Punishment (EXPLICIT)

Obviously explicit, so don't read it you don't like.


1. Chapter 1

Niall walked in through the door. It had been a long day.

"Come here Niall," Harry said. "Get down."

Niall glanced up at Harry. Looking into his eyes made shivers run down his spine. He loved it when Harry was mean to him. Niall dropped down onto all fours. He lowered his head to seem like he was submissive.

Harry approached from behind grabbing onto Niall's hips.He pulled Niall's trousers down as well as his underpants. With one hand he slapped Niall across his still half covered ass.

"Ouch," Niall whined, making Harry chuckle. Harry was silent again as he pulled out something from his back pocket. Niall strained to look but Harry slapped his ass again, making him turn back.

"I've got a surprise for you." Harry said in a deep voice making Niall's hair stand up on the back of his neck. 

"F-food-d?" Niall guessed hopefully.

"No!" Harry said sharply back. "Something much better."

Straight away he spanked Niall, three times in a row. The sharp pressure of Harry's hand his his ass make Niall gasp in delight before he could hold it in.

"You like that do you Niall?" Harry whispered into his ear. "Well how about this." Harry moved to kneel behind Niall. 

Niall could see what he was doing but waited patiently knowing he would be rewarded eventually. He felt Harry's hands begin to fiddle with his ass-hair. Then he felt Harry's breath on his buttocks, breathing heavily. His tongue started licking while one hand moved just around Niall's asshole. A finger plunged into him making Niall whimper slightly. 

"Ah," he moaning as Harry swirled his finger around. Suddenly it was pulled out. "No!" He yelled softly.

"Don't worry Niall, more is coming soon," Harry consoled him. Niall nodded. "You ready?" He asked while stroked Niall's ass.

Niall nodded and tensed waiting. He felt the rest of his bottom clothes come off. He felt something cold touch him between the buttocks. It felt rounded like a-. Niall turned and grinned at Harry. "You didn't?" He asked.

"I did." Harry answered.

Niall turned back and waited. The thing probed his ass, seeming as if it was getting its bearings. Then its was pushed inside him.

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