The Dollhouse [harry styles]

in which girl finds herself stuck in a murder house motel where she meets a disturbingly handsome mad scientist who will not let her escape.


1. foreword

The faint smell of mold stings Paola's nostrils as she enters the motel, the smell was unbearable even though it was quite vague. Paola was in desperate need of a place to stay, so she carried on and ignored the unpleasant scent as shuffled her way towards the main desk.

The woman at the desk worked precisely and sharply; her fingers not making a single mistake as she typed on the tiny inexpensive laptop that sat at her desk. Her specific and planned movements intimidated Paola, somehow she thinks that by interrupting her work will cause her to be at her death bed in a matter of seconds.

"Excuse me," the sound of Paola's voice was serene and quiet, but somehow the woman behind the desk heard her voice and turned her head sharply in Paola's direction. Paola gasped, the woman's eyes were a weird and inhumane shade of green. A shade of green that resembles the daunting eyes of a black cat; quiet but deadly.

The woman smiles disturbingly. It's almost as if someone forced her to smile with their index fingers, but Paola puts her fear aside and begins to speak, "I would like to rent a room," Paola smiles, nervously.

"Of course." The way the woman spoke made her sound like a faux human machine; her words cutting off and pausing at every word.

"Name, age and number of days you will be staying." She elucidates, her eyes still watching Paola's movements, observing and tracking for future purposes.

"Paola Burgos, twenty two, and two weeks, hopefully."

"I clearly said number of days, Paola." Her eyes pierce into mine, daring me to go against her, to argue with her. They way my name slithered so smoothly onto her lips made me in shiver in fear, something about her way of speech can instantly make you oblige to her commands.

"Sorry," I blink rapidly and look down, regretting my decision to specifically stay at this hotel, that's literally stranded in the middle of nowhere. "Um, fourteen days, m'am." I state correctly this time hoping that she wouldn't bore her eyes into mine.

"That will approximately come to a total of fifty three pounds, Paola."

I smile at her, mumbling a incoherent thank you as I start to dig in my bag for my crumpled pounds that found a home at the bottom of my bag.

I smile apologetically as I pass the pounds into her hand, she looks at the pounds in disgust, but snatches them out of my hand anyway.

She passes me a room key and gives me a creepy smile.

"Welcome to The Dollhouse Paola."




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