grey eyes with a hint of green in them. She was tall, with a slim figure, and she had just turned 17, so, she was a few months older than me. 

 "Hey girl, I haven't seen you in so long!" I exclaimed excitedly, while hugging her tightly. "How was your summer?" She had gone to Hawaii during the summer, and apparently had a fling with some random dude.

"It's been so great! I mean, who knew flings could be so fun?!" She replied with a little laughter in her voice. I shook my head and said "I wouldn't know, I've never had one" and with that, we were off to drama, where we were joined by our other best friend, Kimberley (or Kim for short)

Kim was short and half Indonesian, half British. She had dark brown hair with blonde highlights. Her eyes were brown, almost black. She had a round face, with adorable chubby cheeks but she hated them. She had some small freckles, too.

The rest of the school day was pretty boring, we got new text books and notebooks, met the new people in our class, and just talked about our summer. 

I got home from school, and plopped down on my bed as soon as I came into my room. We didn't have much homework since it was the first day of school, so I just relaxed, and finished the bit of homework, that I was assigned. Then grabbed some quick dinner, as i was not too hungry and just watched a movie, until I fell asleep.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing. Ugh, I just do not wanna get up. But somehow I managed to pull myself out of bed, and out to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Pulling out some clothes, I groaned internally. Mornings are the worst! Absolutely hate it! As you can see, I'm not a morning person. I went downstairs and found my dad sitting at the kitchen table

"Morning, sweetie" He said, his voice groggy. 

"Morning, dad." I replied before grabbing an apple and heading out the door. I jumped into my black mercedes benz, a present that I got from my dad, when I got my drivers license. I have to admit, I'm not extremely rich, but it's not like I'm poor either. My dad's got a pretty good job. Well, I turned on the radio and drove off to school. It was about a 15 minute ride, so it wasn't very far. I opened the car door, and stepped outside into the warm air. The end-of-summer breeze washed over me, as I began making my to my locker. I noticed someone, who I hadn't seen before. He looked lost and confused, probably new. He had hazel colored hair, that was slicked back, and bright green eyes, that made you want to stare at them all day long. He was tall, too and wore big round glasses. I just stood there, staring at him, until I saw his eyes turn in my direction. I flinched, and turned away, hoping he hadn't noticed me staring at him. I don't know, he wasn't too attractive, but there was something about him... 

I walked towards my next class, English. Kim, and Christina were in that class too, so, that was good. I stepped into the room, and took a seat at the very back row. Kim and Christina walked into the room and looked around. Their eyes caught mine, and they started walking towards me. Christina sat down on my right, and Kim sat down on my left. We started talking about yesterdays physics homework until the teacher cleared her throat very loudly. 

"Hello everyone. I am mrs. McGarry and I will be your english teacher. This year we will be working with a Shakespear play," she paused and picked up a textbook, from the pile on her desk. Then she continued "called A Midsummer Nights Dream. Would everyone please come get a textbook when i say their n-" She was cut off by a sound of light knocking on the door. She opened it, and in the doorway stood the guy, I had seen earlier in the hallway. 

"You must be Harry, our new student!" Mrs. McGarry said, and he nodded. He wore a white collared shirt, with a dark brown tie and a brow woolen sweater vest over it. He was wearing some black pants with. He was standing up straight, holding a couple of notebooks in his hand and a white and black backpack on his shoulders. 

"Well come on in then. Why dont you take a seat in the second row to the back," Harry started walking towards me, "Yes, the empty desk right there, in front of Dimitra". Dimitra was my whole name, Demi was just a nick name. "O-okay," Harry stuttered. He sat down in the seat right in front of me, while mrs. McGarry started reading our names aloud. 

"Dimitra Fulke!" I heard my name being called from up front and stood up to get my book. Once everyone had gotten their book, the teacher told us to find a partner and work on activity 2 in the text book. I looked to my left, to see Kim had partnered up with Christina. So I was left with no partner. I didn't really have any other friends in this class, so  I looked up straight to see that Harry was just sitting there, quietly. I tapped his shoulders lightly. Whoa... those were some really strong shoulders. I looked down on his arms to see his biceps, which were clear through the shirt. Wow, he must work out. He turned around and looked into my eyes, putting a smile on his face. 

"Yes?" he muttered shyly, a little squeakiness in his voice. 

"Do you have a partner?" I asked him and he shook his head. "Well do you want to be partners then, I dont have one either?" He nodded. Thank god. 

He turned around, and was now fully facing me.

"So says here that we should try and guess what the play is about. Do you know what it's about?" I ask Harry.

He nodded. "Yeah, last year in my old school, we studied this play too."

"Oh cool, well then you will have an advantage. So, what's it about?"

"You guess first, I can't just tell you."

"Okay..." I muttered. "It's about someone who falls asleep in summer and dreams about something crazy...?" I ponder questioningly.

"Not exactly," Harry tells me. "It's basically and live square, kind of thing. And then there's this play, and there's just some really crazy stuff going on in it. It's really complicated." He informs, sounding really chill.

"Ah," I say. "Well, that's activity 2, a. Now onto activity 2, b."

"Yeah. It says write down your final answer about what you discussed in activity 2, a."

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