The Dollhouse [harry styles]

in which girl finds herself stuck in a murder house motel where she meets a disturbingly handsome mad scientist who will not let her escape.


2. one

Paola gave the woman a final smile before she starts to look for her room. She puts her fear aside and assures herself that she is safe and that the woman just had a peculiar persona. A very, very peculiar persona.

Paola dwadles up the stairs, each stair creaking eerily with each step she took. Paola sensed a set of eyes dig into her back, she ignores the uncomfortable feeling and continues her way to find her room. Great. I have no idea where to go, she thought to herself.

Paola reaches the first floor, she ogles the rooms and searches for her own. She glances at her room key, 32B it read. She walks through the corridor, glancing at every door she notices that none of them had her number, so she continues to trudge her way up the steps.

A revolting smell hits Paola's nostrils. It was the same smell that hit her when she entered the motel. The smell was so intolerable that Paola gagged and covered her nose, It had the awful scent of rotten flesh, that should have been the first sign for Paola, but she simply ignored the dire aroma once again.

She gags again, as she scrunches her nose in disgust and continues to walk up the steps, continuing to cover her nose to help calm the rotten smell. But as soon as she reached the last step, all she could see was cells. Disturbingly nasty cells. Each cell had a distinct brown color, a similar color to moldy wood. There were six on each side of the hallway, each one becoming more frightening by the second. She looks around in confusion and terror, she could hear the people inside begging for mercy. She questions herself how could she be so naive and foolish to not have trusted her instincts. Their cries becoming louder and louder with every breath she took.

She gasps in dread and tries to go down the stairs to escape, but somebody captured her waist in his hands. She kicks and screams furiously, but the persons grip would not fail.

"Darling, if you cooperate this will be much easier. For the both of us." A hoarse voice muttered into her ear while Paola fussed. This voice wasn't the type of raspy that you would swoon over, no, this was terrifying. The type that would make you want to crawl under a table and over your self with a blanket in fear.

Those words did not affect Paola's actions however, she kept flinging her legs back and forth. She tried to scream but it was hopeless. It was obvious that the man will not ever let go of Paola. The man flinched in pain for Paola's leg had hit his groin.

The man had decided he had enough of the fussy girl, so he made things simpler by injecting her in the neck, with a substance that would make her fall unconscious in his arms.


I knock on the door of Master's office, hoping to speak to him about his new addition. I use the faint sound of his voice saying Come in from behind the door as a signal to do so. Closing the door behind me, I hurriedly sit on the cushion of the chair in front of his desk. Delighted to tell him about Paola.

"Master?" I say, looking at him frowning at the stack of papers on his desk.

"What should you want now, Tobias?" He huffs, taking off his glasses and leaning back on his chair, eyeing me questioningly.

"Well," I say excited to tell him about his trial. "You have a new experiment, Sir. She's nice and pretty too, with porcelain skin and-"

"Enough of your foolish rambling, Tobias. " He rolls his eyes, "I told you I didn't want any new experiments since Tilly."

"I know, Master. But she's so pretty, I'm sure you can make an exception when you see her. Please Master. You can let me borrow her like last time, like Lis." I beg, really wanting Paola to stay with our grand family of successful experiments. She has such charming skin, sun kissed and touched by snow, and eyes pretty like the seed of an apple.

He sighs, and looks down with furrowed eyebrows. "Fine, Tobias." He hesitantly says, with those words my stomach is turning in happiness and excitement.

"Thank you, Master! You will not be let down!" I happily tell him, already making my way to exit out of his office, hoping to catch a glance of the beauty sleeping in Cell 09876.

"Don't let me down, Tobias."


hi again babes i hope you liked this chapter i spent forever editing this trying to make it perfect for y'all but its probably worse hahhahhah

questions -

What do you think about Tobias?

What will happen when Paola wakes up?

Do you like the characters?




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