A whole new world

There is some swearing in this so beware

Lola's life was perfect until she gets a phone call off her boyfriend reece. Does her world brighten up or come crashing down!!


2. Luke

Lola P.O.V

I did my normal routine wash my face etc. Only when I was walking to school I heard a horn. I looked around

It was luke in a lambo

Nice ride - I says impressed

Thanks you want a ride to school? - luke says smiling

Yea sure why not- i says getting in his car, it was so cool it was spotless not one piece of dirt to be seen i was amazed.

how are you doing now since you boyfriend dumped you - luke

I suppose I'm alright - lola

I looked over at luke he was so focused on the road. I never noticed yesterday how gorgeous he was, ocean blue eyes, nice pink lips and his beautiful blonde hair.

Wait a minute am I falling for luke hemmings.


We walked in school,

Hey lol - nicole (my bff)(by the way my nickname is lol)

Heyy cole - i says so enthusiastic

Hey lol who's this - she says raising a eyebrow

Ohh.. Luke this is nicole.... Nicole this is luke... - I introduced them and nicole was smiling at me.

Hello nicole so are you and lola best friends? - luke says very curious

Yea we have been best friends for as far as we can remember, she is like a sister to me - nicole

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