A whole new world

There is some swearing in this so beware

Lola's life was perfect until she gets a phone call off her boyfriend reece. Does her world brighten up or come crashing down!!


4. The set up

Hope you guys like it so far tell me what you think

Nikita x


Lolas P.O.V

Hey cole!! - lola

Hey lol how's lover boy- nicole

Seriously why won't she leave me alone about luke I know i like him but i know he doesn't feel the same way so ill just play it cool and pretend I don't know what she's talking about

Well first of all who is lover boy? - lola

Ohh here he comes ..... Hey luke - nicole

OMG!! Theres luke he's so hot act normal

Hey nicole hey lol - luke

I was thinking we could have a movie night at lols because her dads not in - nicole

OMG!! I hope he says yes so i get to spend more time with him

Sounds good cole but what time we all meeting at mine - lola

Umm right after school - nicole

Yea sounds good- luke

Luke is actually coming to my house I can't believe it

The bell rang we should go to class- lola

********************after school *********************

I will update soon I don't know where it is going but I hope you like it

Nikita xx


This section is RED

Nicoles P.O.V

Hey guys i have to go mum needs me at home - nicole

Aww ok but text me when you get home to make sure your safe - lola

Yea sure - nicole

Bye - luke and lola

Lolas P.O.V

Lola walked out the door. Luke got up and sat next to me

Do you really want to watch this? - lola

No - luke

He started killing me it was like heaven i started to pull at his lip ring and he started to moan.

We ended upstairs in my room I handed him a condom

Put it on - lola

Wait a second- luke

He had it on and crawled on top of me i felt him inside me it hurt at the start but it became pleasurable.

We lay in the bed getting some sleep after that.

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