Beanie's K-Pop Group Reviews

Just me, checking out K-Pop groups, seeing if I like them and leaving a review of my opinion. Comment groups you like down below (Yes Suga is my representative on the cover)



Rating: 5/5

Songs I listened to: Chained Up, Error, Voodoo Doll, Hyde, Beautiful Liar & Superhero


My friend was dead set on me checking these guys out because she loves them so much. I gave in, like "Okay, I will but you know, I'll probably listen to two songs then go back to Bangtan." but I watched every MV I could find and of course listened to the songs, I have to say, I was impressed (May or may not be listening to Hyde while typing this). Of course I know their names and have them matched to faces thanks to my friend and am on my way to having my bias sorted. (Freaking Hyuk and Ken are problematic) I would recommend checking these guys out!

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