Run Away

Part of me is a run away, the other is a stray. All of me belongs wild, free.


1. 1.

The explosion of glass was the last straw. Like every night, my dad came home drunk. But this night, my mom was home and, not knowing what I had been through in the last 8 months, was terrified. The glass from the empty liquor bottle shattered and sent sprays of blood everywhere, and my mom's scream echoed in the the city night air. A siren sounded in the distance, meaning police and authorities will be here in only a matter of seconds. Not wanting to stick around see my dad being hauled away, I scrambled out from under the bed, grabbed my backpack, already filled with the things I needed, and pushed past my dad and out the front door.


I had to shove aside our next door neighbor to avoid being hit by a police car as it pulled onto the side of the street, nearly tripping over some garbage lying around, and taking a sharp swerve to the right, just barely missing getting run over by a green truck. The sound of honking filled my ears as I weaved in and out of cars. Even at 2:00 in the morning the streets of New York are so busy, you would have to be the president of the United States to cross the street, because the people here don't care if they run you over unless your somebody important. Yep. Definitely not the place to be when you want to escape you fathers wrath. 


Shouts of, " You, girl! Are you crazy?!" and, " Do you want to get run over?!" Course through the air, and the sound of honking horns nearly deafens me. I wince as a piece of glass cuts through the air, piercing my skin as it makes contact with my wrist, but I don't slow down. I feel like I'm in a dream as I run at a steady pace. I leap onto the sidewalk, a little ways away from some teen's leaning against the Starbucks wall. They stop and stare as I rush past them. Seconds later, I hear the pounding of feet behind me. I look back and speed up when I see a mop of gray hair sticking out from under a police officers cap, a hard crooked face set underneath. " Stop! I order you to stop in the name of the law!" He shouts.


I roll my eye's at that old line and keep running. I don't know if that makes me a criminal or not, but honestly, I don't care. Not at this point, not right now. Right now I just wanna get away, to be free. A tunnel leading to an underground city bus station was just to my right, so I rushed down the stairs, and took a left at the bottom. Empty. Their was no one down their, but a door leading to a small office was open, and the light was on. Someone probably forgot to turn it off. I ran into the room, turned off the light, and head- dived under the desk. I had just enough time to huddle behind a file cabinet that was under the desk as well before I heard heavy footsteps jogging down the stairs.


I was panting hard from my run, so I sucked in my breath, causing my lungs to burn. I heard the sound of shuffling, then the light flickered on. I held in my breath as the guy searched the room, then left. As the light went off and the door slammed shut, the lock clicking, I let out a huge sigh of relief. I waited a few minutes, nervously brushing my long brown hair out of my face. Then I got up, and slipped out from under the desk, and made my way over to the door. I turned the knob, wincing as the lock clicked, seemingly the loudest noise in the world to me at that moment, and slipped quietly out the door.


It was dark, and so quiet I thought I could hear the wind as I walked, my hand gently ghosting the wall. I stopped. Maybe it wasn't the wind, it could have been hushed voices. Maybe ghosts. I shook my head at myself, and kept walking. Then I bumped into something. Hard. " Ow." I say quietly, and my breath hitched. In the faintest light I could make out a hard chest that I had bumped into. Slowly bringing my head up, I find myself looking into hard, piercing blue eye's, then something shuffles beside the person, and I'm looking into big, brown ones.





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