Jacquelyn’s Ordeal: Blood and Shadows of the Mind

Troubling news from the Il’ldais Manor has reached Jacquelyn, a young slayer. Jacquelyn has been implored to investigate the possibility a vampire could be the cause of such dark influences. Fighting memories of her own enthrallment, the night’s task would test all her skills and training.


3. Illusions That Break

It was the Viscount De’Lu Carla and Jacquelyn was shocked. He should not be up so shortly after being incapacitated. He had changed from his mask and costume, his new attire was close fitting, well suited for sparring. Jacquelyn caught his reflection in the mirrored wall and it lacked his head and hands. She fumed inside, cursing herself harshly for not realising it sooner. He was a vampire! Jacquelyn was unsure if it was his journal or not she had found, but it mattered little. He smirked at her, as though he had read her mind.

“Amazing what a little powder can do in an unclear reflection, is it not my Lady Josephine? Although, I doubt that is your actual name. I must give you credit however, you did manage to mostly resist my advances, few before you have done so. Congratulations.” He taunted her with such an air of arrogance.

Jacquelyn drew out her stiletto, readying herself to fight him.


She thought of many retorts, it was hard to decide on something that satisfied her. The mere thought of just driving a stake into him was the most satisfying. Knowing his true nature however, Jacquelyn knew she was at a disadvantage. She was all too aware of the power these creatures possessed. ‘At least now I know why his honeyed words were so effective. He will not find me such an easy mark from now on!!’ Jacquelyn thought to herself as she prepared her mind against him.


Her best course of action was to provoke him. She needed to make him angry enough that he would lash out and attack without thinking.

She drew herself up and railed against him defiantly, “Come you impotent demon spawn! I’ll fix that crooked nose of yours! Then you will finally be able to woo all the whores in the afterlife, the ones who before scorned you!”

Her taunts seemed to hit a sore spot and his demeanour changed. His brow furrowed into a scald and he started toward her. Carefully eyeing the distance, she threw her stiletto deftly for his right shoulder.


It sliced through the air and although it looked to be certain to hit its mark, the Viscount was devilishly agile. Twisting his body, the stiletto passed within an inch of his shoulder and imbedded in the wall behind him. He turned to her and continued advancing, closing the distance more cautiously, keeping his guard up. Jacquelyn cursed silently and stood her ground, reaching inside her dress and taking a firm hold of a stake. She stood ready and hoped he would make the first move for her to counter. She sized him up, closely watching him as he stepped toward her. She could see the patterns in his movements and the way he positioned his body. Jacquelyn was already planning the best means of reacting to his attack.


Suddenly Jacquelyn felt arms grabbing her, encircling her waist from behind. Instinctively Jacquelyn reacted, twisting herself around, turning into her attacker’s hold. She was taken back to find it was Yvonne behind her. She grabbed Yvonne’s elbow in one hand and wrist in the other as she threw her weight forward, pivoting as she flung Yvonne over her shoulder. Jacquelyn felt Yvonne grasp at her hair as she flew through the air.

Jacquelyn roared as Yvonne landed on her side. “Stay down!”

She quickly moved her hair away from her eyes as she stood and was suddenly confronted by the Viscount. His face was only mere hand-spans away. Her gaze met his and she faltered as she felt the powerful pull of his will as he tried to draw her in.


‘Relax, don’t fight me,’ she heard his voice echoing in her mind, despite his lips never moving. Jacquelyn had few precious moments to react as she felt his will pushing against hers. She could feel the need for him growing, coiling around inside her as he gazed deep into her very soul. ‘He thinks that a few words in my mind will make me bend to him? Well, perhaps I shall!’ Instead of fighting it, she embraced it, wholly. Shifting her body weight, she readied and then threw herself into him. Breaking the gaze, Jacquelyn felt her thoughts start to clear as soon as she landed on him, as her shoulder thrust into his stomach. The smell of him filled her senses as she desperately tried to grab a vial of holy water. The Viscount grabbed hold of her arm, his nails digging into her flesh cruelly and his grip was strong. She bit back a scream and she brought her knee up, aiming for his groin. He might be a spawn of the devil, but he was still a man. Her blow struck true and he recoiled, letting out a cry of pain.


Jacquelyn retrieved one of her remaining vials and struggled to remove the stopper. The Viscount sensed her intentions and grabbed her wrist. Springing up, he twisted her arm around behind her. Pressing forwards he forced her to arch her back to ease the pressure on her shoulder. She screamed out as he pressed into her wrist harder. Her hand lost its strength and involuntarily she let the vial go. She listened to it break upon the tiled floor. Jacquelyn reached for her necklace with her free hand, searching desperately along her neck for the chain.


Suddenly a memory pushed into her mind. Jacquelyn remembered gazing at the necklace in the Viscount’s gloved hand. She felt so calm, almost dreamily staring at her necklace as it caught the light. She watched him lean in and whisper in her ear, telling her what a wonderful a piece it was. She watched herself blinking away the mists in her mind and focusing fully upon him. There was an impending sense of dread welling up within her as she watched him in her mind. She looked on as he put the necklace in his jacket pocket, his smiling gaze never leaving her face.


The memory faded, reality came flooding back and her heart raced. She felt him leaning in, whispering to her. As he did, his cool breath on her neck caused her to shudder. “I know what you seek milady. Alas, you did not ask for it back before the dance. I assumed you no longer…wanted it.” Jacquelyn’s rage grew inside her upon hearing his smug voice. ‘He may have slipped past my defences before and taken my cross, but he will not make me yield now!’ She tried to twist her body in his grasp. Kicking her legs, she looked for a weakness that would cause him to lose his hold. However, he had anticipated her struggles and steeled himself. Despite her efforts, his grip held and she could not find an opening. Becoming more alarmed, she started to struggle violently, aware of every inch of his body that was touching hers.


Suddenly, there was a loud groan and the Viscount’s attention shifted momentarily toward the sound. Jacquelyn twisted her arm as she turned in his grasp. She struck with her free hand, aiming for his side. Her efforts were rewarded with him doubling over and releasing her arm. She kicked viciously behind his knees, forcing him to crumple forward.


Her rapid actions unbalancing her slightly and she stumbled forward, curling into a roll that ended with her colliding with a small fireplace in the wall. She lay on her back for only a moment, seeing the Viscount regaining his footing and about to descend upon her again. In desperation, she grabbed the coal scoop and rolled, thrusting it into the fireplace. The flames had almost completely died out, just as the candles that lined the walls had, but the coals still glowed with heat. She listened as the coals grated against the metal and whipped her gaze back to the Viscount. He was almost upon her!


“I see you like to play hard to get, milady. I do like a challenge.” He taunted her.

Her grip on the scoop tightened and she bared her teeth as she swung at him with all her might. Hot coals and embers sprayed through the air at the Viscount and the hot metal struck him in the side. His hands instinctively grabbing onto the scoop and he let out a short cry of pain as the metal burnt him. He wrenched it from her grip with his inhuman strength and pulled Jacquelyn roughly to her feet.


She reacted quickly as he staggered backward, desperately trying to brush off the glowing shards of coal and embers from his clothing. Jacquelyn kicked out at him. Her dress fanning out in the air between them as her kick connected with his stomach and he collapsed to the ground. Darting quickly behind him, she grabbed his arm, bracing his shoulder to hold it in place as she slowly pulled back.

She hissed into his ear, “Like a challenge? I guarantee you will find me far too fiery for even you!”

It took considerable efforts to pull his arm back, as he fought her every inch. He knelt on one knee, his free hand trying to hold himself up from the ground, as Jacquelyn pushed her weight upon his back. He grunted as his arm strained.

“It seems you are a lady of great passion. It has been my experience that they are most…satisfying to break. Although, I am somewhat more accustomed to being the one in control, to hear their squeals as they…”

“Silence you foul creature!” she cut him short, gritting her teeth and pulling back with more force.


Jacquelyn felt his will trying to force upon hers. It was strong and direct, clearly focused upon some perverse goal. She soon found herself lost in another of his induced fantasies. The visions of the world tinted in crimson had come over her once again. The Viscount had his arms wrapped around her in an embrace. He smiled at her and it made her want to beam with joy inside.

He leaned in and whispered to her, his cool breath tickling her skin. “What do you most desire this moment My dear?” He enquired sweetly, his voice soft.

She looked into his eyes and slipped one of her legs between his and she let her knee glide up his inner thigh, gently rubbing against him.

She whispered with a mischievous tone, “The thing I most desire right now?” She stopped short, biting her lip coyly.

She leaned back and slid her knee down his leg. He grinned at her light touches and she took a moment to savour his grin. Suddenly she brought her knee up, catching him in the groin.

She heard him let out a little yelp of pain and Jacquelyn roared “Is for you to stay out of my mind!”

Jacquelyn watched as the illusion shattered and the world returned around her.


She missed the grin spreading across his lips as her attention wavered for a moment. The fantasy had distracted her enough for him to strike. He suddenly lunged forward, pulling his arm free of her grip. He spun in his crouched position before springing to his feet and pushed forward into Jacquelyn. He charged forward with his forearm, pressing it to her neck and pinned her to the wall. His other hand came up underneath, brushing over her stomach, coming to rest forcefully on her chest, it forced her against the wall. He gripped the front of her dress, his eyes piercing into her. Jacquelyn felt him trying to worm his way into her mind.


A new fantasy consumed Jacquelyn fast and hard. She was keenly aware of how her body now felt. She felt flushed, her heart racing and her breathing now fast and shallow. She pressed her legs together from the sensations and became aware of the feeling of his hand being upon her left thigh. He squeezed a little and she felt it like a jolt through her body. It caused an intense and instant reaction that made it hard for her to hold back the moan that began to escape her lips. It felt so good and left her wanting more than just a few mere touches. She twisted her body around and saw him behind her, his body pressed against hers. The sensations of him touching and caressing her body flooded her mind and she felt a little overwhelmed by the small pleasures. His scent was strong and close, each breath stroking the fires of lust and desire inside her. Pressing against her body, he kissed delicately along her shoulder. Jacquelyn was surprised with how gentle they were, considering his strength. It was so inviting, so appealing to her and she found herself not want him to stop.

He planted soft kisses up her neck and breathed into her ear, “Could I be so bold as to ask the price of a single kiss, milady?”

Jacquelyn deeply desired to kiss his lips, to feel that electric tingle. She slowly turned her body and faced him, slipping her hands to his cheeks.

She leaned in close, pursing her lips, “The price for a kiss?” she repeated and paused for a moment.

“Is your demise!” She spat.  Her hands snapped his head sharply to the side. Hearing his neck snap as the illusion broke.  Jacquelyn could see his face as reality returned. His efforts and her continued stubbornness vexed him greatly.

Inwardly, she smiled at this knowledge. As she saw the frustration in his expression.


Despite her defiance, he put on another grin and continued with his games.

“This position is more to my liking. You are very lively; it is quite appealing to a gentleman. I must say, you will be the first lady who has caused Myself to be this…upright.” He words dripping with innuendo, promise and arrogance.

In a sudden movement, he leant in and kissed her, deeply and forcefully. Jacquelyn was completely taken aback and for a moment, she forgot everything else around her and melted a little into the kiss.

He pulled back and whispered into her ear, using a boyish voice, “I knew you would like that my little slayer.”

She grimaced painfully, he was not going to best her. The feeling of rage and hate ignited anew inside her. She brought her hands up and pried his hand away from her body, slipping his thumb between her fingers and applying pressure as she placed it into a thumb lock. The Viscount screwed up his face as the pain set in, but he stared at her, almost defiantly. His hold of her only loosened a fraction as she continued to apply more force. Jacquelyn caught the slight shift in his body before he tried to bring his arm up to her neck to choke her.


Reacting instinctively she kicked up her legs, taking her feet completely off the ground and straddled him. Her hand darted to her thigh as she pulled out another a stake. She brought it up in a flash and stabbed him in the soft flesh of his neck. His reflexes were demonically fast and he flinched the moment he felt it. He pulled away before it had caused him any real harm. Jacquelyn however, still had a hold of his thumb and she pulled back hard. He grunted and broke his hold of her. He lashed out, catching her arm with a blow that tore the stake from her grasp. Crying out, Jacquelyn released his thumb and leapt backwards, almost falling upon a small table and vase.


She looked at the vase for the briefest of moments before hurling it at the vampire. It smashed into him, shattering. He spun around, facing away from her, shielding his face protectively.

“Apparently the upright gentleman does not appreciate it when the lady is a little rough!” She spat at him, returning his ill hidden innuendo.

Not satisfied with just the vase, Jacquelyn picked up the table and charged toward the Viscount, bringing it down upon his back. He fell to his hands and knees. She saw the stake lying near her feet. Picking it up, she stretched her arm up and brought it down hard, aiming for his back.


The stake struck him soundly in the back, but failed to penetrate. The force caused her hand to go numb as it transferred back to her. Jacquelyn was in disbelief and heard half a laugh from the vampire. The blow had winded him, but did not cause him great injury. He threw himself backwards, colliding with her and sent her crashing to the tiled floor. Flipping over, he clambered up her body and straddled her, taking her wrists, pinning them above her head. Jacquelyn squirmed and thrashed violently to free herself, but it achieved very little.


He grinned at her and leant in close.

“A worthy effort little slayer, but unfortunately for you, I learnt the value of your armour many moons ago. Linked mail has been rather kind to me. Mmmm, now I know you are enjoying this position. I can feel your body squirming around delightfully beneath me.” His words infuriated Jacquelyn.

The feeling of his body upon hers both revolted and oddly thrilled Jacquelyn. She had very few encounters with physical pleasures and despite the wrongness of the situation, her body had responded and wanted more. It was an involuntary reaction and one that she hated.


The Viscount was straddled upon her, his closeness making it impossible for her to hide her quickened breaths. Jacquelyn could not be sure of his intention, but she knew it was either mischief or malice. In her desperation, there was only one option she could think to do, in order to free herself. She fought back the rising bile in her throat as she leant up and kissed him. Trying to lean into him as far as she was able, she needed him to become lost in the moment. She took his bottom lip between her own and pushed into him a little more. She felt his body begin to relax and she slowly pulled away, holding onto his lip in hers. He followed her down and slightly loosened his grip of her wrists. To Jacquelyn’s surprise, kissing him was not as repulsive as she thought it would be. She had to be careful not to give into the sensation herself. Slowly she pulled her wrists from his grasp and leaned back upon the ground. She gazed up at him and he grinned broadly at her. She could not help but to smile herself as she clenched her fist and swung her arm, watching it hit him squarely in the jaw. She even indulged herself with a little giggle as she used the momentum to twist her body and roll out from beneath him. She came to her feet in a flash and stepped on his neck to pin him down as he glared up at her.

“Who ever would have thought this ‘dance’ would be so entertaining and stimulating.” She retorted to his earlier remark with a smile.

She held the advantage now, despite his strength and speed, it would be very easy for her to do very real harm to him in this position. The Viscount did not respond. He stared at her intently and suddenly Jacquelyn felt the tendrils of his will, which had brushed the edge of her mind, take hold.


She became lost in another crimson fantasy. She and the Viscount were draped only in the bed sheets, grappling and wrestling playfully. Jacquelyn had him at her mercy. Feeling playful, she sank down, her knees resting them either side of his body. Pressing her naked form against his own, she pinned him down.

A lock of her hair tumbled down over her face as she leant in and kissed below his ear, whispering, “I have you now my lord.”

She giggled happily as she felt his arms brushing gently along her side. It excited and aroused her, making her wriggle. He gazed up at her while remaining beneath her. She leant back, feeling the soft velvety sheets cascade down her chest, exposing her skin to the cool air. He smiled up her and softly let his hands caress her exposed body. She closed her eyes and arched her back a little, holding back a moan as best she could. She barely noticed him slipping out from beneath her, moving gently behind her, his hands sliding to her arms and pulling them back slowly.

He whispered in her ear, his breath cool and soothing, it gave her goose bumps, “Rise, My little slayer.”

Jacquelyn rose slowly and unsteadily to her feet, relishing the feeling of his body against hers. She moved her head to the side and tilted it gently to see him behind her and then the fantasy shattered and she realised he was no longer on the floor beneath her.


Jacquelyn tried to calm the sudden rising panic in her. ‘No! He is going to pin me down. I need to break his hold…’ She made one last effort to land an elbow into the Viscount’s stomach, hoping to wind him enough to release her. Her blow landed and she heard him gasp, but his grip did not lessen. It was not enough. His free hand clamped down on her forearm tightly. She fought with everything she had in her to stop him from pulling it behind her back, matching it to her other arm. Yet he was too strong. She cried out as the man she hunted gained the advantage. Her normally serene face contorted in pain as the Viscount pushed her forward, slowly forcing her down onto her knees. “Well, well. I had expected to trap you a little longer in the fantasy. You are indeed strong. Perhaps you are going to be My most worth adversary.” He noted with almost a sense of pride.


Struggling and thrashing to try and break free, Jacquelyn could not help but to feel fear and panic take hold. Her mind raced through all her experiences, searching for something that would aid her. Her thoughts kept returning to a single experience. Jacquelyn was only a young girl at the time, having only recently been adopted by her mentor. Although he was kind to her, he was a little cool and distant. It was his nature, but Jacquelyn had a hard time realising that he cared about her. She was orphaned at a young age and memories of her parents were scattered and mostly intangible. Despite not being able to recall their faces, she had strong memories of how she felt in their arms. She always felt warm, safe, as though wrapped in a blanket and hidden away from everything in the world. Jacquelyn longed again for that feeling.


It was a stormy evening and her mentor was deeply involved in his studies. Jacquelyn sat by the window, watching the storm outside lash at the forest. She watched idly until the flashes of lightning burnt away the darkness of the night and she saw a figure outside. It walked closer, yet Jacquelyn was not scared by it, oddly, she felt passive. As it drew closer, she could see its red eyes. It silently beckoned her to it and she felt drawn, compelled to venture out.


She slipped away from the house quietly, not concerned with anything else except to see the figure outside. The rain fell in heavy torrents and the winds blustered around her. She watched those red eyes intently and everything else seemed to fade away into unimportance. Jacquelyn did not even remember feeling the cold rain chilling her. The figure stood still and watched her approach, its gaze never breaking. As she came with mere feet of the figure, Jacquelyn could see it was a lady. Her skin white and pale, eyes sunken, dark rings around her red eyes. The lady grinned at Jacquelyn, fanged teeth gleaming in what little light there was.


The encounter should have terrified Jacquelyn. Oddly, she remained passively transfixed on those eyes.

“Come, l’ittle one, it is time we dined.” She told Jacquelyn with a thick accent.

She extended her hand towards Jacquelyn’s shoulder when a large thunder clap boomed from above and lightning shattered the sky. It awoke Jacquelyn’s mind and suddenly fear took her over. She screamed out with everything she had in her. The lady moved with such speed, sweeping up Jacquelyn, holding her in her talon like grasp. Jacquelyn wailed and then she heard the sound of something slicing through the air. An instant later she heard the lady shriek and her grip released. Jacquelyn was confused and terrified. She was convinced she was surely going to die.


It was then she heard the urgent and commanding voice of her mentor, “Jacquelyn, run!”

She did not hesitate for a moment, she ran towards the forest. Jacquelyn was not sure of how long she ran, but she kept going into the darkness. Eventually fear and exhaustion claimed her, feet slipping in the muddy dirt. She fell and scurried to the shelter of a nearby tree. Her breathing was loud, her heart pounding and she desperately tried to calm herself, to be silent so she could hide. Trying to hold back her breathing hurt, each shuddering breath made a noise. Jacquelyn listened intently for any noise, her imagination playing on the dark shadows and sounds of the heavy rain. She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping it would all just disappear. She held them close for an eternity before opening them. A soft, warm glow hovered in the forest in front of her. Although scared, she wanted to go towards it. The light had to be safer than the darkness. She shakily stood and ventured towards the soft glow.


The light was almost blinding from the utter darkness in which Jacquelyn hid. She stumbled towards the light and fell as her knees buckled. She looked up and saw the illuminated figure approaching her slowly. As it drew near, Jacquelyn could see it was her mentor and she visibility relaxed. He carefully scooped her up in his arms, wrapping his cloak around her to shield her from the rain.

“You are safe now Jacquelyn. Here, take the lantern, it will keep you safe from the shadows.” His voice was gentle, full of concern.

He held her cradled against his body with one arm as he stood for a moment in the rain, letting his vision adjust to the lack of light. Jacquelyn closed her eyes and let the safety of his arms claim her. Relaxing and letting down her guard for the first time that evening, till sleep overcame her. 

Despite the terrors she had encountered, that night taught her to trust in him. It made her realise that he did care for her and would give her the warm, safe place to hide from the world. She learned that he was going to be the light for her in the darkness and that he would guide and protect her.


‘Yield Jacquelyn’ the words cut deep into her mind, this time it was the voice of her mentor.

‘If you cannot break his grip, wait until it loosens and then break his hold of you.’

Jacquelyn struggled with the concept. The last thing she wanted to do was compromise herself, let herself be venerable to him, to his will.

‘How I wished you were here now to aid me, mentor. I only hope I have the strength to resist him.’

Yet she could not break free of his grip. One way or another, her eventual decision had already been made. It would be better to do so now, on her own terms, saving her energy for a better opportunity to strike back at him.


“Surrender yourself to Me. It will be far more…pleasant than fighting,” The Viscount cooed in her ear.

Jacquelyn shook her head firmly as she spat out the reply. “No!”

The Viscount grinned to himself and leaned in close as he started whispering to Jacquelyn. She could not make out his words clearly, but felt him invading her thoughts.


Crimson images flash through her mind once more. She saw herself, wrapped in his arms, body pressed against his as she panted. She lusted for him, feeling it so deeply, so keenly. His hands slid up her thighs and she wanted to him to take her completely. He squeezed his hands and she felt her lustful desire explode, arousing her body, she let out a moan and as the fantasy broke. Jacquelyn breathed heavily as her vision cleared. She was unsure if she had let out that moan in reality, but she felt the very real desires. She knew her body was warm, her face flushed and that she was still hopelessly pinned down.


“Rise, My slave.” The Viscount commanded from behind her. Jacquelyn heard his voice echo in her mind and she flinched. Her body was trying to rise before she caught herself and stopped. She angrily cursed herself, but she could clearly sense his amusement about her reaction. Movements caught her attention and she look over to where Yvonne lay, watching her stir. Yvonne slowly rose to her feet, her back towards Jacquelyn.

“Yvonne! Run!” Jacquelyn cried out to the handmaiden.


Her pleas however, fell upon unhearing ears. Yvonne turned to face her and it was clear by the vacant expression on her face. She was already caught in the Viscount’s spell. Jacquelyn’s spirit sank as Yvonne mindlessly walked towards her and knelt before Jacquelyn and the Viscount.

“She is a little beyond saving, My soon to be slayer pet. Do not worry, for shortly you will be as…blissfully happy as her. You are blissfully happy, yes, little slave?” The Viscount spoke with volumes of confidence, which made Jacquelyn grit her teeth.

“Oh yes, Master! Your slave is wonderfully happy!” Yvonne chirped, a docile grin forming on her face as she tilted her head, hair tumbling down her shoulder.

The Viscount chuckled into Jacquelyn’s ear and continued whispering in that low, seductive tone that invaded her mind. She was about to sharply rear her head back to hit his face, but waves of images and feelings flooded her mind.


She was naked again, feeling herself pressed tightly against his body. Her warm skin tingled as it touched his cool flesh. Her back arched slightly as she felt his hands, snaking across her sides and to the small of her back. The need and desire for him grew stronger within her. She lifted her head and could see his eyes, so dark, so captivating and mysterious. They were pulling her in, calling to her. She lost herself in his gaze, willingly letting him into her mind, wanting him wash away everything else. It felt so good to let him in, she could not understand why she fought so hard in the past.


She was falling deeper under his spell. He was making her relax so completely, be so at ease. A soft, content smile found its way to her lips. Soon, she was floating, without thoughts at all. She heard his voice, powerful and commanding, it echoed in her mind. She was so lost in his spell that she did not exist until he summoned her with his will.

‘Tell Me that you want to submit to My will, pet,’ his voice commanded.

Her body quivered as he ordered her, feeling such deep seated desire, a yearning to do as he asked of her.

‘Oh yes…Mast…’ she whispered as the spell broke.

Jacquelyn bit her lip, feeling that deep need still inside. She resisted, but the feelings still gnawed away inside her. She had a feeling that it was only proper to do as she was told.


She slowly shook away the feeling and noticed that the Viscount had stepped away from behind her and was besides Yvonne. He was still gazing at Jacquelyn while he stroked Yvonne’s hair. Jacquelyn watched the handmaiden close her eyes at his touch, a large, absent minded grin wide across her face. She had even started to purr and arch her back a little, trying to nuzzle his hand. Jacquelyn was oddly transfixed by the scene. She could not help watching Yvonne enjoying his touch and part of her was envious.


The Viscount grinned at Jacquelyn as he walked slowly over to her, his gaze never breaking. She looked up into his eyes and her mind slowed, trying to process what was happening and looking for a chance to strike.

He extended his hand, smiling pleasantly as he spoke, “That is a good girl, waiting when told. You have earned a little reward, just like My slave.”

He gently ran his fingers through her hair, brushing her head softly.


Jacquelyn felt such a mix of emotions as she felt him touch her. Half of her wanted to scream out and take his hand, twisting it around behind him, forcing him to the ground. The other part of her wanted to melt into the floor. It felt so good, so right to be rewarded for listening. Her body quivered and she let out a little sigh before she tried to rise to her feet. She was fighting the growing desire to remain kneeling before him. She rose to one knee, her body trembling as she fought herself to rise up.


He watched her carefully, an amused look flickering in his eyes. He placed his hand on her shoulder and forced her down again, leaning down to stare directly into her eyes.

“I see there is still fight in you My little slayer pet. Good, I like a challenge.” His voice was stern and she relented under his strength, sinking back to her knees.


Jacquelyn retreated inwardly, marshalling her strength, trying to ward off his ever increasing influence while she bided her time. He continued to pet her as he whispered once more and Jacquelyn felt another wave of images descending upon her.            

A wave of soft relaxation swept over her. She felt so light and time did not seem to move. She looked lazily around, seeing Yvonne kneeling next to her. She was naked, her chest rising and falling slowly. Jacquelyn could see she was aroused, her nipples erect, a flush on her cheeks. She watched as Yvonne’s hands slowly dance over her body, pleasuring herself as she gazed forward. Her lips were moving slowly and she seemed to be saying something.


It was only then that Jacquelyn became aware of her own nakedness. The sensations of arousal hit her suddenly, making her arch back a little. Her hands were also slowly roaming across her body. She felt herself take her nipple between her fingers, pulling gently and rubbing. Gazing forward, she looked at the mirrored wall and saw her reflection. She was naked and kneeling down, legs parted slightly. She could a soft and relaxed expression upon her face. Her eyes were open but unfocused, as though she was lost in a dream.


Jacquelyn’s lips mouthed the same words as Yvonne. Listening, she heard the words from own her lips and they echoed in her mind.

“Count De’Lu Carla is our Master. We are His slaves. It gives us pleasure to obey Him. We will do as He commands.”

Jacquelyn chanted in near perfect unison with Yvonne. Hearing her own soft, quiet voice in unison with Yvonne sent a shiver of pleasure through Jacquelyn.


She kept chanting, the words filling her mind, taking over all thoughts. Her body was aroused and yet oddly relaxed at the same time. Jacquelyn lost track of time as the words flowed from her lips. She became completely unthinking, mindless as she listened to Yvonne chanting beside her.

‘Turn to your sister and continue to slip deeper under My spell.’ She heard the command of her Master echo in her mind.

Without any conscience thoughts, she had already started to respond. Her body moved around and gazed at her sister, Yvonne. Jacquelyn could see the aroused and yet relaxed state of her sister. She was deeply under their Master’s spell. She appeared so content and so relaxed, swaying gently as she chanted.


Jacquelyn knew she looked identical to her sister, appearing just as relaxed while chanting and swaying. She found herself getting caught up in the gentle, hypnotic rhythm of her sister’s motions and her soft, quiet voice. Jacquelyn so dearly wished to surrender completely, to be just like her sister, yet she felt a part of her resisting. It was growing smaller, but still stubbornly remained.


‘Chant once more, My slaves. Then you shall feel the reward of your obedience.’ Jacquelyn heard His voice command her and instantly felt the changes.

Her body tingled and quickly felt hot, her breathing changed rapidly into a pant.

“Count De’Lu…Carla is our…Master,” the words had only just left her lips when she felt a wave of arousal and desire hit her.

It was overwhelming and she moaned out loudly. Her body felt as though it was on fire. Her thighs ached to feel His touch, to feel the delights of being caressed.

“We...are His…slaves,” she half moaned.

She felt her hands moving, one to her left breast and the other to her sex, rubbing and squeezing firmly.

“It gives us…pleasure to obey…Him!”

The feelings flooded her mind and it was swimming in bliss. Jacquelyn’s focused on her sister’s eyes. She watched the hunger and lust ignite deep within Yvonne. Jacquelyn’s body shuddered as she neared orgasm. She rapidly neared complete and utter surrender to her Master. Her body trembled and she was moaning out the final words. A lustful frenzy came upon her and Jacquelyn eagerly threw herself into obeying.

“We will…do as He… com…mandsssss!”

Jacquelyn barely managed to moan the words. She was mere fractions of a moment away from ultimate pleasure and complete surrender.


Suddenly, the illusion broke. Jacquelyn gasped hard, panting. Her whole body was aroused and nerves burning in desire. She lusted completely for the Count. She had been positioned to kneel, facing Yvonne. Her hands had tried to stroke and caress her body through the dress. She dreaded the realisation that she had probably chanting her obedience as well. She felt his hand, gently brushing along her shoulder. Oddly, she did not recoil at his touch, instead it excited her.

He leant in close and whispered in her ear, “Count De’Lu Carla…” and he paused.

She closed her eyes upon hearing his voice. It made her weak inside and wanting to melt.

Without thinking her lips parted, “is my Ma…”

She caught herself and stopped mid-word, but her mind completed the phrase, ‘my Master.’


In the small part of her that resisted, the fury grew. It seethed in anger, in hatred. It wanted to destroy the creature that was playing with her, as though she were a toy.

“Count? I thought you were not a full fledged Count. Did you need to give yourself an elevation in fantasies to compensate for something else?!” Jacquelyn spat venomously.

He merely chuckled. Despite that small part that fought him, the rest of her wanted to surrender. It just felt too good, the right thing to do, her purpose. Jacquelyn had never experienced such physical feelings before. The new experiences and sensations tempted her greatly. A loud moan quickly brought Jacquelyn’s attention back to reality. Yvonne was writhing on the ground before her. The handmaiden was rewarded for her obedience to the vampire. Jacquelyn looked on, envious of the handmaiden in many ways.


“Would you like to enjoy the same…pleasures that she does, My little slayer pet?” The Count asked of Jacquelyn, his voice was so smooth and so inviting.

She watched as Yvonne lay on the ground, panting. Jacquelyn imaged herself in that position. She thought of the bliss that Yvonne had just experienced. She fantasised about the mixed sensations of flying high on pleasure and then the glorious release. Jacquelyn watched the deeply entranced girl, blankly staring at the ceiling. It took her a few moments to reply as she fought with herself.


“No…” she barely whispered.

He stroked her head, letting his fingers rake through her hair. Jacquelyn felt the delightful feelings wash through her body. It made her feel like a little girl again. This time she could not stop herself and she relaxed. She even purred softly, closing her eyes.

“That feels nice, does it not my little slayer pet?” he asked, continuing to stroke her head.

“Yes…” she breathed, nodding ever so slightly.

He grinned to himself, before continuing, “Yes, what?” His hand did not ceasing playing with her hair, softly curling his fingers through it.

Her body quivered, “mmm…yes, Ma…mas…no…no, no, nooo…” She shook her head softly.


Internally, there was an intense struggle. Her mind was pit against itself. Jacquelyn heard a voice, her voice.

It was soft and docile, whispering almost dreamily, ‘Master. He is Master and gives us pleasure.’

The part of her that still resisted railed defiantly. ‘No! He is nothing! He is a monster, giving us enslavement!’

Jacquelyn was only vaguely aware that he was now whispering to her. He kept petting her head, lulling her deeper under his control, using soft pleasures. The internal mental struggle for control held Jacquelyn’s limited attention. The two sides were polar opposites of her personality. The softer side of her, that already surrendered, reasoned softly and serenely about submission. Her resistance screamed back, each retort filled with fire and passion about freedom.


The Count spoke to Jacquelyn, telling her to rise to her feet. Her mind continued to fight itself, but her body complied, although not completely without resistance. Her movements were slow at first and her body shook, trying to remain on the ground. Gradually, she rose to her feet, where she stood and waited for him. She felt good inside for having done as she was told, a wave of contentment washed over her.

“Slave, show your sister how nice it is to be completely compliant to Me and remove her dress. Now, My little slayer, remain still and be a good girl.”

“Still…a good…girl.” Jacquelyn repeated softly.


He slipped away from her body, which left her with a pang of sadness, something that disgusted her resistance. He stood close by, gazing deeply into her eyes, his will invading her mind again. Yvonne moved in close and pressed her body against Jacquelyn. Yvonne felt so warm and soft as she pushed gently against her. Jacquelyn could smell the scent of arousal about her. Yvonne continued to press against Jacquelyn and her hands slid to the back of her dress, gently undoing the ties.

“It feels so good to serve Him, sister. Please serve Him and receive His rewards. We are His slaves…it gives us…mmm…pleasure to obey…uhnnnn..Him…”

Yvonne’s hot breath and half moans, while saying the words, made Jacquelyn shiver with desire. Her growing arousal started to dominate her resistance, as it was already weakened by the assaults by the Count’s gaze.

‘Our sister is right. We are His slaves, it gives us pleasure to obey Himmmmm’ her inner docile voice whispered and seemingly trailed off in pleasure.

‘Serving Me is absolute pleasure, little slayer.’ The Count’s voice reverberated in her mind.

Jacquelyn’s resistance was being worn down by both voices working in tandem. She felt her dress slipping away from her body, brushing over her skin as it did. She could feel Yvonne’s hands dancing over her shoulders, softly pulling away the dress. Her skin tingled as Yvonne’s lips gently kissed along her right shoulder. Jacquelyn’s own lips trembled as she bit a little to hold herself still. Yvonne continued to slip the dress down Jacquelyn’s body. She continued to touch Jacquelyn, causing her desires to grow rapidly. Jacquelyn felt every little caress; every reaction felt so good and made her want to surrender even more completely.


It was starting to look like her resistance was using up its strength fighting herself and the Count.

‘Serving Master is so easy. It feels so good. We do not need to worry ever again about thinking or choices. Our mentor told us to yield to Master, we should trust his wisdom,’ whispered her docile, submissive side.

There was a long pause from her other half. The pregnant pause seemed to stretch out for an eternity.

Finally, it replied but it was far more subdued, ‘Yes, our mentor did. We will yield to…him.’

The resistant voice went quiet, yet the spark of defiance remained.


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