A whole new world

There is some swearing in this so beware

Lola's life was perfect until she gets a phone call off her boyfriend reece. Does her world brighten up or come crashing down!!


6. meeting Luke's band

Lolas P.O.V

So im meeting lukes band members now i can wait to hear them

I saw three boys two standing and one sitting on a stool

Lola this is Michael calum and ashton - luke

Michael seems really awsome i love his vibrant red hair. I love calums tats and ashtons bandana

Hey lola*wink*- calum

Hey cal-lola

Aww you have a nickname for me already- calum

Actually i have a nickname for all of you -lola

Yea what are they?- Michael

Mikey cal ash and penguin- lola

Michael has to tbh the other one is mikerowave- lola

Right guys shut up till we practice- luke

They started sing and playing there instruments it was beautiful

"Runaways we're the long lost children running to the edge of the world everybody wants to throw us away broken boy meets broken girl you said you tried it all before and it only makes it worse oh but this time maybe this time two wrongs make a right "

*end of song*

Omg guys your amazing- lola

Thanks- all the boys says

Ashton and nicole have really hit it off she is sitting on top of him sucking his face off. But i kind of like luke cal and mike its so hard to choose i like all of them.

Hey lol you doing anything tomorrow- calum

Nope- lola

You wanna go to the beach- calum

Yea sure sounds amazing- lola

Lol your clothes are amazing- Michael

Thanks i love yours too- lola

You doing anything on Saturday- Michael

Nope- lola

Well do you wanna go clubbing- Michael

Yea haven't went out in a while - lola

Awsome- Michael

***********end of day******


Hey guys ill try and update as much as possible because i have exams at the minute. Hope you are enjoying the book so far please let me know what you think

Nikita xx

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