The Unexpected YOU

Time won't be wrong for love to come along.


3. Ordinary

Whole day, a day before the performance, we had practiced for long hours until the final rehearsal at the gymnasium. The place was decorated splendidly. As you see, it was a superstar coming for a concert. That’s right! Jerry Vista is going to be with us to embrace the crowd and it sounds really exciting.


I sat on the front chairs with Red, Lucy and Gerald while Freiz is doing something on the stage, tuning one of the guitars. From afar, I saw Drew with the girl named Natasha I heard. But as I see when I looked at him, I feel like he was then looking at me too. I don’t know why from this moment, he’s taking glimpse to our direction or maybe the people at our back. I was just avoiding his eyes on us. If before, I really want to see him, talk to him even just a single word now, everything has changed.


The rehearsal was ended and I just sat still on the chairs and waited for Lucy. My eyes were searching anywhere just to find Lucy back but I was paralyzed and nearly to hold my breath when Drew walk towards me and sat on the chair in front of me. A morbid thinking, he’s next to but I feel to get myself away. I was not sure then speechless and just nod to agree in anything he said.


“You are Micaela Biel? I didn’t know you’re good at singing. You should join us sometime in our band rehearsals and jam with us.” He stated.

I just then nod and I took my eyes from him preferring to just look at the stage. I can see in the sides of my eyes that he was staring at me and I don’t know why. I don’t used to be like these so I stood and maybe I should leave. I was about say that I need to go but he stood up. I need to runaway in my mind.

“I need to know you more this time and ….. By the way, good luck tomorrow!” he ended and went back.


His words keep bouncing in my head and I never think what he said. It doesn’t seem to process in my brain. It’s incomplete and it’s absurd to think it more.I left to be dumbfounded till Lucy approached me.

“Ok…Let’s go”. She said and we went out of the gym.


We then dropped by in the green view park before going home. There had been a lot of people there and the crowds won’t be avoided. Lucy went to the crowd where people screams and shouts. I went nearer and take a peek to see what was happening. People threw coins and enjoyed watching whatever it is. Just then a boy playing with a guitar with a tin can in front with some money on it. When I heard how he sings, I was amazed how a little kid could sing of such excellence. What a nice voice and every word and tune he sings, I can feel him and the rhythm.  Lucy stood beside me and listened too to his breathtaking voice. Among the crowds, I saw Gerald and a girl and Freiz? They were chatting while Freiz concentrated to watch the boy.


“Oh! There is Freiz!” Lucy said and pointed him. Lucy waved her hand and screams just to get his attention. Freiz looked at us and smiled. Saw him smile for the first time and that’s quite unordinary.


Lucy grabbed my wrist and dragged me all the way to where they are. She doesn’t even care if I my arm hurt, the person I bumped into and here I was giving my apology. “So you’re here too!” Freiz spoken.


We got away to the crowd and moved to the quiet place. We paced the way. Gerald with the girl departed from us and went somewhere. I bet she was his girlfriend.


“We were here to relax ourselves a little bit” said Lucy. The night was like a dream, million lights, different sounds and fancy people.


I was a bit on silence until Freiz started to put silly jokes on me so I never avoided laughing and reacting to anything he says. What’s with this guy and or maybe he learned to be with us now. Better off we caught up finally his actions.


It happened right and the night was all now blissful, marvelous because we went anyplace we can go. I feel like I’m with the best persons in the world. I’m starting to think, I don’t need to find happiness because it is everywhere. All I need to do is learn how to be with them.


Lucy treated our dinner and yes we spend the whole night through. If before Freiz don’t used to be with our company, now we don’t play like a stranger anymore. I saw his good side, his color and a camouflaged persona. Lucy threw questions to Freiz and was answered to the point that I now had a little background about him as well as Lucy.


Lucy got the floor and did all the talking as if she never ran out of topics for discussion among us three. Lucy opened her love life. She indeed had one, a good love but with a long distance relationship. She turned to me urging me to share what’s mine.


‘Well, I never had a boyfriend and I don’t want to” I said and just she stopped insisting me.

“I think we should go” Freiz going with his intervention. “You got so many questions” he added.


We were about to get out of the restaurant when Lucy had a phone call so she let us to wait outside and just went to the comfortable room.


It was exactly 9:00 and we waited till Lucy comes out. Well, I talked a bit to Freiz and he’s totally crashed on me. I was just teasing him and it was good to know how he acts towards me. He’s been good to me and I guess I’ve been lucky meeting him.


Friday afternoon, we stayed in a music room beside the gymnasium and prepared everything. I was on a couch when Freiz entered and loudly sang like no one else is in the room. Lucy mocked him and there they are again. I looked at my phone and drew texted me. Not this time, I plainly smiled. He was just greeted me a good afternoon. It just started after he talked to me yesterday and still I don’t know what he said.


I jumped on surprised when Freiz tapped me and was asking why I’m smiling. I didn’t notice why I did then. I don’t want them to think that I am crazy and bring myself out of my mind again.


I went outside and as I step through the door, I nearly bumped into someone. I looked and it was him. He smiled at me so I gave him a smile too. I step back and he entered the room. Lucy, Gerald greeted him.

“Mr. President, everything settled?” asked Lucy.

“Oh! Very well! He answered. I listened to every conversation and I was glad I can see that I consider myself lucky for he talks to me. I remembered every time he smiles, I can see him in his younger age. Not for long, he left the room for he was requested by the dean for works to be done.


“Ms. Biel, What’s that smile between you and Drew?” Lucy forthrightly asked with a smile on her face.

“Nothing! Is there something wrong?” I questioned back.


“Well, nothing. You too seem too good. Hahahaha!” she laughed out loud like mocking me.


I shut my mouth and just ignored everything she said. I grabbed the guitar and played any song. On the back of my head, I was thinking how he was lately.


“Ms. Biel and Montero were requested by the dean to come to the office”. I heard Lucy as she was reading a message from her cell phone. I looked at Freiz and he stood up so did I. We went straight o the office and I see Freiz was on silence and never ever looked at me as if I was not here beside. I bet this guy, his emotion sickness struck again.


He opened the door but the dean was not inside. We sat down in the steel chair beside his table and waited. I was about to spill words when the dean walked in. We greeted and the dean directly gave his concerns about tonight’s activity. Nothing such importance so we immediately left the office.



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