Beanie's K-Pop Group Reviews

Just me, checking out K-Pop groups, seeing if I like them and leaving a review of my opinion. Comment groups you like down below (Yes Suga is my representative on the cover)


1. BTS


Rating: 5/5


Firstly, I have to say, BTS is my favourite K-Pop group and I love them all to bits. They were the first K-Pop group I ever listened to and to be honest, I was impressed with the quality and don't get me started on their dancing. I'm not the biggest fan of hip hop but BTS is just better than any hip hop that's ever met my ears. This is an incredibly short review, because I just don't know how to review something I love. I promise you, the other reviews will be better.


Top five songs in my opinion (I will do this only with Bangtan):

Fun Boys

Born Singer

No More Dream


For You

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