A whole new world

There is some swearing in this so beware

Lola's life was perfect until she gets a phone call off her boyfriend reece. Does her world brighten up or come crashing down!!


3. Nicole flips

Lola's P.O.V

We were sitting in class and all I could think about is Luke and Reece, until i saw someone wave at my face

Hey what's on your mind? - nicole

Just that Reece broke up with me yesterday- me

Opps did i just say that cole will go mad with reece awk well mabey its for the best.

WHAT!! - Nicole

Yea like it's no big deal I now know he's not the one - i says trying to hold back tears

Yea well I don't care I'm going to bitch slap him when i see him and he better be prepared for it because it's going to hurt like a bitch - nicole

Hey girls - luke

Did u know that lol's bf broke up with her? - Nicole

Yea that's how we met i saw her crying outside the bathroom so I went over to see if she was alright and thats when she told me about greece - luke

Nice nickname for him - nicole says

We were walking down the hall and there was Reece with his gang of boys. The next minute you just heard a loud slap. It was cole she slapped reece OMG!! I can't believe it.


Nicole's P.O.V

I went to lol's house after school she seemed a bit weird.

Hey lol what's wrong you seem very distant - i hope shes not going to be depressed over that little shit

Umm... Well... I just can't stop thinking of luke he just seems so perfect- lola

Aww lol loves luke thank god you moving on from that ass reece. So I'm going to set you and luke up!! - omg i love setting people up and i think they would be perfect for each other too.

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