He's good in bed too

Luke and Areal are the type that without sex the world sucks. In the story they have sex almost every night and they both love it.

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Warning ~ swearing and sexual content


1. Night 1

Areal's POV

Luke was gonna be here any minute he comes every night to see me but i thing tonight is gonna be different. I heard the door bell so i opened it he came in and kissed like the usual i he then sat on the couch looking so damn hot i couldn't stop starring at him. He then said babe come sit. So i sat down and he started to kiss me everywhere taking of his shirt 10 minutes later i thought to my self i this really happening am i about to have sex With him yeah i know he's my boyfriend but i haven't done this with him so i just let him take control. He pressed is lips against mine me kissing him back he started to use his tongue. I let him take my shirt and pants of leaving me in just my bra and thong. He told me that this was gonna be a fun night as he picked me up still kissing me and brought me to my room laid me down and took his pants off. He started to kiss me again so i took my hand reaching into his boxers. He then unstrapped my bra kissing my tits he looked up and said these things are huge babe. I slowly started to pull my thong off so he can enter. He grabbed a condom out of the pocket of his pants and started to thrust in and out. I started to moan so loud I couldn't help my self. He took his dick out and stuck to fingers in my vagina and i started to moan again he told me to quiet down because i was so loud i couldn't tho he was doing me so good i never felt anything better then him and I've had sex with like 10 guys before him but this was the best sex I've had he told me your turn babe. I pulled him over towards me standing up on my floor in my room then getting on my knees sucking his big fat dick it was so good and big he started to moan so i kept going even better he put his ands on my head and said come on baby suck it harder so i began to suck as hard as i could he started to lay on my bed and do i fallowed him and kept sucking on it about 20 minutes later he released it from my mouth as a swallowed his cum i wasn't done i said to him he said yes you are and laid me on the bed and started to eat my vagina out if felt so good his tongue traveling through my body and i just couldn't help my self so i told him to lick every were in there i was moaning so fucking loud i think the my neighbors heard but i didn't care it felt so good he told me that i was so wet i looked at him and said don't stop but he did and stuck his dick in my vagina real hard me moaning so loud he was thrusting me while kissing me i thought the whole world was over it felt so good. It was about 2 in the morning and we still weren't done i told him to take the condom off and just do it without it he took it off and left it on the ground i didn't care at the moment i just wanted him so bad i felt the cum go through my body it was so warm and nice he left my vagina turned over and started to shove it up my ass at that point i had no idea what to do i never done this my whole life but it felt so good his cock going through my ass was so good. I felt his hands go up my back while he was going in and out of my ass. He then rolled me back over and started kissing me everywhere getting lower and lower reaching my vagina he then started to eat me out "LUKE" i moaned he was still doing it i couldn't tell him to stop either it felt to good. He buried his face in my vagina i thought he was t

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