The Unexpected YOU

Time won't be wrong for love to come along.


2. The Practice


Daily routine, homeroom, major and minor subjects to attend to and the timepiece says its 12:00. I went home immediately. Without hesitation, I disregard my mind thinking. I was about to text Caleb if he received messages about the groupings for the battle of the band. When suddenly a text message overlapped and popped up on the little screen and reminded me of what Freiz told me yesterday. I seated on a couch and relaxing a little bit but now I was ruined. I can’t remember to forget it.

“Theater? Why do I need to go there?” I asked to myself. “That man, he’s giving orders and not much as clear as and me, never questioned about it” I exclaimed. There’s no other choice. How could I appear when my soul rages when I’ll meet him again?


I took my lunch while listening to songs I could sing on stage this incoming Friday above all it was a battle of the band. Going around the house, I feel like I had to calm myself before leaving.


I got on my way back to school. From the gate I ran fast as I can to the old theater. I ran like a horse, hastily and swiftly at course. I stood in front of the door and it was closed. I paced down back and forth when suddenly I heard a piano playing a wonderful tune. My feet stopped as well as my breathing patterns. Someone was inside so I didn’t hesitate to walk inside the room. Lights were out except the yellow lights from the stage. A man was playing as I walked forward closer to his distance.


The ambience affects me. It made me hysterically pleased in a minute. I just don’t know why. I stopped and stood staring at him for the first time. Until he stop on playing and looked at me. I was out of my mind and just woke up from reality when he spoke. At first I thought it was Drew just looking him afar.

“You’re late!” he said and was checking on his timepiece.


All I knew this time was so beautifully enchanted and it was a feeling that he was playing music for me.                

There’s nothing wrong if I have this reverie every night. Absent-mindedly making me want him and no; not at all.


“Hey!” he shouted so I go back on my feet again.

“Oh!Im sorry? You said yesterday to meet you here and sorry if I only ask you this time….why? What will we do here?” I ask in a good manner.


“Oh! Help me in setting up those music instruments.” Pointing out the room where those are. “We will practice and let’s get it done fast before the others come. No buts. Go!” he said authoritatively.

“I guess you were not informed by Mr. President” he added.


I stood still and we exchanged stares as long but he for the first place avoided my eyes. He walked to the room and began fetching the guitars. I could win an eye contact game somehow. All I was expecting was not like these. Why in the world he chose me to do some carrying when there were others who can do it for him.  Am I lucky or unfortunate to be in his group? Oh I see I wasn’t informed about the groupings.


I went inside and helped him. He was too serious, goes with his bad manner and just concentrated on what he does.

“Stop staring!” he said and lifts the drums to the stage. I glared and just took the others. I stomped my feet showing annoyance.


“So, I wasn’t informed about this but who were else your members? You, me… who else?” I asked without second thought.


“Don’t you worry ……with us” I was listening to his reply when someone…walked inside the room. There they were laughing so loud that I never heard what I asked. I turned to see them and was surprised when Drew was with them. I recognized the other one but not with the girl with a wavy hair and a tall whitish man. I remember I saw him somewhere but couldn’t recall it.


“Hi There Freiz” greeted the girl and looked at me blankly and in a second gave me a plain smile.

I watched Drew as he walks closer to us and I see his eyes on me.


“Everything’s ready?” he said. He turned to me and I don’t think I can lay my eyes on him.

“Everything’s ready and Mica is ready.” I looked to Freiz who stood beside Drew.


“Ok... I need then to check the other group and when I’m done I’ll be back. But if not, don’t wait for me. By the way, we started our group rehearsal this morning and it worked well. We still need more practice though.”


We settled down, he checked on us then walked away and got out of the room. I see nothing but never mind…


“Drew was one of us…should be but he switched to other group” Freiz read my mind informing me. I don’t need to ask the reason why. Maybe I should stop acting like a fool from now. No, a stupid fool I was. I wish there could be some medicine to stop me somehow. It’s getting worser.


I greeted the others, our band mates for now. Before rehearsing, I made a little chat to each one of them, got a little information and a background check. I hope this will go a lot through our friendship. I never knew I could be one of the vocalists now and handled the guitar. “It’s a dream after all. Drew was the drummer, Gerald the base, Red on the lead guitar, Lucy pianist. Red will be a vocalist too. We started and I sang the notes very careful. We even practiced the song given by Drew and I loved it really. We played, had our mistakes, back to the beginning and rested for a while. The songs we practiced were for the musical entertainments and maybe after, we will practice our piece for the battle of the band but without Gerald and Freiz for they were in the “Hey There!” band. For the first time I play here in our school, I hope we could make the best.


“Maybe Micaela and Freiz gonna buy snacks for us…Please”.  Lucy favored and the two acted like they were begging for it. I just smiled but Freiz just showed a poker face.

We just met but I felt like I had known them for so long. They were the people I really want to get along with. I gave their requests so I looked again to Freiz. This time I am ahead of him and I don’t mind if he will not follow me because I know him now too well. I cannot deal with him.


I was outside when I noticed he was way all behind me. Very well then. Silence was taken obviously and we were like strangers. Life was too hard with this person.


Up to the canteen door, he never spoke a word. I bought anything for they didn’t tell what they wanted to eat. Softdrinks and bread and butter would do.


“Did you see? Freiz with another girl and guess is she the girl? After Bianca?” I heard the murmurs of the two girls from the people inside the canteen. I don’t want people who judges and I was involved right now.  It feels too inconvenient.


 I turned my back and look them when suddenly Freiz grabbed my hand and dragged me out the canteen. I heard there were reactions as we go away and eyes on us. We were far enough from the canteen but as I see Freiz won’t let go of my hand. He stopped walking and I was closely bumped to his back. He let go of my hand and just stood without any actions.


“Freiz! Someone called and it was Drew and a girl with him. She’s pretty and I was bit familiar with her. I remember she was a writer and a singer and a dancer of the cheering squad. I felt a little uncomfortable. And much more when they held hands together.


They ended their conversation straight away and walked a separate way. Maybe Freiz noticed me being unwell. We returned at the theater and had our snack. Lucy kept teasing me and spitted jokes on us, with Freiz. I just smiled to whatever they say because I don’t have the mood to sway their silly jokes. Questioned myself, why I was in loved with Drew. We were childhood friend. He was my neighbor at the age of 5. I remember it too well and I don’t know why he can’t. We used to be best friends out of the girls and boys in town. Sadly, just after 6 years, he moved out to other place and never came back. I remember a promise he made that he will always find me. But not to think, it was gone like the wind, like nothing forever.


I was back happy this time that I knew we were in the same school but he never recognizes me. That was alright that I could just see him afar, hear his voice. I was on the right track when I heard Gerald opening a topic about Drew. Of course, Gerald knows about him as well as Freiz because they were band mates.


He shared what he knows and I wasn’t expecting something about this. Drew met an accident 3 years before and was hospitalized for a year.

“Amnesia?! I said too loud so the others just looked at me.

“Micaela seems too interested with his story. Are you having a crush on him?”… There she goes. Lucy indeed a bad girl.


I reacted on them. I realized why he never did recognize him. I wrote a history to his life but was vanished. He started his new life forgotten the past and me.


I was in a deep shock. I checked my time and it was 5:15 so we decided to end our rehearsal. Lucy and Red went ahead for some reasons and I just helped Freiz and Gerald to fix the instruments.


I don’t know what to think. Maybe my mind was now unbearable and weak. “Hey! Micaela! I got to get going. I’ll see you soon.” Gerald said and got to his car with his guitar.


I started to walk to the gate when Freiz just spoke but I didn’t hear clearly what he said. I didn’t give a reply just as I stare only at him.


Oh what a shame, no used to feel the words I say. I never have been this way before. “Come back to earth Mica! He said and I reacted to him. I gave him a smile but just frowned at me. “You were too serious Mr. Montero?!Ha ha! I said and laugh hysterically.


“Ok I need to go home and bye!!!” then I quickly toddled.


I hastily left his side and went home directly.  I want to rest a little bit by now and all I need to do is fall in a deep slumber. I just sat down on my bed while I am removing socks when my phone beeped twice. I noticed there was a message so I opened it. It was from the new number before.


“Mica! Thanks for today. We’ll make it till the performance night!” At this time, I knew it was Freiz and I was glad I belonged to their group.


I replied “Very well Freiz. Thanks too!” The weather changes as well as Freiz.


Not a minute passed he did not replied. Now I lie on my bed and just looked at one direction. I do not know if I still blink an eye.



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