James Cameron's funny adventure

Take a journey through time and space with James Cameron


1. The segret


The year is 2030.


James Cameron is sitting in his apartment on a November evening.


For a long time he has been considering how to make money on the internet.


When he had been sitting for a few hours exploring different websites, he


suddenly found out an easy way to make money.


He comes up with an idea to create websites for organizations to help poor people


and endangered species, as he knows people like supporting projects that help


people and animals in need.


He started by making four websites. In a week he could see money started coming in, so he went on to create several more websites, as it would make more profit.


In a year he had made about 70 sites and had a monthly profit of a 5­digit number.


The problem was it hadn't occured to James, that the government has ways to find


people that make money off scamming others on the internet.


Another half a year went by and the money kept coming in, and one day when James


came home from training, he noticed a red note hanging on his door.


It said on the note that the police has been there and wants to come in contact


with him. James realizes he's in big trouble ­ not only had he scammed people,


but he also hadn't paid taxes from the income he made.


James quickly locks himself into his apartment, he finds a bag and fills it up


with money and personal belongings. Straight after packing his bag, he locks the


door and leaves the apartment. He takes his car and drives to the nearest


electronics store to buy a new cell phone and a laptop, because he knows that the


police keeps an eye on him. He turns on his new computer and goes back to his car


because he has to find an open network source. It takes him about an hour to find


a network without a code, after which he can start looking for possibilities how


to get out of the country unnoticed. After some hours in his car looking on the


internet, he finds a man that can help him out of the country by sailing him to


Germany on a little undetected boat for twenty thousand kroner. The man also


tells him that he has some contacts in Germany that can help him to get further


to Argentina where he can't be reached by Danish Government. James agrees with


the man and sets his mind on leaving his homecountry for a long time, because it


is the best plan he can come up with in such a short time.


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