She just came back from summer vacation. She's a normal teenage girl. Two best friends, good grades. Then she sees him, walking the hallways of their school. His brown hair, gelled back, brown woolen vest, black tie, and a white shirt. His glasses placed low on his nose. She watched him push them back, closer to his emerald green eyes. What was it about him? He really outdid the geek stereotype. Or maybe that's just a judgement you would make, if you only knew how he looks and acts. Because what if it just is an act? What if he wasn't a geek the geek you thought he were?


11. Caught in the Moment

His head snapped towards me, a fearful look in his eyes. His was a whisper, but a firm one. "What?"

I began to panic. I knew it, it was way too early. I made a huge mistake. 

"I mean, yeah, I guess I do but I might not, I was maybe just caught in the mo-moment, but not fully, n-not yet! I-I-..."

I stopped talking, realizing that this rambling was getting me nowhere. I quieted down, gazing at Harry to see if he was showing any emotions I would be able to decipher. His face was scrunched up, his nose scrunched up in such a cute way. I knew instantly that i had ruined it. And it hurt.

"Uhm... I-I have to - ... I have to go." And with that, he got up, and left me in the middle of a dark forest, lit up only by the stars and the oil lit lamp, he had brought. He left me. 

Sitting there for up to five whole minutes, my mind was empty except for the ponder of thoughts that he did not love me. I know i was way too quick, but I was only just caught up in the moment. But was I really just caught up in the moment? Or is that something I just said so I wouldn't seem so crazy? I realized, I did love him. Truly. And just because he reacted this way and that he doesn't love me does not change that. Of course it hurt me a lot, my heart shattered into a million pieces, but I still feel the same way about him. 

I looked around carefully, suddenly afraid of the darkness that lies beyond the reach of the oil-based lamp. I started to gather all of the things, and then realized that he obviously took his car, so I was stuck here all alone.

I pulled out my phone calling Mia. The ringing goes on for ages, so I exit the call, and press the button for Laila. She answers.


"Hey, it's Lydia. So I need you to pick me up..." I drift off.

"Okay. Where?" She asks, a slightly worried tone in her voice.

"The road right off the east end of the forrest, please." I hear a sound far off in the distance, further into the woods and become slightly panicked. 

"Coming. I'll be there in 10 minutes, okay? Just wait there."

That's what I love about my friends. If it's an emergency, they can tell, and they won't ask questions. 

The cold wind was blowing hard at me, and I started freezing, pulling my thin flannel tighter around me. When Laila finally comes, I cannot feel my hands, and my lips look slightly blue around the edges.

"What happened to you?! Get in, I'll warm up the seats for you, and then you better tell me what the hell that heinous boy did to you!"

As I open the car door, I protest. "It's not his fault, its completely my own! Don't take it out on him!"

We start driving. "Then why did he leave you all alone out in the middle of a FORREST freezing your own balls off? Huh?" I look at her confused, but of course I know what she means. She sees me and rolls her eyes. "You know what I mean."

I look out of the window, and reply. "I just really don't want to talk about it. Don't worry nothing happened, he just had to go somewhere." I had to lie. I was tired of explaining. 

Laila looks at me unconvinced, but says no more. We drive the rest of the way home in silence. 

When we arrive at my house, she parks the car on the side. She turns to me. 

"Are you sure that you are okay?" She asks, worryingly.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I reply flatly.

"Want me to walk you in? Or I could just stay over if you would like? My parents won't mind."

"Yeah. I'd love that." I really needed someone right now. Not to talk to, just someone to be there. To be present. To know I have someone I can always depend on.

We walked up the long driveway, passing the overgrown weeds and tabby bushes. The trees on either side of the street were either completely dark or lit up only by a small light in a corner room, probably a teenager staying up late.

Laila breaks the silence by saying: "Will your parents be okay with me staying here tonight on a school night?"

"They won't even notice that you are here," I say sadly. "Both of them are away right now."

She understands that my parents are always away and doesn't say more about the matter. "I'm just gonna call my mom to make sure she knows that I'm safe."

"Yeah of course!" I say, just to say something before we make it in the front door.

Up in my room, Laila gets comfy in the bed, while I drew myself a warm bath, to heat up my body and (I kept this for myself) to think about the events that unfolded only a few hours ago. Sitting in the hot water, I ponder about some things, definitely overthinking the whole situation. I kept seeing his face in my mind, the way he looked worried, fearful, scared of the commitment I was pushing. I kept trying to convince myself that, yes, I was caught in the moment and that was the only reason I said what I said. But of course, deep down, I knew in my heart I do of course love him. And it would be such a waste to try to convince myself otherwise.

When I had decided that I had pondered enough for the day (a.k.a. When my fingers started getting wrinkly) I stepped out of the bath and dried off, leaving my hair to air dry overnight.

I crawl into bed, next to Laila who is already fast asleep, and nestle myself deeply between the cold sheets. After a few boring, sad minutes I finally fall into a deep sleep.


"I think I might even be falling in love with you." I finish. His head snapped towards me, a hateful look in his eyes.

"I knew it. From the moment I lost the glasses and the hair gel you would start getting clingy, start acting like I was yours, like you owned me. Well, I'm not a dog. You can't boss me around. I am my own personal being and I don't need you."

I looked at him, stared deeply into those beautiful green eyes, confused as to what had just happened. "W-what?" I sat quietly, my voice barely above a whisper.

"You heard me," Harry says coldly. "You are moving way too fast, and this is just too quick a pace, even for me. We're over." Harry jumped up, suddenly furious and irritated, and barged away from our little corner of the world. A few second after he disappeared out of sight, I heard a car door open, then slam, and a car engine start, driving away.

I was all alone. Alone in a special corner of the world without the gelled back brown-haired boy with the glasses and brown woolen vests.


I woke with a start. My breathing was very heavy and my heart was pounding at what felt like 50 beats a second. I could feel cold sweat dripping down my temples, my whole face moist. From the mirror across the room, I could only just make out my bloodshot eyes, the birds nest that lay atop of my head I call my hair and the sleeping beauty lying right next to me.


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