Beanie's K-Pop Group Reviews

Just me, checking out K-Pop groups, seeing if I like them and leaving a review of my opinion. Comment groups you like down below (Yes Suga is my representative on the cover)


2. Seventeen

Rating 4/5


I checked out Seventeen about a week ago and they really impressed me. I've tried checking out other K-Pop groups in the past and haven't been able to get through one song but these boys made their mark. They have a really good flow to their music and you can't keep yourself from singing along or humming. They have great MVs although the number is only three, Mansae, Adore You and Shining Diamond (This is only as far as I know, sorry if there are more). Don't be intimidated by a groups because of it's amount of members, it's not actually has hard as you think to memorize them all (Although I do occasionally forget about DK and The8).

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