The Unexpected YOU

Time won't be wrong for love to come along.


6. With You Now Forever

Six months gone and time stood still, I had him on my mind. I wish he would be here by now. It’s an ordinary day but taking myself for waiting still.


Here we are on a shopping mall. I am with Lira and she was so obsessed looking for a new clothes. We visited fashion stores and she bought some. As for me, I just wanted to relax for now. I was exhausted but this girl got enough and she was still looking alive while I feel exhausted by this time.


At the end of the day, we walked around the green view park. As I looked around, I was remembering the past. I insisted Lira to stay and relax here for the moment. Day by day, before the sun go down, I was always here. Loneliness found me and I don’t want to stay like that. This place will cast off any burden I’m feeling inside.

“You were always here. I guess something’s special about this place. Are you gonna stay here forever?” Lira asked and was like in a hurry. Then I told her to go ahead if she still has something to do. She left me and I sat for the whole hour on a bench facing the fountain. I guess, wishes don’t happen right away and time will answer. I hope people will never lose hope wanting to have what they wished for. I took a deep breath and move toward the fountain side. A lot of people came in and threw coins. In this world, some wished luck for being unfortunate, anticipate for love for a yearning heart and expecting for a year’s good life. God will allow it all at the right time.


I found a silver coin on my bag so I threw it. I cannot count how many coins I did already dropped out. Each day passed, was a brand new day. I never gave up.


“What’d you wished for?” a familiar voice bounced back inside my head. I felt my heart was beating outside my chest in unusual patterns. I slowly turned my head around to see who it was. All of a sudden beats faster and I felt my world stop for a while. I was astonished the moment I saw his face. He was smiling waiting for me to meet his path.


I made a step to get nearer to him. I’m hoping it wasn’t a dream. I want to slap myself just to see if it was true. The sun was out but I can see clearly his face. I stopped enough to see him.


“This couldn’t be an imagination”. I exclaimed looking at him.


“It’s not. Mica! You’ve waited and I’m back for you”. He responded so I was emotionally let it all out. I hugged him tightly. It was like a slow motion, my world came back alive.


“I’m sorry. I don’t need to leave your side again. I’ll be with you and I will be your everything.” He said whispering on my ear and I smiled.


Now, he’s here, I suddenly know, wishes comes at the right time. All at once, everything was different when he was with me. He’d been the reason I learned to trust in time and believed in a magic of the things around me. Even stars were out tonight; I can see sparkly night and this should be the night to remember.


Time won’t be wrong for love to come along.

And yes he was the best thing that’s ever been mine.








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