The Unexpected YOU

Time won't be wrong for love to come along.


4. Night Never forget How we Moved

Crowds and cheers; everything was quiet on a first place but had been raucous as were in a fighting match. Every student of the Hemp Theban University was on the big coat as they were experiencing the biggest Music Festival of the university. Well, some students from the other universities were present and every person was on the right track tonight. The crowd became wild when Jerry Vista walked to the stage as the guest of tonight’s event. He was too awesome, handsome and talented that’s why girls scream as loud as they could. Well, I guess that it fit for a famous singer on TV. He entertained the crowd for not as long as 20 minutes and then left after guesting. How lucky am I when I saw him personally. I could imagine myself if I could be like him. His shining and everyone was brightened indeed of fame. After him, special performance from the champion of the last year’s battle of the band and gave such an incredible performance.


Night was excessively perfect; continuous music performances before the battle of the band. Although, the contestants were tough and could take you in your apprehension, we’ll work it as a band.

There were 7 bands that will compete and share the same tense as I have now. The Jag One of the Debate club, Black on Black from the college of engineering, Spearhead, the Bandits, the Monday where Drew was the guitarist, Gerald, Freiz and Natasha and last performer; our band, Just us. This time, Freiz and Gerald were in the same band as last years in “the Monday” with their new vocalist. Well as for us, well for a good band name, Lucy thought it. We had Caleb and Ronan in place of Freiz and Gerald only in our battle of the band. It’s the first time for us so we were really undressed.


I was on the backstage while listening to the performance of “the Monday”. Well they’re totally extraordinary who enlightened the raging crowd from their song. I was afraid, just for now can’t get me out of my fear.

“Relax guys!” Lucy said while handling bottled water to each of us. I heard the MC speaking for the next band. We will perform last, next to the Spearhead. We had time to stop our tensions for we were not totally ready to jump in.

As we settle ourselves, calming our nerves, Freiz sat beside me.

“Oh! Congratulations to your performance. It was absolutely great!” I commended. I cheered trying to get rid of my panicky contemplation.


“Do your best!” he said and smiled at me. Drew then appeared in front of me and said what Freiz did. I thanked them both and it helped a lot. Soon they gone and went to the crowd maybe to watch the current performer.


“Ready guys! Just take in!” I cheered.


“Standby please!” As I heard it, we stood up and went on stage and get the guitars, straighten out ourselves. The MC talks to the “Spearhead” members while we patch up everything.


“Let’s welcome! Just us!!!” Said the MC and I heard screams and shouts. I saw Freiz in front row and smiled as he’s looking at me. The crowd was amazing and noises bounces back to the thick walls of the arena. It should be a night to remember.


We started and my hands little bit shaking and I tried to handle it too well.


“Loving him was like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street

Faster than the wind passionate as sin ended so suddenly

Loving him was like trying to change your mind once you’re already flying to the free fall

Like the colors of the autumn so bright just before they lose it all…………..”


“Do you remember we were sitting there by the waters?

You put your arm around me for the first time

You made a rebel of a careless mans careful daughter

You are the best thing that’s ever been mine……..”


Those two songs, 7 minutes made everything comfortable. I heard supports from my classmates and friends. It perfectly worked out and was happy about it. They love it and I thanked for it. The MC asked me about to whom I dedicate that song but never I had answered instead Lucy did. For now, we will just wait for the announcement of the winner. I don’t expect to win this fight but I still believe I did the best. We did our best.


I drank a lot to quench my thirst immediately after. Every hearts stopped beating waiting for the result. Before announcing, someone performed at stage and sang my favorite song. I took a look and it was Drew with his guitar. My world stopped just to hear him. Flashed all over the room for a captive night.


“You were here beside me

And I don’t need to pretend anymore

I find you for all the time

You’re my everything that makes me smile”.


 “Hey!” I turned my head and it was Freiz giving out his hand and ready to be shaken. I held his hand and gave him a big smile.


“Youre really great Huh!” he said.


“Not as good you were”


Intervention to our short conversation the announcer spoke and announced the winner. We paid attention to the speaker. The whole crowd shouted giving their bets.


“Congratulations to the third winner, Jag One! The MC announced and I was on tense for the result. Everyone shouted bets for the second placer. Lucy moved then beside me.


The second is……. Just us!! We jumped out of joy and can’t believe for it. We immediately walked on stage to receive our prize. At least, we tried for the first time and we were second place. Soon, the MC announced the champion and it was the Monday. Endless screams overheard and I greeted Freiz and his group for winning.


The night went through. I lost my voice but was happy then. Everyone ended up with great expectation and loss of voices for continuous yells. A competition worth battling for and we look for another one.



Morning, the earlier, we went jogging with Lira and Nick. Lira talked about the battle last night and she obviously lost her voice too. That night was a voice taking and a superb.  We walked around the park after till the sun shone blazingly so we went home. Saturday and it happened, I don’t have classes.

I stayed at home, relaxing a little bit specially my throat at sore. I keep on checking my phone but why I don’t receive any messages.  Tomorrow, we had a celebration at the Bayview Resort at the Soratia. A little bit far from here.

 I was alone, always alone but music is with me. It’s been a normal day though I had the best day yesterday.


Lucy dropped by in our house so we went together to the said meeting place. As soon as we got there, they were all in and ready for the trip to the destination. We rode in a mini bus. I looked around and saw Gerald, Caleb, Ronan, and Freiz at the back. Drew and Natasha were seated in front. I put on my headset for a two hour trip. I didn’t notice I was doze in my sleep. We arrived at the resort and did what we liked to do. Some swam right away and Lucy and I just watched them playing beach games and the scenery. It was beautiful and I can experience the fresh air, sea breeze.


For the past hours, I just enjoyed doing something which I find more interesting for a place like this. There were jamming sessions and we put it on too much.


The sun set and the scenery never faded. It was beautiful at night and it pleased my ear to hear the splashes of the sea and its sound of the waves.  Our bellies were filled, abundant fruits and drinks we had and some grilled beef and salted pork from a cater service.


“Mind to join you” I said and squat beside Freiz on the white sand facing the sea. It’s a bright night; stars and the moon were out tonight.


Freiz stood up as I sat down. “Where are you going?”


“It’s good if we just walk offshore. It would be nice!” he said so I stood and followed him. The lights brighten our path somehow and I felt the cold water on my feet brought by the sea waves.


“It was good to be here” I said.


“Hmmmm… Freiz! I was glad to know you. It happened; we were classmates in English class. Well, we didn’t talk but I still remember you” I opened up.


“Why would I talk to you” said with devil laugh.


This time, I stopped being jolly and spoke with a serious voice. Well I could speak well; thanked God my throat was cured. Freiz replies with anything I say but was incessantly taking it as jokes. I punched his back and I ran as fast so he will not catch me and take his revenge. I turned my head back but he was just looking at me. I stopped and faced his direction with my hands crossed armed. It’s been a while since I knew and befriended this guy.


“Why are you so different this time? Ran out of energy? Or maybe you were just overfed?” I said in a loud voice for he was bit far from me.  Without a response, I walked towards him.


“I was just thinking….!?” he said in a low voice.

“Thinking what?” I said and waiting for a quick reply.


“Im gonna miss you...” he said and I startled. “Me? Why? Are you going somewhere?” I jokingly affirmed but I see in his eyes that he was now serious.


“What do you mean?” I was taken aback.


“I’ll be going back to Rosana, to my mom and I don’t think I could go back anymore. She needed me and I should stay by her side for she had a health complications. I guess, I’ll finish the semester and at the end of the month, I will leave.”


“Oh!” I said. I don’t know why I felt like I was out of myself again. The sadness shows on my face and was now tongue-tied. I want to stop him for leaving but what right do I have to do so. He was my only friend and foremost his mother needed him so much…


“Thank you Mica for everything. I think I had the best person I ever met. I was glad for a short time; I was on the right track having you with your silly jokes and sharing music even better with me.”


I took a deep breath and can’t now look directly on his eyes. “You should be with your mom. Don’t worry, she will be fine”. I looked at him and he was staring at me. I avoided his eyes and looked somewhere.


The cold wind blows and the night became quieter and feels like it turned to be a lonely night. I hate the silence and words like a blade making me weak.


“Let’s enjoy this night! He cheered up and said in a joyful manner so I smiled, not a fake but a smile out of sadness. He returned the ambience just like before but my mind kept on thinking out what he said awhile back. Maybe he noticed me not able to comprehend.


We then walked back and joined the group to anything they do. Not a long time, I saw Lucy in a cottage alone, I tend to surprise her but she noticed me. We had our chat and there she was unremittingly open up fancy stories.


On the other side, there was Drew and Natasha together. Seeing them two doesn’t bother me anymore. As for Drew, I like him a little, but not much. I better forget about the past, about him. Past is past.


“You know Mica, I heard Drew talking about this girl….”

“You eavesdrop?” She stopped for my ridiculous intervention.


“Just listen okay. Don’t you like to listen what I just heard. It’s about his past!” she said and I was suddenly in a state of seriousness. My mind was whole to process everything.


“He said, she met this girl during his childhood and loved her and left her. Because of the accident, he forgot everything about her and the place where he used to live in and where memories about childhood. After leaving, he promised to be back for her but never did. He just remembered it when someone mentioned the name of the place. Something like Riv…?”


“Rivanara” I continued.


She stopped and just looked at me “Well, I’ve been to that place, I lived a bit to that place with my grandmother” I added. She then continued.


“It was too sweet; he said if he could just turn back time, he will return to the time when he was with her.”


“Wait, he said that in front of her girl friend?” I questioned but showing my other side starting to injure my heart.


“Well, honestly, he talked to me about it lately…” she confessed. Why does she need to lie anyway?


“I don’t know why he let me know about it. I was happy he trusted me”. She smiled and acted like she was like a baby in loved.


“Did he mention the name of the girl?” I continually asked concealing my true feelings.


“Nope. But he said she found her and even met her. She was talented and he could see how she was been after all those time. He tried forgetting her but he cannot. Not for her girl friend, he loved Natasha. That’s why all this time, he was confused. You know, I was curious and I want to find out who the girl is. That’s such a nice story right. He said she studies in HTU.”


I was a bit uncomfortable and just tried to ignore it all. After hearing it, I heard enough. I knew he remembered it all and I bet he was referring me. I was paralyzed. I should not think about it anymore. Lucy sudden  tapped me in my shoulders and it gave me a heart attack, literally not. 


“Hey! Are you alright?” she asked maybe she noticed that I had been in a deep thought.


“Hey!Lucy! Gerald shouted so she gave her attention to him. Lucy stood up, went for a call. I decided to just stay here for a moment and maybe I’ll catch up later. I again went to the shore and drop my feet to the cold sea water. I stare at the light of the moon just like a spotlight on the lake. It’s too quiet but its ear deafening. I got a phone call from my sister and we just made a little chat.


I sat down on the powdery white sand and touched it. It’s been colder as it seemed and how I forgot my jacket on my bag. I crossed my arms to warm myself.


“It’s getting even colder.” A low voice on my back and I just don’t look who it was and just replied. He sat down. As I turned my head on the right side, I don’t know it was Drew. I didn’t recognize it first.


“I thought you’re not gonna look at me”. He said


“Why shouldn’t I. Hmm… I thought it was someone else.”


At this time, I cannot think any words to speak to him. Silence occurred. I can’t help but to just remain awkward.


“Last time, I went to Rivanara.” Then I turned my attention and open clearly my ears to what he’s gonna say. He will talk about us and I’m ready for it.


“I went there and I was on a deep astonishment for I grew there, made friends and found the very best of me. As I looked around, I experienced I had been living the place for a quiet some time. It’s a déjà vu and I am trying myself to remember it all even though I felt pain just to remember it. I want to remember it for I had lost the best times of my life. I remember this girl who spent her childhood life with me and I know she was the reason why I feel this way. I want to meet her and gave my apology for the promise I never did.” I suddenly looked down when he turned his head on me. I don’t want him to see me shedding tears.


“Ahm… I’m sure she will understand it all.” I replied.


“Did you? Ella? I’m sorry.” He said and I was shocked when he called me that name. He remembered; he was the only one who used to call me with that.


Silence embraced us and tears begin to fall.


“It’s alright and I forgot it all. I never knew I could meet you again and I was glad we talked again.” I said with a cheerful voice to discard the feeling of loneliness.


I saw Drew staring only at me and I just don’t want to receive all that stares from him. I kept wiping my single tears on my cheeks and trying not to go to the way of crying hard if I cannot help myself from falling. I’m broken.


“Micaela Biel, every time I see you, I felt like I knew you for a long time. Why didn’t you tell me?”He questioned with a smile.


Now, I was lightened up and all the questions stuck on my mind were answered. I told him what if I say all about it, will he believe it? I don’t want them to think I was crazy chasing him explaining everything. Just me with my changing minds, I’d rather swallow my pride.


I told Drew what he was doing when he was kid. He insisted me to tell what I remembered just to help him regain his memories. I was laughing while recalling everything. Our childhood life was never been worst but never been better of course that’s ever been on my mind.


Drew left ahead and I just need to stay longer on the shore. I thought it all and I was happy for remembering me. This way, I could have better days from now on.


I stood up to go back to the camp but I saw Gerald on the concrete benches under the palm trees with Freiz who was sitting and seemed to be under whiskey attack.  I came rushing to them and Gerald told me, he drank too much. Alcohol should be prohibited here but not. This country can’t be too perfect. It feels colder as it seems.


“You’re here! Micaela, he’s unbearable. Can you stay with him? Kenji called for me and I need to be there. Don’t worry, I’ll be back sooner” Gerald noticed and give favor to me as I was walking to their direction.


Gerald paced forthwith hastily. I turned my head low at Freiz with his head bowed down. I sat beside him. Silence brought me here and I was just observing him for a while.


“Leave me alone”. I startled as I stood and he was pushing me away with his words.


“I can’t leave you here. Will we just go back to the camp so you may calm yourself?” I said and I grabbed his wrists to make him stand. I tightly held him just to stop him from pushing my hands away.


He moved his head up and looked at me. How I hate handling people drowned in alcohol. He stood up and get closer to me. I don’t know what either in his mind is.


He lifted his hand and put it on my cheeks. I was astounded and I just didn’t make a move until he stopped. He sat down again and I was wordless. I looked around just to see Gerald coming. Its midnight and we were still outside. I’m a bit tired still waiting for him. Freiz seems too out of himself and I can’t hold on to him. He never then spoke to me and just like that I just stayed beside him.


Not a second, Gerald came and assisted Freiz walking back to their camp. I was relieved and calmed my impatience somehow. I went on a separate way and kissed the night goodbye.



Earlier, I left Lucy who was still sleeping and silently walked out the door. I walked the sea bay and was too wonderful. Sun was bright and will brighten your day as you go with it. A little bit far from where I stood, I recognized it was Freiz from the other side just standing facing the sea borders and he looks like he never had a hangover. Well, I bet he’s perfectly fine now; he’s fine after all... I ran towards him and asked if he’s feeling better for now. He smiled and thanked me for escorting him last night. Well, Gerald told him so.


We walked everywhere till every one came out spending the day. After an hour, we prepared ourselves to go back to the City. I was still on the camp when Lucy texted me to get on the bus now. This girl just left me behind and never waited for me. I finally got my bag and went to the parking lot. I’m afraid I won’t find a seat so I advanced my steps to go fast.

“Micaela!” called Lucy and I found him on the right side at the back fixing his hair. He’s sitting beside Kenji so I find a vacant seat to occupy. I seated right at their back.


‘Can’t you not be here on my side?” I asked her but I see she can’t because Kenji’s asleep and it’s rude if she wake him up just to transfer here. I seated right at the window and it would be better for sightseeing.


“Everything’s settled?” the driver asked. Everyone was busy doing things inside the bus before the getaway and of course safety first, fastening seatbelts.


“Freiz is not here”. Someone said so I looked every seat to find him. I stood up and there he was walking into the bus. He walked directly and stopped to see a vacant chair. I waved my hand signaling him that there’s still a seat for him beside me. 

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